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43 days until term starts for Nursing associate F/D @ UEA. Multiple placements within -MH/LD/General/ Pediatrics/Palliative & Community.Filling the gaps in training/ knowledge between all fields is going to make a big difference .

"The gateway to Breckland is the ancient town of Thetford, which is a perfect base from which to begin your exploration of the area's diversity, its outstanding wildlife, rich history and fun outdoor activities."

"Ipswich is England’s oldest continuously inhabited town; a cutting-edge arts and culture scene; home to world-class food and drink and all surrounded by the beautiful Suffolk countryside and coastline."

Discussing transforming our services by instilling a culture of compassion, and other ideas with

Hi ! Did anyone go and see the brilliant fireworks at Cromer Pier on New Years Day? Find out more about Cromer here...

Hi ! If you're wondering what brilliant things there are to do in Norwich before you start your job with us, click here now;

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If you're interested in Medical Staffing vacancies, they will be in blue so keep an eye out. To apply for this one, click here:

Was amazing to be part of the many teams that are looking into reducing restrictive practice. Everyone was so enthusiastic and inspirational. Looking forward to the next 16 months

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Speaking of nyo!Russia topping, there's an amazing nyo!Russia/Germany fanfic, where she pegs him.

See i would be down for that but Rus//Ger in any form is sorta a hard NOTP for me due to having read some fanfic that just….turned me really hard away from that pairing;;;; however you can still send in that fic on a ask if you wish to share it for those who are interested! Just because I don’t ship something doesn’t mean someone else won’t be interested in it 😊

“ Addison likes being watched by Gustav while he’s playing with himself, and if he sees the lust in the mans eyes, Addison would fluff up his tail.”

aww, little adi. who doesnt like putting on a good show for others. those eyes watching as you play with yourself, watching you in such an intimate and personal moment. feeling there eyes on you as you pleasure yourself.
who knew the sweet little addi was about his pleasure lol. also the idea of addi playing with himself as somebody watches, causing his tail to poof up as he gets more and more flustere is A+

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I want Arthur to drag me into his tent and bend me over his knee for nagging him on an outing. Just imagining his voice telling me "you've been a bad girl, darlin'." just 😤😫 gets me g o i n g

F A M! Arthur could talk my through my orgasm

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Please help me I'm on my fucking period and really T H I R S T Y for Arthur

Dude.. once it’s over, just masturbate till your legs shake and think about him. That’s what helps me 🤠

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I doubt any outlaws had access to them tho 🤔 one main reason Arthur doesn’t hook up or get into relationships with women is bc he doesn’t want the world to have another Isaac due to him.. makes me think he definitely didn’t have access to condoms

“cameron has a exhibition kink (despite being so nervous and anxious). the idea of people watching her as she gets fucked turns her on so much. she gets almost instantly wet at thinking of the idea of it. though her extreme anxiety and paranoia make it extremely hard to act upon it. and now living in safe haven makes it extra hard. though she will masturbate at night thinking about being fucked infront of all the teachers in the school”

who knew the girl that was so paranoid and anxious would love to perform infront of all those people.  i can see it now, she is getting fucked, a nice cock railing into her as she looks into the crowd of people. all quiet enjoying the show of watching  her get fucked. it would just drive her wild. all those eyes watching as she gets fucked. naughty little thing

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“the real reason addison doesnt like having his tail touched is because its one of his kinks and if somebody touches it, it makes him shiver in pleasure. and god help if they pull on it, he would have to excuse himself to cool down from being so riled up”

ok i absolutely love that. i get the mental image of its like one of those toys where you pull a string and it talks. except here its pull his tail and he moans lol.  i mean yeah i can see why he wouldnt want people touching it, nobody likes getting riled up in public (i mean people do but you get my point)

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@arthur I want you to grab me and throw onto the bed, I want to push my naked body to yours and hear you groan which drives me crazy, and after all I want to make it clear for you: you are a man with a good heart and I wish I could have you.

“‘preciate the uh.. honesty, miss.. really do”

(Oh boy, my first sexcanon.)

“when Addison has sex, he tends to purr, and shower the other person with kisses and caressing as he looks at them with adorable sparkling eyes or pure enjoyment as he fucks the other person.”

AWWWW! this  has to be one of the cutest canons ive ever gotten. addison is already such a cutie already. so imagining those big sparkling eyes and pure enjoymant as he has sex with his partner is so cute! this is one of the reasons i love addi so much, even during sex he would manage to be still cute and adorable.

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