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Rivet Detail Western Stiletto Heeled Boots

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Double trouble. Getting up close and personal with designer, Ozlana’s DREAM STILL_______ 2018 Pre-Release Collection. 📷 via

Give me strength & direction Jesus! 🙏 Just got the email from with the provisional 2019 schedule. Tempted! 😱😭🙈 Milan Fashion Week is what's on the 2019 fashion travel itinerary - as I've now checked off New York & Paris too - but I miss London😭❤️

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Clara, 19

“I’m wearing a vintage Emilio Pucci shirt, but it’s missing a button so I covered the front up with a vintage top that I got in Berlin. The skirt is Giorgio Armani that I thrifted a couple years back and the sneakers are Nikes. My style is inspired by what I internalized from all the music videos I used to watch as a kid, so basically 80s through early 2000s pop culture. I also wear a lot of actual children’s clothing from the early 2000s that I find in my basement! Recently, I have been loving wearing necklaces as belts (especially on sweatpants). I’ve been told I’m “the queen of too much” - for this outfit and occasion.”

Sep 8, 2018 ∙ Williamsburg