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An attempt to ft I used a ref for this piece (obviously)

Idk what this is. It's kind of cute tho.

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if ya'll are gonna draw 90% titty out give her some areolas damn They don't just magically appear with the nip slip

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I havenโ€™t had enough coffee to make a football reference yet. Come up with your own.

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swcctserpent  asked:

“I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.”

* suggestive sentence starters

               “i   am   well   aware   of   that   already.   however,   I   assumed   you   wouldn’t   want   me   to   talk   about   legal   issues   regarding   the   trailer   park   in   our   moment   of   intimacy.”

            Eyes   roll,   head   lolls   to   the   side   –   by   now,   there   is   no   dirty   laundry   between   them,   no   dirty   little   secrets   lingering   except   the   expectative   that   one   of   them   might   actually   give   in   and   decide   to   involve   the   word   love   into   the   mix.   He   already   has,   though   she   doesn’t   count   sleep-babbling   nonsense   to   be   a   declaration   of   eternal   devotion   at   all,   thus,   she   continues   to   pretend   it   never   happened,   that   those   words   never   left   his   lips   at   all.

              It’s   easier   to   pretend   all   they   have   is   this   –   whatever   it   might   be.   Jason   used   to   say   sex   was   easier   to   control   than   anything   deeper,   that   love   wasn’t   even   something   real,   and   oh,   Cheryl   clung   to   that   idea   with   all   her   might.   Right   now,   after   finding   out   the   bitter   truth,   she   can   see   he   was   right   once   more   –   Jason   was   always   right.   Thus,   it’s   easier   to   pretend   all   she   has   to   do   is   undress   him   and   pin   him   down   and   there   won’t   be   anything   else   involved.

               Oh,   but   those   aren’t   the   kind   of   thoughts   she   wishes   to   dwell   on   right   now.

              “that,   however,   can   be   easily   arranged,”   she   hums,   mischievous   smirk   curved   upon   lush   lips,   through   long   lashes   she   glances   at   him   –   don’t   grow   attached,   it   may   as   well   be   a   death   sentence.   Oh,   it’s   a   bit   too   late   for   that,   by   now.   And   even   so,   she   simply   allows   herself   to   bask   in   it   for   the   nights   they   share   together   –   which   have   increased   considerably   ever   since   their   little   secret   has   gotten   out.   it   feels   liberating,   she’ll   admit, a   feeling   she   doesn’t   know   how   to   take   –   a   feeling   she   doesn’t   even   know   is   good   to   her   or   not,   “but   you’re   not   doing   it   yourself,”   she   adds,   a   soft   chuckle   bubbles   from   her   carmine   lips,   she   quickly   pins   him   to   the   precarious   mattress,   bare   legs   sit   astride   on   his   hips   –   the   size   difference   is   laughable,   and   yet   she   knows   he’ll   allow   it,   “it’s   cold   tonight,   I’m   keeping   your   ugly   shirt   on   –   but   you?   everything   goes   off,  and   no  touching  unless  i   say    so. ”   oh,   perhaps   she’ll   allow   a   little   distraction   and   continue   this   conversation   in   the   morning.   All   work   and   no   play   make   Cheryl   a   dull   girl.   Thus,   fingers   begin   tiptoeing   down   his   chest,   tug   on   the   hem   of   one   of   the   many   layers   he   wears,   then   the   other,   enough   to   expose   his   abdomen,   enough   to   plant   a   soft   kiss   to   his   navel,   “oh,   and   try   to   be   quiet,   because   I   don’t   want   the   hobo   king   to   get   his   revenge   on   me.”


BUILT on every scar        that you gave me

                                     T O R E  my body into     what MADE me

                           The hell you put me through     is what RAISED me

                                             ~Yanai Koyno~

                                     General Studies Teacher

Belong to beaherohq, rp group.

mythgoth  asked:


* angry sexual tension sentences

               “yes,   I   already   became   aware   that   you   are   a   spoiled   little   child,   darling.   no   need   to   remind   me   of   your   kinks   I   am   deeply   familiarized   with.”

            Oh,   Rey,   silly   little   pawn   on   her   side   of   the   chessboard   –   does   he   truly   think   he   can   get   away   with   not   doing   what   she   wants?   By   now,   he   should   know   that   Cheryl   Blossom   always,   always   gets   her   way,   no   matter   how,   no   matter   when.   The   queen   always   moves   freely   on   the   chessboard,   the   queen   always   decides   when   and   where   the   king   moves.

              Even   so,   Cheryl   is   too   cunning,   she   knows   she’ll   have   to   keep   playing   him   the   way   he   wants,   the   way   that   makes   him   think   he   has   the   upper   hand   –   oh,   silly   Rey,   too   bad   thinking   with   both   your   brain   and   your   crotch   at   the   same   time   can   be   a   deadly   combination.   Thus,   she   simply   curves   her   lips   into   a   smirk,   heels   click-click   as   she   steps   closer to   him,   nears   the   massive   desk   inside   the   Blossom’s   study   and   comes   to   sit   on   the   edge,   “do   you   really   wish   to   tell   your   friends   back   home   that   you   got   seduced   into   working   with   a   gang?”   she   hums,   tugs   on   his   shirt   to   bring   him   closer   to   her,   so   he   can   stand   between   her   parted   legs,   “because   that   can   be   arranged,”   a   whisper   against   his   ear,   a   trail   of   playful   kisses   planted   down   his   neck,   hands   fumble   to   undo   the   first   two   buttons   of   his   designer   shirt,   “oh,   Rey,   you   are   astonishingly   easy   to   please,”   another   hum,   she   can   feel   the   pulse   beating   against   his   skin,   she   chuckles,   squeezes   his   sides   with   her   thighs,   “but   if   you   really   want   me   to   tell   you   what   to   do   right   now,   then   you   can   start   by   carrying   me   upstairs,   because   I   am   not   indulging   your   kinks   where   Nana   could   find   us.”

lucian-silvestris  asked:

♠ - reaching down and sliding their hand between your muse’s legs { Maeven and Damien }

♠ - reaching down and sliding their hand between your muse’s legs

Maevan had discovered that Damien was more like a cat than he initially thought. Despite the sharp words and scowls, his mate was a creature that craved affection. But only when he wanted it. Which was how he had somehow ended up in bed with Damien, the half demon laying against his chest. Humming, he raised an eyebrow when he noticed the other dozing, and slowly slid a hand lower, down his sides and in between his legs.

“Tired, kitten?”

erotxcism  asked:

โ˜€ Mason and Kennie :3c

☀ - spooning your muse from behind, in their sleep, and grinding against them.

Mason was probably about seventy-five percent asleep at the moment; he really wasn’t a morning person at all. Murmuring sleepily, his arm around Kennedie’s waist tightened, brushing his hips against his fiance’s rear and moaning softly. Sleepily chasing that pleasure, he began moving against Kennie more.

goddessofpathos  asked:


“😉 What are my muse’s fetishes/kinks?”

Hana is still a virgin despite the crap she has been through and honestly doesn’t really know what her kinks are.

Buuut I could picture her loving her partner holding her close while they go at it.

She’d also love to wear special lingerie for her partner (though she’d initially be embarrassed.) most likely shades of pink or red with black lace.

Basically she loves anything that makes her feel connected to the one she’s doing it with (partly because she wonders if that’s the only glue that’ll keep them together.)

During the act she probably need reassurance that she’s deserving and that her partner loves her. So I guess you could say praise and body worship :3

She’s all about the love ;3 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ok i have a weird tendency to say ominous bone related shit and i just thought. what if peopel think is a fetis hof mine im not ever mentioning bones again

Ikemen Sengoku- If You Accidentally Sent a Naked Snapchat

***because it existed in the Sengoku. please do not repost. thank you!

Shingen- *sends one back that looks like one of those weird glamour shots*

Kenshin- *texts back* I accept this declaration of war.

Yukimura- “OMG SO HOT” *screams and throws his phone* (tf Yuki?)

Sasuke- *shaking* “F-f-female anatomy is my favorite subject…”

Nobunaga - *glances* Hm. *glances again* Hmmm. *glances a third time* “Oh that’s fucking hot.”

Mitsunari- *texts back* “Ha, cute.”

Mitsuhide- *saves it for blackmail.. and other things* (asshole)

Hideyoshi- *shrieking* “Ican’tbelievethis!Doyouknowhowmuchtroubleyou’rein? Get over here now. You are in need of a … spanking.”

Kennyo- “This image is blessed…” *presses phone screen to his cheek*

predakingrising  asked:

๐Ÿ† :3c

Megatron receives the message, luckily, during his off time. Since it came from Predaking, it had more priority than most of the messages he receives, granting it swift attention.

A squawk of surprise escapes him before he silences himself, the incredibly revealing image that fills his optics stirring a quiet sort of interest in the ex-warlord. He rumbles softly, not quite a purr nor a growl, and replies promptly.

.: You tease me. :.



☆       ★       ☆       ★       ☆
Original Artwork: 9月のお絵描きまとめ
By Artist: KOUGI
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spidergwen  asked:

Top 3 gwemj headcanons please!! ๐Ÿ’–

  1. If Gwen had lived, she and MJ would have ended up together.
  2. MJ was already in love with Gwen and she knew it when Gwen died. The hardest part of being there for Peter when he grieved was that she couldn’t be honest with him about exactly how much she loved Gwen. It’s one of the secrets she’s kept all this time.
  3. They have a lot of very embarrassingly loud sex. Sometimes in public places. This can get very awkward for their friends. (Now I am just imagining MJ and Gwen disappearing during a friend lunch for like 20 minutes and when they come back MJ is grinning like the cat that ate the canary and Gwen seems uncharacteristically flustered and disheveled.)