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Nicki no de 2018 estava no seu auge da da beleza com esse vestido roxo!

Incognito mode: activated. 👤Hats off to street style. 📸 Moeez Ali

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Hay accesorios perfectos para cada ocasión, las gorras pueden ser compañeras perfectas de tu tiempo libre 🧢 También con blazer y jeans👖 Más ideas en mi bio @mdpersonalshopper y en 

¿Prefieres unicolor o estampado? Etiqueta a un amigo que pueda gustarle. Desfile: NYC Live at Fashion Week Col 20 Photographer: #fashion#WmMichaelReid

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What a treat to have NYC fashion photographer as one of our Mingle Mentors at our most recent networking event. Check out our full interview with Frank here to learn what it's like to be a photographer at :

A coworker just saw Anna Wintour in Penn Station. I just won cool points by casually stating I’ve sat (two rows) behind her at .

Juega sin miedo con las superposiciones 😱. Todo son beneficios de estilo En este caso, el toque lingerie hace el look casual mucho menos banal 👜 Más ideas en mi bio @mdpersonalshopper y en 

“Walking into the weekend.” Portrait No.41 Available to shoot Designer IG: 📸 Jay Blum | IG: ElectroBlum Pub: Fault Mag Editor: ⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠

Restrained glamour: 20 years of covering New York Fashion Week, and we’ve seen the city go through confidence, recession, and cautious recovery. This season? Lola Cristall makes her picks

Chelsea & Walker fall 2019

“Happy Hour Forever” Portrait No.40 Available to shoot 📸 Jay Blum | IG: ElectroBlum

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For the Fashion-able


🔵 Ghosts are gonna be around your bed When your time comes read the twit. The twat couldn’t even spell.
The bout was set for Sunday. She got word. Via Twitter. What else. The bitch wouldn’t use any other public broadcast system. She even once broadcast her pubes, accidentally. Embarasso, gir-L-fiend. Anyways, better get set:
Ladybugs + salads + vinegar
It was going to be tough. Vincenzo was still asleep. Long road ahead, better get a nap. Vince was snoring. “The skylight of her mind” came to her mind again. The bed was hard. Cousy though. Anything after the back of the old banger for eight hours stra..ZzzzzzZzz.. 🔴 ⬛ 🎲

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