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First Cringe Digital art! Hope you guys love it,It's for the Fandom BATIM , First Art post xD

Friends!! We have new Dan-Chan emojis !! on the Discord server, please join ^^ Link: ⚠️

its too small to upload in other places,,,,,,,but here r gif version too.......i just like mp4s better u u

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Noice! This is Byanca, OC! Wanted to try this perspective for a while and Byanca was perfect

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Tawan_Prandara   ตะวัน_ปรานดารา ☀️🌠 I'm seriously weak to these type of girls 😳👌👌

This is my main OC halo a immortal being with a death like aura that cant really remember his past but really doesnt care to remember

WIP! 2 of my oc's having tea!!! damn chibis are hard!

This is my Tree demon OC Bark he was turned into Tree demon by a witch he was mean to so now he kills who ever enters his territory of the forest 👺👹😈

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Another finished art peice also tried out a new app i like how it turned out, Big fluffy plushy ^-^ 🍆💙✨

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How do y'all like this design for Miragehound kid? Cuz she’s very cute. Her hair is just hard.

(Shes got heterochromia with Elliott’s skin tone and lighter brown hair.)


Me reto @chipichopi Owo♡

En esta ocaciòn elegi a mi oc “Azamira"para convertirla en un pokemon :3

Nombre: Astelle

Tipo de pokemon: Hada (puro)

Habilidad o poder: Tiene un alto nivel de defensa especial, aprendio el movimento "deseo” y uno de sus poderes es “ fuerza lunar”.

Descripciòn: 🌸Se encuentra mayormente en campos de flores, es de naturalezza tranquila y algo timida, pero eso si, te metes con ella eso cambia y te atacara🌸

Y sin duda fue muy divertido hacer este reto 😆💞

New to the Foody blues world, here is a pink Tarantula Hawk woman with no name yet (also I didn’t do it in color where it would’ve been obvious, smart move on my stupid end).

She was one of beeman’s rivals, as well as a pest on his stupid ass. Like Beeman, she enjoys a good fight, as well as being a bit of a hedonistic prick at times.

Compared to beeman, she deals a hell of a lot more pain with her attacks, but in general isn’t one to fight much, since she dislikes dishing pain.

Hell, she got bored from being an outlaw and made her way into the pumpkin spice city as an assistant honey dispenser for Beeman, just so she can annoy him.

She’s also a pain in the ass, something where the whole PAIN part of it really comes to play. Goddamn tarantula hawks.

I drew this up…I wanna say 3 weeks ago.


”The best way to fight back is to protect yourself”

Hibiki Arashi

Age: 20

Bday: July 31st

Height: 5’8

MC name: LUX (short for luxury because he has expensive taste).

Occupation: Model

Born from a wealthy family and dislikes taking orders from other people. (he only takes orders from shun).

He can come across as being lazy due to his relaxed nature. But when he works he works hard.

Popular and can be condescending.

He’s loyal to those he cares about.

He may come across rude but is just very straightforward.

HATES when people lie to him.

Loves to travel and is fluent in several languages.

Even though he seems to exude confidence he actually has low self-esteem. But hides it with his outgoing personality.

When he was young he was shy and quiet.

He feels pressured by his parents and many others due to being popular. He feels like he doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. (the only ones who know about this are shun and Yuudai. They try to help him).

Likes horror Films books etc.

Rebellious child.


Has weird fashion sense.

He has a need to stand out.

Despite knowing many people he only has a select few whom he calls friends. (the rest he considers them acquaintances).

can be impatient and doesn’t like waiting around for people.

He’s a cat person.

He’s a firecracker when angered.

Has a great memory.

Secretly worried what others think of him (especially with his appearance).

He’s the type who wants to do things on his own and is independent. (this is because in his younger years he relied on people a lot more. He had trouble standing up for himself others stepped in to help).

He was intimidated by yuudai when they first met. (yuudai was still part of the yakuza at the time he met hibiki and shun).

Always prepared for the worst.

Dislikes people who hang out with him just for his image and money.

Fragile on the inside. (strong and arrogant on the outside).

He doesn’t like people who are pushy.

He prefers calm and laid back people.

Only likes getting close to certain people. Depending on who they are. If people try to get too personal with him he has an overwhelming need to get away.

Needs personal space from time to time.

Can be a bit careless when it comes to spending money.

Love Letter from the Lamp Lighter

You could have bathed in holy water for all I cared, it wouldn’t have washed the marks off your back.

You could have eaten as many Eucharist and drank the blood of a Demi-god so much your spit would come out holy, it wouldn’t have washed the marks off your back.

You’ve been here forever, before the rites you know we’re even thought to be formed. Why deny perfection for an imperfect god? Why deny the sin for an unworthy cause?

Why suffer for him when you could suffer for me? Suffer for me. Suffer for me. Suffer for me.

I’ll repay it ten times three, if only you’d suffer for me instead.

I’m the god that begs, I’m the god that comes for you, I’m the god that shows you what you really are, and I’m the god that loves you for the sinner that you are. I won’t clean you, I won’t fear you, I am not the one they seek. But to you? I am yours.

I am the love you’ve wanted, the company you so desire, the treacherous nails that keep your pillar upright and standing.

But I am also nothing without you.

For what is a god without devotion? What is a god without a prayer? What is a god without a follower? What is a god?

We need each other.

Don’t leave me.