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I could't help myself but do a fast drawing of uraraka with her suit and her little ponytail!! 😍😍😍

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Loved being everyone's sweetheart Considering creating another set for her. ♡

Ochaco doodle to get back into the groove of things after these past couple days..

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I never draw Ochaco, but I had a lot of fun drawing her for the first time! |

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mentirosa, la UA no necesita fondos 🤨 Oooh 🤔 que idea tan ingeniosa para conseguir dinero rápido, :0 😍

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you can use png version for edits and profile pictures i don't care pls credit or @ me though

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anonymous asked:

yo, could I request a regular mha matchup please? I'm a biromantic female, 185 cm, pretty muscular with a big chest. I'm a walking ball of sunshine but I can be serious and often scary if need be, I'm basically a gentle giant. I'm an excellent baker but my cooking skills suck. people are drawn to me without much effort, including the quiet or grumpy people. I've been told I have a contagious smile even if I didn't have the best childhood, especially since I only had my dad growing up. thank you!

hi love, thanks for your request! i match you with ochaco ^^ (look at her omg she’s soooo cute i’m crying)


Originally posted by tervshima

- you two will be the most wholesome too-good-for-this-world couple to ever walk the earth

- ochaco’s not scary per se, but she can get serious too (i mean did you SEE her fight with bakugou during the sports festival)

- also i just think you two’s height differences would be so cute & y’all would look so sweet together

- you two just feed into each other’s positive energy all the time & lift up everyone around you, & everyone loves y’all for it

- she absolutely LOVES your smiles & really respects you for having such a good attitude towards life even if you didn’t have the best childhood

- enjoys baking with you as a date idea ^^ esp when you two just watch a movie or something while waiting for something in the oven!


Sero x Reader

Word Count: 986

A/N: Slowly hopping aboard the Sero train I guess.

“Ready, Spider Monkey?” you teased. “You’re the only thing that’ll keep us from joining the stars.”

“I wouldn’t let you float away,” Ochaco huffed.

“Okay,” you remedied your previous statement, “you’re the only thing keeping us from joining the stars or plummeting to our deaths.” You stuck your tongue out at your friend while she pouted.

“Keep your voices down,” Sero whispered, “We could get in trouble if we’re caught doing this.”

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What Time Is It?


As always here are the birthdays for the month of December

· Fuyumi Todoroki -December 6th

· Eri – December 21st

· Ochako Uraraka – December 27th

· Hawks – December 28th

Prepare for incoming spam!! (✿◠‿◠)

We Met Online

A/n: I am so excited for this!! But I do have to give a thank you to @myherowritings for inspiring me with her amazing social media fics!!

Summary: A year or so after Kaminari stole Bakugo’s phone, and added (Y/n) to their group chat used for broke college kids trying to help eachother turned meme supply, The two find that they all get along surprisingly well

Part One- Group Chat Shenanigans


My hero academia 209

I kept waiting for a good emotion cathartic moment after Ochaco lost with Deku or even Bakugo - but we got it with her dad. It was the first time I actually started seeing this as more than a one piece/Naruto match up.

I’m also interested in the development between Ochaco and Deku. Neither of them have quite seen how much they support each other just yet. There’s also some potential for them to go to new places as legit rivals. I hope we get an Ochaco/Deku fight at some point.


How 2 Be an entertaining blogger i have no idea how to do this but here ya go

Nejire with ochaco’s colours. God this took me a long time. Not because it was hard i was just not motivated at all. I’m going to try to upload twice a week but have this colour swap for now. After one more nejire we’re moving on to team Tamaki


inked and coloured my day 24 inktober sketch owo

the first picture is the original drawing and the second one is the one with decorations hehe

not super proud of this but idt its too bad either

also idk how people do backgrounds but i usually cant (like ill need a ton of ref pics and enuf planning to make my head explode haiz)

gotta practice if i dont wanna drown when the art programme starts next year tho :’)

also ive stopped posting speedpaints bc they take up too much space in my phone and always take awhile to load :’))) sorry anyone who watches those >_<

have a good day owo

programme used: ibis paint x (line art and colouring)