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Episode 5 of Barbells N Body Slams is dropping this week with special guest from and Can’t think of a better person or timing to be sharing his 19 yr inspiring story from teacher to pro wrestler. It was fun and he was an awesome guest!!

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Dusty Rhodes Hard Times Promo

I’m not sure why, but this has been something I’ve had on my mind the last couple weeks and it inspires me. So I figured I’d share the main part that I focus on in this promo. Enjoy.

“He put hard times on Dusty Rhodes and his family. You don’t know what hard times are daddy. Hard times are when the textile workers around this country are out of work, they got 4 or 5 kids and can’t pay their wages, can’t buy their food. Hard times are when the auto workers are out of work and they tell ‘em go home.And hard times are when a man has worked at a job for thirty years, thirty years, and they give him a watch, kick him in the butt and say “hey a computer took your place, daddy”, that’s hard times! That’s hard times! And Ric Flair you put hard times on this country by takin’ Dusty Rhodes out, that’s hard times. And we all had hard times together, and I admit, I don’t look like the athlete of the day supposed to look. My belly’s just a lil’ big, my heiny’s a lil’ big, but brother, I am bad. And they know I’m bad.”

- The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes

Ronda Rousey [ENG]

Here we are. Some time ago, I asked what were your thoughts or opinions about Ronda Rousey and you answered several times. Before we talk about her, though, let’s take a little recap: Ronda Rousey is “an American professional wrestler, actress, author, mixed martial artist and judoka. She is currently signed to WWE, performing on the Raw brand, where she is the current Raw Women’s Champion in her first reign. ” (via Wikipedia) and “Rousey has been credited for breaking down several hurdles regarding female mixed martial arts sports, as well as challenging barriers. She has been regarded as a symbol of female empowerment, and has been praised for she became one of the highest pay-per-view draws in the world Rousey was described by Fox Sports as "one of the defining athletes of the 21st century.” (via Wikipedia).
She joined WWE in 2017/18, so it’s been more than a year that she has been in the business of World Wrestling Entertainment: in this very short space of time she did a lot, winning the Raw Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. This has attracted criticism, even on my part, since there was actually no real construction of Ronda: she was based solely on her charisma outside the WWE. Ronda Rousey could be called a non-character: she doesn’t have a gimmick, she doesn’t actually have a construction but she’s based almost exclusively on the charisma that she has built over the years in the world of MMA, and in part inspired by the gimmick (but very partly) by Rowdy Roddy Piper. The situation has become increasingly controversial with the feud against Becky Lynch, the subsequent inclusion of Charlotte Flair in the match, the Royal Rumble, the heel turn. And we will talk about this today.
Almost all of those who answered me have generally defined her “overrated”, “disrespectful” and even “dangerous”.
Let’s start with an interesting answer from @theonelazywolf. "I’m saying this with out any fear Ronda needs to go She has been given everything in the wwe with out having to work for it She keeps saying SHE put the women in the main event of WM she didnt She can’t talk on the mic she cant talk over booing crowds There is more but im falling asleep"
Another interesting answer was this  “I don’t hate ronda at all , I actually appreciate everything she did outside of WWE. but that is my problem , everything she did OUTSIDE of WWE .in wwe she is a rookie but she is not being treated as a rookie , for some reason wwe treat her like a returning legend or something, she can barely cut a promo and she can’t call a match in the ring and doesn’t know how to deal with the crowd or what to do if shit went south or off script , yet for some reason she is main eventing Wrestlemania. Also the whole shoot promo she did , was one of the biggest slaps on the face ever. Not because she said it , but because that was actually wwe’s way of getting heat on her. Basically what I’m saying is that wwe is bringing these ufc fighters who have credibility with non wrestling fans and instead of using that credibility to get more fans , they make them come , beat the shit out of everyone, tell the world that wrestling is fake and that these people aren’t real athletes , then they take millions and leave. The ronda Rousey situation is making an embarrassment out of the wrestling world. Wwe don’t show any respect for there wrestlers and wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t respect them. While I’m at it, it’s Wrestlemania 35, it’s 2019, and people like Batista, HHH , shane mcmahon have matches , yet the SD women’s champ don’t yet , the raw tag champs don’t yet , two members of the shield don’t yet , and more and more and more names of hard working deserving young talents don’t.” from @emanmagdy1
Others argue instead that Ronda is excessively dangerous in the ring, citing cases of injuries such as that of Alexa Bliss (who had some concussions). What comes out of these answers, therefore, is not so much the fact that she is not good, because Ronda is really good, but that she has focused too much on her charisma by neglecting essential elements such as the construction of promos, the character and above all what she said against the WWE and generally against wrestling. Here an essential question arises, does WWE need Ronda Rousey? It seems so, as pointed out in the answers: she didn’t have a period of time at NXT (such as Shayna; Marina and Jessa) she was immediately included in the title picture with Nia Jax and then they used an opponent like Alexa Bliss to give credibility around her. Nothing new in fact, the same thing happened with Brock Lesnar on his return but the difference lies in the absurd speed with which it was done, as well as the different background.
Moreover, the feud Rousey/Lynch/Flair didn’t help the construction of Ronda, if anything it worsened it: storyline too heavy, with extreme overbooking, up to almost ridiculous (with the totally random inclusion of Travis, Rousey’s husband) not actually allowing the viewer to fully understand the whole storyline, with consequent confusion and finally the typical turn heel of the UFC fighter that relies on the criticism that is always made to those who follow wrestling from those who are totally strangers to them, that is “wrestling is fake.“.
A obvious turn, in my opinion, perhaps not necessary as the two people I mentioned before point out (because this is also questioning Brock Lesnar himself, a former UFC fighter too) but maybe this turn heel would have been good outside of this storyline. Maybe it would have worked more. At this time, this feud has lost its meaning because it is based too much on the charisma of Rousey and above all on the constant need of the WWE to make people talk about themselves. And they’re succeeding. To the detriment of those who have been working there for years, those who don’t have an opportunity despite fighting to get it. What then emerges from this whole situation is not so much a criticism of Ronda Rousey as a person or a wrestler, but a criticism against WWE that points in an excessively obsessive way on an idealized character of Rousey who, perhaps, never existed in WWE. A criticism that shifts to meritocracy, to emphasize that, perhaps, it would be more appropriate to focus on those who grew up within the business and let go of the UFC figters in part in order to allow them to settle well, create a character, remaining coherent with what they do and still have strong credibility (like Shayna), not just focusing on something idealized. We note therefore that the criticisms are not really on Rousey, but on how the WWE is using it and on the policy it adopts with her: giving opportunities, giving a title without construction and totally relying on the concept that "UFC fighters> WWE athletes”.
Perhaps the basic problem therefore is not Rousey herself but the politics of WWE.
I begin to believe that what the WWE Universe really wants is not so much the media exposure, not so much an extreme storyline, but as an enhancement of those who have been there for the longest time, with a downsizing of the athletes who come from UFC.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation of mine, I thank all those who answered. If you liked it, I can continue to do this kind of thing, talking about various themes, always in double language English / Italian.
At next!

Watched the latest episode of NXT and as much as I do like Ricochet a lot of his moves just do not make sense. Flash with no substance is what I call it. He did a forward roll and then jumped up into a front dropkick. It looked good but if you break it down he does a forward roll towards his opponent which would give him momentum if he went into a shoulder block or spear. Instead he has to stop his momentum to then jump straight up into the dropkick. Their were a couple of other moves where he looks really athletic but when you think about it the end move didn’t need what he did leading up to it.


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For those who don’t have my twitter. I got a tattoo….. and it’s very important to me

So here’s my story…. never told it on here but I feel like it’s the right time but there’s a lot of people on here who I feel like are true friends and I’m more comfortable talking about it.

These past few years have been the darkest times in my life. Losing my dad two years ago was when I lost myself. My world completely shattered and I couldn’t hit rewind. Part of me was asking why me? why do I have to go through this? Another part of me somehow blamed myself and how maybe I could’ve done something. I still think that way sometimes. And to top that off about 9 months later I almost lost my mom in a car accident the day before my senior year. So to say it’s been rough. It’s been rough. There are days where I always ask why? I’ll never know why. All the days where I get filled with anxiety when no one answers my calls thinking the worst, to the holidays, and birthdays spent without my dad knowing that won’t happen anymore. It changes you mentally and it makes you feel lifeless. Thankfully, wrestling has helped me come out of that dark place, especially watching Johnny Gargano. Johnny Gargano is such a wonderful human being. I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time and he has helped me through a lot. Gargano has lifted my spirits with his energy and personality and every time I watch him perform makes all the negative thought and emotions fade away. I am so thankful for him and everything he has done to shape me into the person I am today. My two best friends @toponepercent and @caramara3 know how much he means to me and they knew I was getting this tattoo for a long time. I knew that they would support me and know that it isn’t a dumb tattoo I’m getting “just because I like wrestling” and I’m so thankful for them. Thank you Johnny, for giving me hope and for giving me some of my life back. He is my idol and basically my lifesaver. I’m so thankful for all hes done for me and The is tattoo is part of my appreciation for all he does. Getting a tattoo is pretty scary at first, but once you know why you’re getting it and the purpose behind it, it isn’t scary anymore. We need more people like him in the world. So once again, Thank you for everything Johnny Wrestling ❤️