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Perforator series Consecutive Numbering Perforators Perforate consecutive numbers . Also perforate the same numbers repeatedly. [Application] For numbering or coding of certificates & important confidential documents

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As the world's cortisol and stomach acid levels rise every hour in parallel with the of officially reported infections (and ), which as of Saturday morning was roughly 1,400… Source: Johns Hopkins GIS and ...

mobile but appeared & balance deducted. No alert of confirmation from 8558 & no balance received on mobile . I called helpline (like always I do after each txn I made), front end agent talked for 8min listening to the issue & then 2/4

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One is the Only Real Number

Vladimir Nabokov asserts that one is the only real number:

“All things belong to the same order of things, for such is the oneness of human perception, the oneness of individuality, the oneness of matter, whatever matter may be.  The only real number is one, the rest are mere repetition.” —The Real Life of Sebastian Knight

Day 026 - 2020-01-26 26 Lowther Avenue (front door detail) “Designed and built in 1778 for Barbara Gordon, this residence features elements of both Italianate and the Gothic Revival styles. In 1880, she married Robert Parker, owner of Parker’s Steam Dye Works (later Cleaners), which became the largest dyeing company in the city.”

Toronto Property Numbers - The Days Of The Year Project

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Kosha Dillz - SPAN-HEBRISH For the Tri-linguals such as myself, Thanks Kosha for specifically making this for ME ME ME ! ! !

MereMay - Transformers Themed

I’m still committed to fulfill this, and I want to stick to the surprise aspect as well and let you all decide which number I’m going to do next as you all will find out who it’s gonna be. It’s a little fun for you all who get to pick a random number and I get to draw and share it for you all.

Number 3 & 5 are done, so now the question is, which number do you all want to explore next? It’s up to you!

Vote for the number you want by sending an “ASK” to my INBOX! Anons are welcome too.

(That way it’s easier for me to keep track)

I’ll be counting the votes Jan 26th, until then!