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South ! The NEW opens TODAY in ! 😋 Great food & great new location at 27430 La Paz iN LN. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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In a campaign I play in we purchased a bar called The Orange Peel and hired a dashing to be our . His name is Devotion. We like him very much.

Finished this painting recently in between commissions. It is fully done in procreate with just a little post processing in photoshop. Hope you like!

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Queria subir otras cosas porq no me decido con este concepto de personaje pero en fin , tengo todo sin acabar xD

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Here's some personal art for myself

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OC updated and fresh. First time doing hands like this, but think it turned out good. What do you guys think so far? Lots still need to be done!

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travel buddies


finally cleaned my glasses properly and i can actually see omfg


In this scenario, Kirai rides her bike to Kai’s house in the morning as usual so they can ride to school together, only to find out Kai couldn’t go to school today because he has a cold (poor baby) so she decides that after school she would go and give him his homework and check up on him! Enjoy~

(Kai’s Grandmother insists that she come in for some tea)

Kirai: Ah, I only came to see Kai-

Grandma: Nonsense! Come 어린이. Yah, your so cute ☺️

Kirai’s mind: I ended up staying for tea..

Kirai: I think I’ll go check on Kai now, 할머니. Excuse me.

Kirai: Ah, 할머니 is so nice, but a little to persistent sometimes..


Farengar & Nimriel appreciation post

After my previous two posts about Farengar (POST1, POST2), I decided to draw a bunch of Nimriel (aaand Farengar too) just for you! I’d like to show you better their relationship from friendship to romance and this kind of sketches seems to be the best solution for now. Hope you like it!

(A little EXTRA about the bottom-right drawing)

Farengar: “W-Wait, What!? Stop reading that garbage! Where the heck did you find that book!?”

Nimriel: “Uhhh…Actually, in your library.”

Farengar: “I-Impossible! All my books are related to my… Researches!”

Nimriel:Yeah, sure…