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so im not that sorry tbh soooooooooooo ? fyi i hc akira and leo and all them 20 and older so

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See one 18th century gown- make a sleazy scandal au of Sophia- It all adds up!

Silly doodles from tonigh. Trying to combat pre-con nerves!

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⠀⠀ ┌━━━ ❪☓⁞ ○ ⁞☓❫ ━━━┐ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ └───┘

Ask the Cast 36 Unfortunately they are in different universes. But if they wouldn't, Alex still would probably not do it. Unless they would invite her to it. They might. Alex, Art © :iconKinaj:

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*has perfectly good desk setup* *has a home studio* *sketches crouched in bed, surrounded by pencils and eraser debris because i’m an art goblin* 🍇🍒💦💦

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That one time Deku asked Kacchan for help with his deadlift form (he may have had ulterior motives 🙊) P sure this was in a fic once I think (suggestive?)

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A little preview of a request I got on Tumblr! Taking a break from Klance and going to Shance!

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A messy sketch of Baby bunny Cherri Kook /0/ i think this count like NSFW-ish?? so for that reason i uploaded it uvu maybe one day i finish this lol

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Practice OCs.

tatsu-and-fenri  asked:

“ can you blow me? ” (Tatsu to Yukiko, older)

Yukiko’s cheeks went a bright red. They had been dating for a while and newly engaged but she still blushed anytime he straight up asked or even hinted at something. She giggled softly and shook her head. “Maybe later. I’m a little busy with the Inn at the moment.”

goddessvowed  asked:

“I can’t tell whether I want to make you bleed or moan.”


Aranea chuckled as she approached Lightning with a PLAYFUL smirk on her lips. “Come on, Light. You won’t start talking with the glaives who hate me just because I took a dangerous hunt without you, right ?” The dragoon knew Lightning was mad only because she cared about her. But she wasn’t used to this, and never knew how to react, so of course, she had to tease her. 

Without any shyness, she sat on the other’s lap, facing her, and put a quick kiss on her cheek. “You don’t want to make me bleed. You don’t want me to get injured, right ? And if you don’t want to make me moan… Maybe I could make you moan instead. But I still think that both of us moaning could be a good way to reconcile.” She teased before she started kissing Lightning’s neck. 

anonymous asked:

This isn’t AU related but it is skeleton related. Is cracking knuckles a sexual thing or a cringeworthy thing for a skeleton to hear. I’ve seen it both ways and I was wondering what are your thoughts on this very important topic.


You have to keep in mind that, because they’re held together by the same thing that makes them of magic, skeleton monsters don’t have cartilage, and have no reason to have a crack or pop happen in their joints under normal circumstances. For them, cracking knuckles or popping the shoulder or something is usually painful if it happens and a sign that something’s wrong, not just a minor inconvenience caused by something being forcibly removed from in between joints. Some might have a weird kink involving it, but that would be equivalent to being into BDSM or a similar thing. ~Mod Feral

azxre-swallxw  asked:

“I stole your panties and if you want them back you have to pull them if yourself~”

Levy paused digging through her drawer as her cheeks heated up to a bright pink. She turned to see Mami laying on their bed. She was right. Levy’s favorite pair of panties that she was going to wear for their date were right there. Just the panties and an over-sized shirt were what covered Mami. She giggled, placing a hand on her hip over her towel. “You really think we have time for this? We do have a date tonight if you remember.” She made her way to the bed, leaning in to kiss her girlfriend. “You are a sexy minx and I love you.”

anonymous asked:

Azami, have you and Janne ever walked in on any of the couples in your friend group going at it...?


“…Oh gods. I almost did and it’s actually really awkward when you almost walk in on your ex going at it with his ‘Darling Prince.’ I immediately teleported somewhere else once I realized what was going on…“

“You overheard them!? Oh, geez, I walked in on the Reaper and Apollymi the other day…also almost walked in on Brent and Kamiizumi twice. And there was that time when I actually walked in on Noa, Eidolon and Delia—”



“Don’t you dare recount that one, you dummy! It’s horrifying enough we walked in on any of them, period! Ugh!”

“Let’s just say I’m surprised we haven’t walked in on them even more times than we have…”

golddome  asked:

Straddles his hips and pulls on his hair to see if he moans. >:3

He doesn’t really think Richard is up– the Lantern knowing all too well about how once someone got home from space they just wanted to collapse on the bed and not move for at least eight full hours. Maybe six. Depending on how beat the person was. 

But maybe that was just him. ( Though he even had exceptions when it came down to it. Sometimes he wasn’t beat up and could pretend like he wasn’t hanging around six sectors away like nothing. ) And he guessed that this right here was an exception to the rule as well, at least for the Nova himself. 

Sitting down and flipping through the channels on tv, trying to find something on – his quest was cut short when legs straddled his hips and he was looking up into sleepy eyes. ❝ Babe you know I’m all for this but you look like you’re about to fall asleep where you’re sitting. ❞ He expects a retort to his words. A simple response of ‘Can’t fall asleep sitting right here.’ And he was so, so sure that that was what the other one was going to say especially once fingers started to card through his hair in a lazy manner–

And then the pilot’s hair was pulled. Fingers twisting into brown locks and Hal’s body goes rigid for a second before his own fingers curl into the couch cushions and he holds back a noise that sounds almost like a moan. Eyes closing for only a second before glancing up towards the Nova wearing a shit-eating grin. ❝ Guess you’re not… that tired. ❞

anonymous asked:

out of all your friends, who would you bang, right here right now

get some dirty anons || accepting  

  “Who would I bang out of my friends? Liam narrowed his eyes for a moment, before  he tugged on the collar of his shirt and looked away. He seemed to be thinking about it for a moment, quiet. Of course that was met with a bit of a scoff as he looked back to the anon with a smirk. 

   “Myself, obviously. Who else to know my kinks and how good I am in bed than me?He let off a bit of a laugh before clearing his throat. 

                         “Maybe Damien too, if it was a quick fuck.” 

anonymous asked:

frieza broly and goten

“ Hn, that’s a hard choice… Well, I’ve just given myself to Frieza, so I’d marry him. I think I’d fuck Broly. Just imagining how big he is… “

He shudders.

“ And Goten, well… He thinks I’m insane, so I’d just kill him. “