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New research could have significant implications to combat harmful contamination in while simultaneously contributing to alleviate deficiency:

As Month is coming to an end, solve this word scramble to stimulate your brain health while you work to improve your physical !

As Month is coming to an end, solve this word scramble to stimulate your brain health while you work to improve your physical !

Want to get healthy this spring? Book an appointment with Holistic Nutritionist, Barb Crawford for guidance on how to get started: (905) 469-2973 or check our website for more information.

Self-reflection, going over your life in depth will allow you to working out where you went wrong. Therefore, you become stronger by learning about yourself. Moreover, you can make yourself more align with one self, then you might be able get rest life on track. etc

If you haven't already explored our chemistry range, Brie our guest: we have composition/ analysis tests for hard & soft cheeses, as well as our latest addition, cheese powder! Discover more here:

Une cure à la ou au de cela vous tente ? Notre article sur les vertus de ces boissons très appréciées en Europe du Nord 🌳🚰➡️ (image: morisfoto)

The Food Bondage: Making a Case for the Human Diet Is our nutrition based on science or perhaps centuries-old eating tradition? Why there are so many diets? This book takes a fresh look at many fundamental truths about health and

Rather than diving into a new diet plan, slowly changing lifestyle habits make it much easier to adapt to a new lifestyle

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For all #cheese #lovers like me! 🏋🏾‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️🏋🏿‍♀️🏋🏻😤🙆🏼‍♂️🙅😉💪👌
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Btw, if you need help with your diet, please message me!!

I realize it is SO difficult to eat healthy let alone loose weight, so if you guys need some tips or support, please feel free to reach out.

I am on my own food journey, but luckily I am fortunate enough to be in the IHH field (integrative health and healing) so I know a good amount about nutrition and other ways to increase your vitality.

You can do this!

You can feel alive again!

You can have energy again!

Food is so important, so if you are wondering why you feel so awful, please take a moment to look at what you are fueling your body with.

The negative effects of carbonated soda’s are so prelevent that most pilots make a general rule not to consume them before flight.

Here are just some of the few effects

•causes formeldahyde build up in the brain

•frontal lobe inflammation


•visual disturbances



Choose to drink something else today!

Alternatives to soda’s

•Fruit flavored water- Apples, oranges, limes, lemons and other berries are great additives. Freeze them in ice cubes the night before.

•Natural Tea’s like green tea, white and black (try to avoid bottles tea’s, brewing them yourself ensures quality and you can drastically lower the sugar amount)

•A glass of water (it is not that bad you guys are just babies)


My 👝 ‘Retirement’ from ……… Nutrition & Fitness

Nutrition and Special diets 6

6)  Provide a personal recipe, in standard recipe format, that is gluten-free and avoids the current top 10 allergens listed by Health Canada. The recipe can be sweet or savoury. Provide photos of your process with a) raw ingredients b) the cooking process c) finished product.


Original recipe, we need wheat noodle, eggs, salt, bacon and parmesan cheese. 

But as you know, wheat noodle has gluten. If you want to eat carbonara with gluten-free. We have to change wheat noodle to rice noodle. 

There is also egg yolk we need. But there are some people who has egg allergy. So we need to find alternative for eggs. In my case, I choose katsuobushi for umami flavor instead of egg yolk. 


Rice noodle 100g

Bacon 2slices

Water 750ml

Milk 2% 100ml

Katsuobushi 1pack

Salt & Pepper & Olive oil

Parmesan cheese

1. Boil the Kastuobushi for 20mins.

2. Cut bacons and fry them

3. Put Rice noodle (gluten-free)

4. Put milk and Boiling until water is evaporated.

5. Plating (Bacon, Parmesan cheese, black pepper) & Taste~!!

7)     Reflect on your experience of creating this recipe. Did you learn a new culinary skill? What were some challenges in creating this recipe? Would you make this recipe again?

1. New culinary skill

I try to mix Eastern recipe and Western recipe.

Katsuobushi is good for making Dashi and it flavors umami and very deep and tasty. 

Rice noodle is also very chewy and good flavor as a gluten-free ingredient. This noodle must be the best alternative for wheat noodle.

2. Challenges

 First, it is my first time use katsuobushi to carbonara. I don’t filter katsuobushi and mixed with noodle together. Because of that, katsuobushi flavor is too strong to taste milk, creme and parmesan. Next time I should filter katsuobushi.

Second, Rice noodle is easy to be soggy. So next time. I won’t boil rice noodle too long. And I don’t have to evaporate Dashi. I will use Dashi for only boiling noodle. Approximately, 2-3 mins boil and take out from Dashi. Then put milk or creme and boiling with noodle 1-2mins.

3. Next time

I will try Dashi for boiling noodles only. And I will try to find better alternative one for egg yolk. In fact, egg yolk is the best to make carbonara sticky and umami. 

As I told it above, I need to boil noodle a little, not too long. It can be soggy easily

Nutrition and Special diets 5

5)  If you ever have or will ever experience a client with one or more food allergies, how would you handle the situation? How would you ensure the food being prepared does not have the food allergen(s)?

 Usually, I’ll tell them not to use the food triggered allergy. But If I have to garnish peanuts, I will use raspberries or strawberries for garnish instead. If I bake bread with peanuts, I will change them to pumpkins or sweet potatoes. If someone has raw shrimp and crab, I will change them to fishcakes, agar and seaweeds.


National Diabetes Awareness Day is today! Go schedule your yearly physical exam and get your glucose and A1c numbers checked. Get ahead of the game and stay alive!

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Zero grams of sugar.
Zero artificial sweeteners.

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This is Bulu box. On the left is the February box. On the right is the March box. I’m happy with both boxes. There wasn’t anything in the February box that I didn’t consume/use or am still using. The only sample size was the Fuel EZ Official. I enjoyed the Grenade Official carbkiller protein bar and the Plant Fusion whole food meal shake. I’m still taking Florastor plus and Mighty Muscadine. I love that they included full sized products. I’m just breaking into the March box. Thus far, I’ve enjoyed Jocko White Tea. It’s delicious. I also started MSPrebiotic with my blueberry yogurt this morning. I’m very excited to try everything in this box. Part of the reason why I love bulubox is they give me the opportunity to try things I wouldn’t have tried on my own. As you can see, much of the time I do receive full sizes or decent sized samples so I can make an informed decision regarding whether or not the products work for me.

I made me and my dad a mango garlic and cilantro seafood medley with pineapple salsa veggies and it was absolutely delicious 🌽 🍤 🍅 also I highly recommend crumbling corn tortilla chips on top cause life.

Also don’t ask me for a recipe cause chef Nicole’s style is never using one

1 package of tuna

3 tablespoons of mayo

1 slice of lemon

Leaf rosemary

Salt & pepper (Himalayan pink salt)

Drain tuna and add mayo. Squeeze lemon juice, add ½ tsp of pepper, salt, and leaf rosemary. Mix it all together, this usually yields 1 serving. +add to salad.

Salad: you can use a pre packaged blend, but I always purchase my own greens and make a homemade blend.

Red lettuce

Romaine lettuce


Purple cabbage

Green onion




3-5 strawberries sliced

I used this dressing I found at Hyvee. It has 0 sugars and 0 carbs. It tastes soo good and really adds a sweet taste to the salad.