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Staff have enjoyed seeing the donkeys on the Mount Gould hospital site today 🐴

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Sometimes I forget just how little I knew during nursing school… my student is humbling me with their own humility. Actually asked to make sure he was reading the measurement markings right on the Sahara. Like, y'all, it took me all the way back to when I used to measure Foley output by adding the “50cc” column to the 60+ column 😬😳. That was when *I* was a nursing student!

But seriously though, shoutout to all the awesome amazing nurses, techs, docs, etc. who answered the most basic questions without belittling us. We all start somewhere and need those solid foundations before we build tall.


Today I have a meeting with the director in regards to the nursing program. Basically just to talk about how I can succeed from here on out. I love how they really push us to succeed. They don’t want anyone to fail. I already took the first steps in order to help

  • Seeking treatment for my narcolepsy
  • Quit my stressful job (working thirds)
  • Taking my medication on time.
  • Positive thinking, meditation
  • Working out
  • Managing my anxiety with holistic treatment.

Im looking forward for next semester. I know I’ll succeed. I have friends and family supporting me. My boyfriend always pushing me to succeed. Plus my dog to provide snuggles when I need them.

Todays gonna be a busy day. I have quite a few things to do

  • Typing assessment for my new job
  • Fax some paperwork
  • Finish Fasfa
  • Finish scholarship addendum, get my last of recommendation.
  • Turn in all necessary paperwork.


A girl came in and was abrupting but it went so smooth and well. She delivered at 34 weeks but baby is also doing well in the NICU. I just had a really great team on last night. I couldn’t have asked for better providers and I really feel like I used my critical thinking skills. I was anticipating the orders the provider wanted and thinking ahead on getting blood on hold and getting 2 IVs. And it just was really good. I’m really happy with myself. I’m really feel like I’m growing as a nurse!!

Yesterday myself, a cop and a group of firefighters were honored with raising the dead. We brought a woman who went into respiratory then cardiac arrest back to life. After a couple rounds of CPR (which almost never happens like this) we had a return of circulation. An ALS ambulance responded shortly after. Myself being a paramedic and the ambulance crew made the decision to keep the patient knocked out and to secure the airway. I rode with the crew into the hospital. At the hospital she recieved care first at the emergency department then in the intensive care unit. A week later our patient walked of the hospital without deficits. I say our because this was a team effort. It was a whole group of people who saved this woman, starting with a 911 county dispatcher, then a small town city cop who made contact, then a bunch of volunteer firefighters who thumped in her chest and got the heart going again (again it almost never happens like this), next two paramedics who rode in on an als ambulance, who kept her breathing through a tube, and kept an eye on her heart and on her circulation they also rushed her in to a hospital emergency room staffed by doctors, nurses, technicians and assistants, then she was transferred to the ICU with another whole bevy of hospital staff who ensured her care and then finally we have here family members. These folks aided her at home. They helped with rehabilitation, they got her to follow ups, they waited on her until she was strong enough to care for herself. We all helped. We made this woman well again. We all made a difference. She is alive because of all of us.

Arizona needs nurses

If you are interested in becoming  a nurse, Arizona is the place to be. Many hospitals and major medical companies will help you get the education and licensing that you need.
Although Arizona is strict on their state licensing:

Criminal Background Check: For clinical experience, University of Phoenix students are required to obtain a criminal history background check that includes a federal level background check.

Drug Screens: Urine drug screens (15-panel) may be required by specific clinical agencies.

Applications must acknowledge any investigation or pending disciplinary action by a nursing regulatory agency.

Fingerprint Clearance: Applicants are required to submit a full set of fingerprints for analysis. is worth the process.

There are opportunities for travel nursing within the state as well. The salaries and benefits are always profitable.

I’m on the nursing list at my college and taking other requisite classes in related industry. Plus, in my case, all my previous nursing credits transferred and were honored for the pre-requisite for RN.

Nurse Practitioners can be seen by patients as a medical doctor.

This is a good state to be training, opportunities, education and job positions.

Recognizing Opioid Overdose

One of the main ways of preventing an opioid overdose from occurring is through the recognition of the signs and symptoms. If you are trained in the use of Naloxone, it is important to recall what signs to look for with persons who may be experiencing an overdose.

According to the CDC, some signs include:

-       Pinpoint pupils- small and constricted pupils

-       Severe Lethargy or Loss of Consciousness

-       Slow, Shallow Breathing with a respiratory rate less than 10

-       Limp body

-       Pale, blue, or cold skin

If you suspect someone might be overdosing:

1.     Initiate the emergency response system by calling 911.

2.     Administer Naloxone, if available.

3.     Once administered, try to keep the person awake and breathing.

4.     Reorient the person as they might be unaware of their surroundings or that they overdosed in the first place.

5.     Lay the person in a side-lying position to prevent choking.

6.     Wait for arrival of first responders before leaving the patient.

- Saaeed U.

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(i was wondering, can people who aren't in med-school or planning to go into the medical field volunteer at places like hospitals? i don't really know anything about that but it's something i always figured i couldn't do?)

Sure! Bigger hospitals may run a background check so as long as your clear there shouldn’t be a problem.