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Who can tell us the missing number?

Fair to say our availability has been good this season! Very healthy squad again this week! All fines doubled with the Xmas bash this coming Friday! All welcome, penultimate game before a couple of weeks off for the festive period! 🇪🇸💷🍺

when your son does solid on his first time out the gate

"What is EPP Code ? EPP stands for Extensible Provisioning Protocol which is a code consisting of numbers. EPP Code is also known as Authorization Code (Auth Code) or Transfer Secret Key."

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Creating an interactive Numbers workbook has made evaluating online apps for Department Of Education compliance super easy! Reading 40+ privacy policies has been very enlightening.

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Really. Or did you just hear them fear monger you? don't lie! for the link.

Can you guess my number on the hundreds chart? It is less than 50, it has a 4 in it, it has 4 groups of 10.......we made some good guesses!!

Need to have random events occur on the command line or within a Linux shell script? Here's a primer on Linux and random numbers, including rand and shuf:

It's like the citizenry flunked & suffering from lying eyes disease. Doesn't take a genius mentality to figure out the seriously cooking the . Totally , defying logic, reason.

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Time and Age: Are they really just numbers?? I can’t just get them out of my head right now They’re are as hard to decipher as a puzzle with an abstract image. Like (whhhaaat are they!?) I see that they’re not an imaginary thing, THEY EXIST! and it drives me crazy!

So having been said that, is it more practical to do things at your own pace? Or are we just making an excuse to procrastinate life not realizing that life itself is short-lived? Is it just an excuse? I’d like to hear your thoughts.