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Buenas nos gustaría escuchar 🍫 de y recomendar más 🎁 de ✨ 🦁 ♾

Pizza is good... but have you ever had a dessert pizza... like a Pizza 😍🍕🍫 Thank you to The Spruce Eats for their . Use our pizza dough to get a head start. Enjoy 🤤

Family, and fagioli - that’s what John Catucci and I discussed on this podcast episode. Oh - we talked about and Kraft Dinner too. And things got ugly.

Esta es la versión de NOCILLA-NUTELLA VEGANA MACROBIÓTICA SIN AZÚCAR que comemos en casa. 👇👇👇👇👇👇 #nutellavegana#nocilla #cacahuete#cacahuate

Do you have a special event coming up? 🎂 Then why not try this Nutella & Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate Cake recipe? It's seriously moreish 🙈

If you’re Monday evening isn’t this thrilling then you’re just not living 🍓🍫

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Nutella…. 😍😍😍

I used my voice assistant to “ask send me a sample” to send me a sample of Nutella on 6March19 at 2:21pm. On 20March19 at 3:36pm I received this sample pack free of charge, no postage necessary. The “send me a sample” program is available on both the Google and Alexa voice assistants. You can ask either to send samples of whatever is available in your area as well as samples of products from participating companies that display the “send me a sample” logo. “Send me a sample” is available after you’ve created an account on and linked it to your voice assistant; so, it knows where to send the samples you request.

6/100 Day of productivity

Good morning everyone. Have a blessed Sunday!

I don’t know why but my post always balance between studying and eating haha

I watched “Us” last night and it’s totally so thrilling me by verse came out the movie. But yeah it’s kinda open ending. One special detail I just realized that the daughter wearing hoodie has printed Vietnamese on. And that’s “thỏ” which means rabbit and if someone watched already would remember at the beginning there were a lot of rabbits occurred.