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Some more expressions because I like drawing faces. What’s your go to expression? .

Went back and updated this piece a couple weeks ago or so, hope you guys like! Character belongs to (c) Megan Fabbri

Rough sketches of Vee, brought to you fresh from my car, it came out pretty ok for 3 mins.

Why people ignoring feeorin, when create star wars oc's? I mean...feeorins are cool, buff and get stronger with age Oh and they're absolutely beautiful. Love them.

πŸŒ™ "we're all dead inside~!"πŸŒ™ selene who let u drink a quick little OC doodle of my witch girl, selene she's a babe and i'm still figuring out what to do with her but enjoy this

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Another of Linn’s summons! I’m really excited for getting them all proper art done so hoping to get a couple done before I revenge those 2 last minute artfight attacks I got.

His leg and broken horn are both suffering petrification but he uses his ice powers to keep them whole and moving


Calico “Cal” Stone & Jessamy “Jess” Jewels


note: in my wip, they are on the same as Rem so they should dress like ninjas, all dressed in black with masks! But this is more modern! AU of them. Despite their occupation, they’re looking super friendly. I don’t know why Jess had orange hair when Cal’s name is Calico like those cats with black and orange patches. I might change it or keep it, I don’t know. Orange cats remind me of Kyo from Fruits Baskets (if you know that manga/anime, let’s talk about it).

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“Ranger Special” ammunition.

The Rangers adopted caseless ammo after Century Arms (a weapon company in my fanfic, who are also a real firearms company that I didn’t know about for some reason lol) developed them because of how they would leave no casings behind. Century Arms modified the design of the ammo a lot in its final stages and it eventually ended up being hardened burn dust (not crystal) with the bullet and primer embedded in it.

The Rangers can highly customize the ammo and because of that, they modified what firearms they had and placed specialized orders for ammo from their ammosmiths to fit the receivers, cylinders, and magazines or whatever they used.

The Rangers each modified their receivers to take ammo of a very slightly different specification than what they say they are, meaning that the receivers really take either bigger or smaller rounds. Inigo for example tells people he uses .300 Mustang rounds, but in reality the rounds are just big enough to where if someone happened to somehow steal Hyperion, then if the thief tries using actual factory .300 Mustang rounds, Hyperion won’t fire because the firing pin won’t hit the primer when the trigger is pulled.

And in addition to all that, the caseless ammo means that the Rangers won’t accidentally leave shell casings behind when they go on missions, and that means it’s even less of a chance that their presence would be discovered by bandits or crime syndicates.

Holly is exempt from this because she uses Bear Tooth and it’s a classic revolver that still uses the classic Ranger ammo it was first chambered in, and she will never modify it just to use more customized ammo.

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Quiero saber si I alguna vez ha pensado, aunque finalmente no lo haya hecho, en contarle a alguien de sus compañeros de escuela sobre la situación en la que se encuentra, ya sea porque estaba al límite o porque simplemente necesitaba desahogarse. ¿No le angustia el hecho de no "tener libertad" para expresarse? ¿Aunque sea por pura frustración?

I: No, nunca. Cuando empecé a asistir a clases ya me encontraba en mi segunda estadía en la mansión, ya que falté todo el primer mes de clases. Además no siento que mis problemas sean algo con lo que deba molestar al resto. En mi país ni siquiera le contaba a mis amigos cuando pasaban ciertas cosas por mi casa, así que tampoco veo razón para molestar a desconocidos con ello.