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First post? Yep, space gays it is.

A of my ! Donovan is like a big brother to Paige, so when he heard Paige screaming in her room (and her boyfriend Zack was there), he could only make one assumption. The reality was that Paige was losing Elite Online (she’s a Sans main)

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Happy to have done business with returning customer Countryside Cutters LLC.! Tyler and his team worked with professional D.J. Jackson and picked up a chipper. Financing is fast, simple, and easy with !

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More done on this one today. Will play with the lighting and render further another day. My hand is still injured at the moment... But loving drawing our OCs like this <3

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Twitter banner of my boi bakkari - gave him a slight redesign but I'm pretty happy with this!

Integrado no ciclo de laureados “Jovens solistas”, decorre, no dia 01 de fevereiro, pelas 21h30, na Igreja do Carmo, o concerto da Orquestra Clássica do Sul (OCS).

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Eeeee sorry if this is self pluggish but I wanted to mention I make video edits for OCs! I have one I’m working on for Sabine right now that I haven’t finished but really really wanted to post something to let people know I do these. So if I know you/you’re OC and you want one, you more than likely will get one.

please don’t random message asking for one if I don’t know you at all and we’ve never interacted

I post edits here;

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THE COLONY STUFF SOUNDS SO COOL what are half colony cats like if those exist??

half-colony cats will usually only inherit one gift, and the colony they inherit from is usually the colony they are meant to live in. however!! it is very, VERY rare that a half-colony cat will inherit two gifts, and that cat is considered a blessing from two of the lands giants and they become a mediator between the two colonies they inherited from. (despite this… becoming mates w cats outside your colony is considered insulting and depending on the leader, cats can get punished for it)


This is Thistle shes my mc for @intimidatingpuffinstudios game

Tridents teeth

About 22-23 years old

Thistle is a bit of a mess.

Deep in grief after the loss of her brother and bearing the weight of responsibility from a young age. having to run for her life hasn’t really helped much.

-She’s fairly reserved, not necessarily shy- just extremely nervous and wary of others intentions.

-kindness comes naturally to her.

-likes plants and has always wanted a garden of her own.

-simply wishes for a peaceful existence after all the suffering shes gone through.

Basically shes very small and she has no money- so you can understand the stress shes under.

Shes pursuing Either strassa or morkai ^^

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Thank you !!! Sorry this took so long ;;

Whitaker Nicole Martin is from East Exaltatia–the same place Ariel is from! He moved to Kronos to attend university after he fled East Exaltatia following mistreatment from his peers, his father, and Meriwether (his brother), and when he graduated he took a job in Abyss, Ambyssia working for the Coalition government. He retired and moved to Avanti when he was in his late 20s.

Anne is Whitaker’s roommate. Whitaker took him from Abyss to Avanti when he moved. Anne is a sheep-person hybrid and a product of Ambyssian genetic experimentation. He’s been pretty deeply mistreated by the Coalition government, and so he and Whitaker became friends. He’s the only person Whitaker trusts.

Meriwether Chadwick is Whitaker’s twin brother! He’s the assistant to Théophile Tchaikovsky, the Union Head to whom he is married. Meriwether used to be kind of an ass and so Whitaker didn’t like him much; as a result, Meriwether and Whitaker haven’t spoken in years, even though Meriwether keeps trying to contact his brother and apologise, oh, he’s changed; they both have.

Have a wonderful day !

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🍄, 🍂, and 🌻!

uhh my personal story doesnt actually take place in any real place… for some reason most of the stories i make seem to take place on an island or beside a mountain, and this one takes place beside a mountain haha. its not a real place though..

the clan differenciate mostly in bodytype (valleyclan are tall, long-legged cats who run incredibly fast, reefclan have features fit for swimming Idk kinda like in the books) except its more leaning toward unrealistic… like i draw my reefclan ocs with fin-like ears idk its weird

as for subplots… im planning on writing about it so idk if i wanna spoil but ive also made pmvs about them:“)


It’s been…. A long time! I’m in a bit of a crunch, and since I’ve found renewed confidence in my work, I have decided to update and reopen commissions here!

Any questions at all you can DM me, send an ask, what have you. I don’t think I bite lmao

I have a form HERE, to fill out if you decide you’d like to commission me! If for ANY reason you cannot fill out the form, please send me an email at

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🍂! I heard you might be setting up a warriors rp, I've never done one before but I am curious about joining if you could talk about it more maybe

kind of glad someone asked this actually! instead of clans they are colonies actually… all the colonies are the namesake of an ancient deity they believe created their world. they all have gifts from their ancestors that represent their leading deity!

nothing will really make sense unless i explain the lore but the 4 colonies are called the wave colony, the shell colony, the sand colony and the coral colony. theres another “colony” called the abyss but they are mostly just a rebellious group of former colony cats lol. i havent really developed their differences completely but heres an example with wave colony :)


they also have colony differences like leadership? its a bit more unrealistic than the books but its suppost to be i guess.. eventually this week i will make another post explaining everything haha…