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Super old now, but here's week 3 of ! Full pics & prompts on insta✨

Highlights from 2019's Oceptember Some of my ocs and fursonas in my art style and in a fan art style of and from YouTube! Bonus theres a speedpaint of me drawing this on my channel!

11 day - Casual Setting 21072019 don't have casual suits so Mako lent them clothes. Mako is good boy. My AU

Number 9 of "Design Regrets" Vector's squiggly/stick figure legs! @ v @ )💦 Idk why I thought it'd look cool but I'm glad I scrapped that design😆

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Number 8 of "Initial Designs" Russ was suppose to have a lot of pixels for both his arms and legs. By the end of Russ' design, he only has one pixel to show where his "elbow" may be.

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Number 7 of "About the OC's world" The city of UNIX, where each robot gots no itty bitties till they got the munz for it >83c That's fair, right?🤣

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InktOCeptember Day 31 - Ripe x [No more OCeptember prompt] This is the first time I finish Inktober later than October 31. Thank you so much for following!

InktOCeptember Day 30 - Catch x OC meets creator Yeah, I’m back to clear these belated stuffs again! And this is the last prompt for OCeptember.

InktOCeptember Day 29 : Injured x Meme My brain kept on yelling “Draw something, draw something…” after working in a couple nights….so here is a make up.

InktOCeptember Day 25 : Tasty x In Popular Series Sorry for being so late, I had been feeling so down couple days ago. Now I'm back to the track!

Number 6 of "Enemies" Vector and Jest😈💕 The two baddest bois in the GEOMECH series UvU )🌺

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Number 5 of "Friends" 🌟While Ruhd (Left) and Andre (Middle) are the best of bros, Andre and Koi (Right) are in an open relationship🌟 Those two especially will be fun to write about for the series☺️🙏🤖

InktOCeptember Day 23 : Ancient x Eyes Closed A made up for yesterday because I was busy last night.

Number 4 of "Young VS Oldest OC(s)" Def my inner lesbian coming out when I drew this pic🏳️‍🌈🤖 Wish I remembered all their names but the most important one is Eided, who is the only one on the right side🤣

Number 3 of "Least loved OC" Not a great way to introduce Derek, but here we go🤣 He's a difficult character to describe, but I still love him in some ways X3 Derek is definitely important to the series tho X3

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InktOCeptember Day 31 - Ripe x [No more OCeptember prompt]

This is the first time I finish Inktober later than October 31. I had got very tight works from full time jobs at the middle of October this year…

So these are some of the OCs I have got that are shown in this year’s Inktober. Thank you so much for following! 


DAY TWO - OC you weren’t expecting to love(?)

Quinn Lynwood is just your average adult living their average life, working at a somewhat??? decent job and screaming inside. They do their best to be polite and friendly, but deep inside they’re just questioning everyone’s (including their) life choices. Well they really are genuinely a nice person, but that doesn’t seem the case the moment they get home and get their hands on the game controller. They have to relieve stress somehow…

Here is my little Mei, my OC, a beautiful albino girl that you will gradually know! This illustration belongs to one of the days in the Oceptember challenge, that of the pet! And this adorable blind snake is Fujur, his faithful companion!


Aquí está mi pequeña Mei, mi OC, una preciosa chica albina que iréis conociendo poco a poco! Esta ilustración pertenece a uno de los días en el reto del Oceptember, el de la mascota! Y esta adorable serpiente ciega es Fujur, su fiel compañero!

InktOCeptember Day 25 - Tasty x In Popular Series

Lulu and Teddy

Lucia “Lulu” Bear is a daughter of Ivory Village mayor and Regina’s little closed friend. She is a gentle loving girl who is wearing a bear’s ears headband, because her family in her old generations in Ivory Village wore bear costumes.

Lulu has got her little companion as a bear plushie. He is called Teddy. Teddy is the very last gift of Lulu’s mother gave before she passed away in a few year later. After the death of Lulu’s mom, Teddy became alive and a friend to take care of Lulu. The reason why the plushie became alive is a secret.


I had been not in quite a good mood for couple days. So I was quite late to post any Inktober drawing, but I feel quite better now.Then I get back to the track!

I picked “Stranger Things” for this OCeptember promptlist. I had never watch this series at all, but that Scoop Ahoy outfit is so catchy. :D

Teddy is never hungry because he is a plushie. So he nibs a plushie ice cream cone instead. ^^

InktOCeptember Day 12 - Dragon x Serious Setting

White Flame

Faraway from Kingdom of Halmeria, there is the land of furious fire where the legendary dragon that breath fire of white color that much hotter than ordinary fire. It burns the hardest metal within a minute. The Dragon was called “White Flame”.

Per and the other four friends including Micke-Syd, the blacksmith travel to the volcanic area in the quest of searching “white crystal” that the dragon possessed on her forehead. They needed for forging the ultimate weapons to fight the dark force. Very lack of adventurers can defeat the dragon, they were burnt into ashes before they raise their weapons. The five men were almost stumbled upon the dragon in the battle, but the can took her down finally.

When Micke-Syd is about to finished her by smashing the crystal out from the dragon’s forehead with his weapon, the giant hammer, there were 2 baby dragons entrance the fiery battlefield. Syd was hesitated to finish their mother and he finally spared the dragon.

White Flame can feel the heroic heart of the five men and kind heart of the blacksmith. She knew that they need the crystal for fight the evil force, not for the fortunes. The mother dragon decided to part the bigger white crystal that she kept it in her lair. It had been crystallized for 1000 years and big enough to forge five ultimate weapons to the whole team!

White Flame and the travelers became allies. She was closed to Micke-Syd the most.


And that’s the story of the first dragon OC ever from 2014! She was made for Gyllene Tider’s original RPG AU I had made in those years.

In my Miitopia story, White Flame is one of Dominic the dragon’s friends. She will help him take the rest of the teammates to travel anywhere in Miitopia. Warrior Per is already accompanied with Dominic. So miss White Flame will be accompanied with Chef Syd!

That’s why I draw Micke-Syd from 2 AUs altogether in today’s prompts!

InktOCeptember Day 10 - Pattern x Obscure Fact 

Piña Colada

A pineapple-themed pop star who is aiming for being the queen of pop. However, she is still not as a big hit as a punk lolita girl, Tira Misu. She is so jealous on Tira and see her as an time musical rival.

The obscure fact is about her hairdo : Piña and Tira had been frenemies since elementary school years. They were both a good singer and they competed each other. One day,  Piña bullied Tira, but Tira fought back after then. Tira found that Piña has got arachnophobia, so she put a fake spiders into Piña’s  lunch box. Piña was extremely freaked out when she opened it till her hair went straight up tall and it can’t be combed down anymore. (She originally had got straight hair down.) So that was how her hairdo looks like today.

Here’s the original design of her from 2012 :

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day 30: OC meets creator


// FINALLY I FINISHED THIS FUCKING AND CHAOTIC CHALLENGE AAAAAAAAAAAA //and I couldn’t miss a final epic, they didn’t necessarily have to meet me, I just wanted to do something with a bit of flow and swag // Thank you all for supporting me and participating giving likes and commenting, I enjoyed it a lot, but omg this is the last time I am going to do a challenge

#oceptember2019 really really late

Hi fellow writers! 

I am planning on jumping into this prompt idea. Is all about original OC (original characters). I am going to take this as a practice for this year #NaNoWriMo, my first one. And yeah, I know it was supposed to be on september but who cares, i really want to do it and i cant wait another year.

I am going to try my best to post daily but I am in university so excuse for missing some days. 

The OCs I would be talking about is about a story (originally in spanish) I have been planning in my messy head since summer. I love them and I want to share them with this community! 

Also, big disclaimer! I am not really good at drawing, I enjoy it but i am not that talented with it! So I would be using games and different apps to showcase my babies. Is going to be mostly sims and with maxis match cc. 

happy really really really oceptember to everyone! 


I did it! I finally participated on a challenge! You guys have no idea how much it meant to me in some way. It took me way too long to gather the courage and energy to draw again and make things.

Even though sometimes I still feel anxious, I am starting to feel more and more relaxed and less perfectionist - some perfectionism is good, but when you feel trash about everything you do, then something is definitely wrong.

Anyway! I will be focusing in fanart this month and silly doodles of my OCs for anatomy and expression practices. I also want to work on an art style that will be able to cover the things I want to express, hm. OCeptember really helped me in this sense… The things I want to change, the things I want to improve and the things I must learn how to do are a bit clearer now. 

Thank you so much for following me through this ♡ 

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