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J'ai investi.. Nutella bonjour !!

The riddle of the bath duck, by Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer. 'Tourists are infantile pleasure seekers' That explains the screaming at night!

La composition du (huile de palme et sucre) aurait déjà dû en rebuter plus d'un mais bon... certains ne s'empiffrent que de cochonneries avec les résultats qu'on connait (obésité pour commencer)...

That moment when you know what you're going to tweet later but not what you're going to tweet now... erm... Here's my breakfast

Para los fans de ! Grisines o Palitos malteadas con porción de Nutella para llevar y disfrutar en el camino 😍

Adolfo de nous signale que lui confirme dans l'oreillette que aurait effectivement repris 2 fois du au goûter de fin d'année de la maternelle Emile Zola en juin 1965 !!! 😱

Cosa dicono di noi . Leggete un po’ di più ed informatevi se volete governare un paese . E poi meditate . Nessuno ha la verità in tasca. E non pensate solo al guadagno . C’e’ altro nella vita .Non solo e i

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21 NUTELLA RECIPES YOU WON'T WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT Are you a Nutella fan?? These recipes look amazing!! I can't even decide where I want to start because they all look so amazing! Go here-->>

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Homemade Nutella


🔥🔥🔥 Así tienen que ser las porciones de tortas.

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I LOVE Nutella. Ever had Nutella and pea pods? It’s great.

One time my little sister had a friend over. They decided to get into bread & Nutella at 1 am. They basically burnt a loaf of bread in the toaster.

Send a word. I’ll tell you about my life.

Food diary - update

Ok soooo I haven’t done a food diary update for a few days, mainly bc I was due on so my hunger was through the roof, and for about three days now I’ve snacked on either dark chocolate or salted pretzel sticks (a dream, btw) .

I started my period today (speaking of, please use a cup, it will change your life, I use Organicup but there are lots of brands), so hopefully I won’t want to binge too much, I didn’t wear my Invisalign all day yesterday and in turn it gave me a nightmare that my teeth were really badly screwed up, so today I’ll be eating and putting it straight back in this stopping me from snacking.

For breakfast I’ve had 2 x Crumpets with Nutella on (my standard weekend breakfast, that ain’t changing). Yesterday I did really badly because it was Steve’s birthday and he brought in loads of treats so I had a double chocolate cookie and Bourbon cream biscuits and Doritos, and then pasta and cheese & crackers with my red wine for dinner, yesterday was a whole write-off.

I’m just sat in bed in pain watching Black Mirror now while B works.