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Y más dibujos random que hice a partir de sugerencias de Instagram -v-

El proceso de un dibujo que también compartí en mi Instagram. Es un OC sin nombre que solo dibuje para está ilustración igual me encantó y lo terminé espero que les guste. No tengo tableta gráfica así que lo siento si hay algunos errores <3

I'm callin this babie Koharu! /o/~ I love incorporating my favorite color combination on my OCs *-*

❝ I have no idea what I am doing with my life 😀 lol 😀 Submissive 😳 Gay 🏳️‍🌈 A brat, unintentionally flirty 😈. Demon bunny 🐰. Carries a candy custom gun 🍭🍰. Maid for hire 🍵. Extremely strong.🤯 In middle of hate and like towards Angel 😑😳.

Mon OC Furu! 🌸 Pour les anciens, je change tous mes OC car je n'aime pas beaucoup leurs designs hh Oui l'eau est affreuse, j'ai tout essayé rien ne m'allait alors tant pis :')

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This was made during the holidays . I wanted to make those but i didn’t have the right materials to work with hahah. I mean i used a tiny brush to paint it and my elementary school pencils😅😅

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Testing out some new brushes by coloring Madoma and Poison, still working out Madomas character details but she's our little girls grandma. ♡

Dancer outfit for my Louis! Lookin' pretty as usual ~ ✨

Vincent Beauchampe. He used to be a angel but he got his wings cut off so hes basically just a rly strong mortal now. Everyones looking for him but he doesnt really want to be found.

Последняя картинка прошлого года, которая начиналась еще как арт к хэллоуину ha-ha

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stand name: smooth criminal, stand master: some gai , stand ability: public enemy

Another sunset, another day successfully providing one-stop shipping to our clients worldwide. Safe sailing to the crew onboard our vessels and enjoy the weekend ahead!

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Last d00dle bef0re sch00l


I love Epithet Erased and I made an OC for it

Roxanne “Roxie” Stone with her Epithet: Rock. She can manipulate soundwaves that come out when she plays her rock guitar into attacks and shields. This child has also been to jail at least 7 times and escaped every time.

She uses escapism as a coping mechanism and she needs help.

kitsuonyo  asked:

🔥+ Edging

  • Doesn’t like edging done on herself.
  • In general not the biggest fan of it.
  • Will do it once or twice if her partner so asks, but had a hard time continuing if her partner starts to cry.
  • If someone is to edge her, it’s with a partner she trusts very much.
  • Even then she doesn’t want to do it more then two or three times.
  • The absolute Queen of after care.
  • Bath? Got it. Food? Your favorite. Drinks? What ever you want. Cuddles? Wanna be left alone? She’ll leave but will make it clear that she’ll do almost anything.