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Morning breaks with crescent

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A powerful set of journalistic work bearing witness to a world far out in some of the most remote places on earth – the high seas. Many stories, from different perspectives, covering various issues. One overarching theme: Lawlessness. [continued]

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Break The Surface
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Just being near water can be so healing. The sun bounces back, from under the waves of the sea. Feel internally lifted as you spiritually break the oceans surface. The places deeply embedded in your soul. That place where pain hides. All of the bubbles large and small are moments in time. Those time capsules are where you felt unworthy. Energy frozen and we believed were gone. The injured self esteem and all those conflicted masks; we created to protect ourselves. Burdens lay beneath dormant and wreaks havoc, in our future reactions. Each time we fell, God was with us through the struggles. Cross the threshold, break the surface and receive grace and mercy. Vulnerability is a measure of our resilience and courage. It is not weakness. You are here, you can be restored. Face each distorted mask and the lies told to you. As each one rises, let them go. Heal those emotions with this 9X11 alcohol ink abstract. Flow like currents of the waves.

We could spend all day looking out at the towering trees and rock formations found at Ruby Beach in Washington state. Which scenic overlook into Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is your favorite?  

(Photo: Nick Zachar/NOAA) 

[Image description: View of a rocky beach covered in driftwood, with sea stacks in the distance and tree-covered cliffs leading down to the beach.]