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The North Norfolk coast is a huge draw for people from across the country. Come and explore it yourself!

"You’re trying to change your behaviour – it’s the hardest thing to change and will take the longest time. It takes commitment." Regular breaks are great for your wellbeing!

Mariner House, only a 10 minute walk from Ipswich train station and 5 minutes walk from the famous Portman Road, a lovely and convenient place to work... Have a browse of our vacancies in Ipswich today:

Swap the traffic jams for a peaceful stroll to work... Relocate to Norfolk or Suffolk with us!

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The fantastic Norfolk countryside has so much to explore! It is so close to the city and the coast which makes it a huge draw for visitors and those looking to relocate...

“The Trust is looking for people who see challenges as opportunities and will have the ability to influence, inspire and energise others, to make an all round better working environment.”

There are many beautiful places in Suffolk like Framlingham Castle, the inspiration for Ed Sheeran's 'Castle on the Hill'. Visit Suffolk here

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listening to cheap thrills and writing filthy arthur x reader where they get each other off in the saint denis theatre??? maybe

anonymous asked:

oof. because you mentioned it in hosea's original nsfw headcanons, i have to be the one to ask. spanking HCs for our favourite conman?

please check my description to see if requests are open!!

i have so many requests that technically got sent before this one but i can’t not talk about how much i love this ask. like okay babe you get me

gender neutral this time around tho, don’t tell anyone but this is what my nights are spent dreaming about

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anonymous asked:

I need a polyamory fic or hcs between John/Arthur/Reader because I want some lovin from my boys (sfw & nsfw)

please check my description to see if requests are open!!

yeah, babey!!! absolutely can do this tbqh, i love my boys a heckkkk of a lot. 

female reader this time around because i’m doing these for my maladaptive daydream later


  • you’ve got two men who can’t stand each other outwardly trying to coexist in a relationship and it’s kind of a huge fucking mess
  • you absolutely are the one in charge but they bicker constantly about who’s the Main Man
  • honestly neither of them are in the right mind frame to be in a poly relationship because insecurity and jealousy is a problem
  • but you love them both and they’re trying to work on their differences
  • you’re very, very nice to arthur because he’s kinda been cast aside in favour of john in dutch’s eyes
  • so you keep your “old man” happy 
  • john’s needy tbh, he’s always pawing at you for cuddles
  • arthur waits until you ask but he’s not subtle about wanting them either
  • he’ll sit nearby and “glance” at you every few minutes to let you know he’s up for it but he’s so obvious
  • you sit in the middle and they flank you
  • john’s attached to your neck all night, kissing and biting and trying to make you moan
  • arthur’s much more respectful, he just wants to squeeze your hand

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You can’t dismiss me, you owe me five bucks pal. I’ll get it one of these days. And anyways, you said you’d do that for your own good, but.. I don’t know, I feel like you could have pros as well as cons if it came to a situation like that. Not trying to make you be a responsible dad or anything, but it would be an interesting sight to see. — Decent Human Being

Goddammit! Please don’t start to romanticize me now, either! I’d never have any fuckin’ interest in a fuckin’ offspring I fathered. If ya looking for a sweet outlaw daddy, go to our cowpoke. He’s fuckin’ familiar with fuck accidents. That said, I usually pull out to avoid that shit.

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Enough from us, tell us about YOUR arthur fantasies! i’m curious. If it was possible, what would you do with/to Arthur?😌

Oh maaaan. Foreplay wise I just wanna drop on my knees and kiss and palm his dick through his pants until he gets rock hard. I want him to get frustrated as I fumble with the buttons of his pants and just have him go insane once I wrap my lips around his thick cock, watch his head fall back. Have him fuck my throat once he gets all riled up oh my 🤤

I always imagine different things but as of now all I want is him fucking me up against a wall, my legs wrapped around his lower waist and my hands resting on his shoulders, sobbing into his neck while he pounds into me until I loose my mind. Just any position in which he dominates me.

Riding is also very high up on my list, oof just imagine how he’d softly moan and groan while riding him nice n slow, hands resting on his broad chest, face flushed red and his big hands roaming your body HHHHH

anonymous asked:

🍺 + oh please, more details if the mun doesn’t mind

“More details? Psshhhh, why do you wanna know sssoo badly??” He pauses. “Ah, but ya did offer me more drinks! That means I gotta tell ya…” He laughed.

“Y'know, -hic- y'know what I’ve been thinkin’ of? I want Mr. Charles Smith to get ontop of me! Y-Yeah…Want ‘im to… Get down on thossee knees n’, well, y'know~.” He winks, smirking. Somebody please get this man some water.

Arthur Morgan Headcanons

AN: A bunch of random headcanons that I wanted to get written down. If you want me to go into detail on anything send me an ask about it because requests are open! NSFT under the cut.


-Poor boy beats himself up about the fact that he really wants to be around you as often as possible. He often feels like he’s overstaying his welcome if he follows his instinct to be around you. This often leads to him distancing himself.

-At first you were confused by this, wondering if you’d done something wrong but soon you realised he just needed reassurance. When he gets like this, you know to seek him out, and he’s always happy when you do.

-Funny about PDA, he’s either very reserved or very handsy. There’s no in-between.

-When he is in a handsy mood, you will get nothing done. He’s on you as much as he can, arms around your waist, pulling you into his lap. Not much is out of his comfort zone. 

-Likes to help you with any chores in camp. It’s very sweet when he comes over to help you cut vegetables. He likes to use it as an excuse to talk to you, and also enjoys the fact he’s being useful to you.

-Along the same vein, he will damn near insist on lifting you onto your horse. Of course it’s a gentlemanly thing to do, but he gets a little kick out of how strong it makes him feel when he picks you up. How small it makes you seem… but more on that later.

- He always manages to get you off of doing chores? One day he’ll stride right across camp to you, grinning smugly and tell you that you’ll both be taking a trip to Strawberry for a few nights. You’re confused, but he proudly informs you that he’s already got Grimshaw to let you go. 

-Usually a very successful job is what prompts these little trips, and Arthur likes to reap the rewards of that. He’ll take you clothes shopping. He’ll buy a room and a bath in the local hotel or saloon. If you like dresses, he’s going to buy the nicest one he can find and he’s desperate to see you in it.


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tagged by: stolen from @thedemonhunterscousin


is submissive | is dominant | prefers to top | prefers to bottom | likes to switch | identifies as heterosexual | identifies as homosexual | identifies as bisexual | identifies as pansexual | identifies as demisexual | identifies as asexual | enjoys sex with men | enjoys sex with women | enjoys sex with multiple people at one time | initiates | waits for partner to initiate| spits | swallows | prefers sex in the morning | prefers sex at night | prefers sex any time | no sex drive | low sex drive | average sex drive | high sex drive | hypersexual

BODY/APPEARANCE: (going with his male form on this one)

small build | medium build | athletic build | muscular build | curvy build | voluptuous build | wears boxers | wears lingerie | goes ‘commando’ | shaves/waxes | doesn’t shave/wax | cup size a-c | cup size d-f | 1-5" in length | 6-9" in length | 10" or over in length


is silent/makes little to no sounds | is very quiet | is very loud | grows in volume over time |bites hand/partner/pillow to muffle themselves | calls out partner’s name | curses | fakes/exaggerates | prefers a quiet partner | prefers a loud partner | is turned on by dirty talk| is turned off by dirty talk |


having their hands pinned | pinning their partner’s hands | having their hair pulled |pulling their partner’s hair | being watched (by their partner) | being watched (by a third party) | watching their partner | receiving oral | giving oral | calling their partner ‘daddy’ |being called ‘daddy’ | giving praise | receiving praise | biting/marking | being bitten/marked | spanking | being spanked | teasing | being teased | having toys used on them | using toys on their partner | giving anal | receiving anal | choking  | being choked | dirty talk | being tied up | tying their partner up | being worshiped | worshiping their partner | humiliating | being humiliated | degrading | being degraded | knife play | blood play | being pegged | pegging their partner | whipping | being whipped


in a bedroom | in a shower/bath | in a pool/ocean | in a kitchen | in a bathroom (home)|in a bathroom (public) | in a car | in a tent | in an alleyway | in a field/forest | at a school | in an empty/abandoned building | in a library | on a rooftop/terrace | in a dressing room | in an elevator | in a parking lot | at a museum | at a cemetery | at a beach | in a closet | at a hospital

tagging: whoever wants it 

anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if you could do hc of what dutch and hosea are like drunk? General and when they're with their f!s/o? Thank you ❤❤❤

please check my description to see if requests are open!!

oh i am ridiculously able to do this oh my fuckin’ goddddddd. general hc’s’ll be above the cut and relationship-ones’ll be put underneath xoxo

female reader this time around (because i’m gonna go to my happy place especially with the goddamn hosea ones. i’m weak)

general, babey

  • okay so dutch and hosea have very similar drinking preferences but wildly different temperaments and alcohol tolerances
  • both drink whisky to get absolutely shitfaced but i think hosea actually prefers a nice, dry port and dutch some upscale rum
  • dutch starts to sing strange songs at random in the hopes that someone else knows it and will join in but they never do
  • he has no filter, he will not shut the fuck up
  • dutch loses his voice absolutely every time and he’s sad about it in the morning always
  • hosea’s a lot more reserved but that’s only because dutch is so hecking loud by comparison
  • if he lets him get a word out, hosea’s actually pretty open and filter-less too but what he has to say tends to be nicer
  • he’s bluntly honest about things (even more-so) but specifically about all the warm-fuzzy feelings he harbours for everyone around him
  • it’s hard for arthur to be around his favourite dad because he’s put his hand on his shoulder and told him he’s the proudest achievement of his life like six times already
  • hosea is very prone to melacholy if the party takes a turn 
  • he can and will sink into sad vibes about bessie, about all the things he worries about
  • he’s told dutch while near-tears that he’s so afraid to die. to miss all the adventures 
  • he’s worried about being left behind. 
  • both he and dutch pretend they don’t remember what he said in the morning
  • dutch just wants to fuckin daaaaance
  • he thinks he’s a way better dancer while drunk than he is and it leads to problemos
  • dutch’s hangovers are throbbing headaches and he swears under his breath at birds that are too loud
  • hosea also gets wicked headaches but what’s worse is his light sensitivity
  • catch him up and about anyway, bright and early
  • dutch sleeps in because he’s a princess

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anonymous asked:

hello hello i don't know if u do smut (if u don't no hard feelings!!) but i'd give anything for a fic about charles taking a bath with you & fingering you thank you so much in advance!!

please check my description to see if requests are open!!

all my favourite asks i get involve charles in some capacity. always, always, always. i love this one because oh, honeybee, you must be new here. i don’t mean that at all in a condescending way, welcome to the smutty family!! also i know that this says fic and not headcanons buuuuut i really love this concept so bls accept a deconstructed fic 

female reader this time around!!

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anonymous asked:

Petition for R* to use science to bring the characters to life so I can ram Abigail into the mattress and since I'm gay John's just gonna have to fucking wait outside.

icb we’re waiting for r* to use dark magic so we can get a girlfriend (abigail) and rob john blind of the most beautiful woman alive