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Will you be celebrating Armed Forces Day this Saturday?

If you know someone who would be a great fit for the Maintenance Team, tell them about our upcoming vacancies!

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Who is looking forward to the Norfolk Show!! We will be there alongside NHSP so make sure you come and say hello!

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People don’t have a voice in fact I’d written an email to raise awareness English is a language of Silence some details of this email were transmitted to by Suffolk Police Dr Jenkins a bland most black hearted individual sat coldly & spitted ridicule at me 1/

You can explore the beautiful countryside across Norfolk with the range of fantastic walks and trails... Take a look here

Norwich Market has been named the best large outdoor market in the country! What a great reason to visit Norwich this summer!

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That's one of the biggest issue problems with NSFT they learn everything from a book... that someone else had the acumen, intelligence, flare and leadership that hasn’t got What book tells them to lies through their teeth, take the money & blag PR: Art of Deal?

Did you make it to the beach to enjoy the perfect weather this weekend? Send us photos of what you got up to!

Who came to see us at the LD event on Friday and Saturday? What a brilliant couple of days!

Do you work at the NSFT? Do you know someone who would be a great fit for the Trust? Get in touch today!

We're at the Forum in Norwich again today talking about opportunities within Learning Disabilities! Come and have a chat...

Literally let’s take a look at an artists impression of - it’s NOTHING like the Star Fish Club BUT 100% accurate at the time of drawing depictions are NSFT (former) CEO & Senior Staff I believe in nursing, since this drawing NSFT has achieved is 50% More Death

There are so many beautiful places to explore in . This is why our staff love living and working in the lovely county - there is always something new to see. (Thanks for the photo!)

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Hello! I’m kinda curious and have sort of a weird question so it’s ok if you don’t want to answer :3 but uh, could Quinn be the sort of dom type in bed? I know you said he’s a switch (I think) but I’m curious :D

He could be, I haven’t put as much nsft development into Quinn as much as Will (ive literally only done nsft with Will lmao) or hell even Jacob. Honestly I kinda see him as a passive sort in bed, soft sex/pillow princess type. If he were asked to dom he’d probably like make you do all the work, he’s probably into impact play.

He’s pretty new to sex in general and like would need you to like teach him, he has a general idea but limited practical experience.

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Imagine fucking Alexander nice and hard for the first time, and he is just so uppity and bratty, but then you really start pounding away and suddenly he gets super whiny and begs you to touch his cock but nah you like just fucking him and then he experiences his first prostate orgasm, just tense and gasping and shacking as it blows his mind.


I am,,,,Revived

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DekuMight anon here on my main bc my laptop’s dead but my friends n I were talking abt kinks earlier and,,,,Shinsou has a cockwarming kink. He loves to just,,,sit in Aizawa’s lap all full of his cock and just. Sit there. Aizawa could be working or they could just be watching TV but shinsou loves how Aizawa fills him up just right and it’s just nice n comfy for Shin. Alt is Aizawa setting him up all cozy on the floor w/pillows n blankets so Shinsou can sit comfortably (1/2)

ohhh my god yessss

good stuff,,, very good stuff

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Imagine Alexander finds out you have a pet play/collaring kink and spend the whole day trying to find that perfect collar to make you his with.

That’s cute n all but imagine finding out he wants to be your good boy and getting to pick out a collar in your choice of color and design and making him wear it under his suit in the ring

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With almost 30 kills on their roster and finally being able to know that Elliott was theirs Bloodhound calls for an emergency evac. As they dress up, too tired to fight and they rest in Elliotts lap to calm down as the dropship comes in. The enemy team is announced as the winners, And honestly Elliott feels like he won that match. Best orgasm of his life. (end )


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At this point in the game it's just them and another squad but Elliott can't be bothered to care. Fucking hound into the mossy ground with all his strength to make sure his love is satisfied, they can't hold it in anymore and cum so hard they see stars and red. Biting into Elliotts shoulder so hard he bleeds, He makes sure to fill them up too. Throbbing and so deep into them that it spills out, they're a whimpering mess once he pulls away. (6)

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He doesn't even care what the cameras see as Hound holds him closer than ever, begging for him to move just raw them so the heat of need for blood and sex will go away. He pounds hard and fast into them, making sure that they were properly fucked. Their hands are clawing at his back and they have their face in his shoulder, whimpering and mewling happily as he gives them what they need. (5)

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He slowly moves his hands to their hips, helping them steady themselves before rolling so he's atop them. They spread wide open for him, hands clawing at his gear and chest as they whimper and gasp out pleas. They needed him. Just him. Anything else wouldn't do, and he can see it in their eyes now as he moves both of their clothes till he's balls deep into their painfully hot and tight cunt. As if they were an animal in heat. (4)

Bean I’m dYIN

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“Mine. “ Comes their growling voice, rolling their hips in his lap and nuzzling his open throat. He nods at the word, whimpering when they slide their tongue over his earlobe. “All mine…. Nobody else's “ Elliotts now realizes that in their feral state they had thought his teammates were going to take him from them. They're breathing so heavy, and rutting against him now. Desperately to release the pent up aggression. (3)

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He's dropping his gear at this point and is beginning to back up as they come closer, he's in Cascades below the watchtower so he's really got nowhere to go besides up against a wall. Bloodhound has him on his back in moments teeth glistening red and they're  d r o o l i n g, it's terrifying to watch as they lean down to his neck. Sitting on his lap to trap him while their mouth breathes hot air onto him. He can't do anything but hold still and whimper. (2)

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Imagine Bloodhounds gear messing up because of Wattson's electric fences, it causes their Beast of the Hunt ability to go absolutely nuts. As in the whole game they're this animal of carnage and wanting blood, Mirage is so scared and horny when they tackle one of his teammates and just bite into their throat like an animal for the kill. He can't do anything but watch as they snarl and hiss on all fours, but they're faster than he can run. He knows this. (1)

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U KNOW WHAT FUCK IT I CLICKED THE ANON BUTTON BUT NO I'M GONNA OWN IT FOR ONCE. Aziraphale likes being the Nice One a lot in bed. He likes tying Crowley up in the most intricate shibari, especially with wings involved. He loves the slow process of tying him up, the sensual aspect to it. Crowley doesn't feel too strongly about the rope but you know what he loves? Making Az happy, and so tie him up angel. Crowley's biggest kink is praise. He can't cum unless he's being told what a good boy he is.

Listen, listen, I know I texted you on discord about this but fuCK dude okay like. I think Crowley is either a bottom or service top, he a switch for sure.

Aziraphale, as we see in the show, absolutely loves human culture. He loves the books they write, he loves the food they make, why wouldn’t he be interested in something as far as sex? Well, he’s never particularly participated in something so explicit, but he has,,,watched. At clubs, and the such. As we know he was apart of a gentlemen’s club, a gay one at that.

I think, truly, Aziraphale with all his erotica and his interest in human nature would lead him to learning a lot about BDSM (Which I talked about with u ofc). And for all y’all who could nOT see our delightful conversation, Aziraphale absolutely is interested in the bdsm community. You need explicit consent, you always need a yes to proceed to do antyhing, etc, etc.

Very good shit.

But yes, let Aziraphale please spoil Crowley rotten until he’s a whimpering mess of drooling Good Boy.

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Sometimes i think about mirages concept art the one with the dumb face and the decoy and him flirting with the girl and i just think, thats the face of a man that wants to get pegged hard. I feel like when hes not looking for a guy to get topped by he would just scope out chicks with big strap energy that he can call mommy and get pounded by and whine while they pull his curly hair. Tldr; Mirage is an aggressively bisexual bottom and they may try to make him seem straight but hes not.

I don’t think they tried to imply he was straight at all! Shrug. As a bi person myself on dating sites I’d put down I was interested in dudes just bc uh. Less harrassment ya know.

I think Elliott is a switch, yes yes. But he’ll get topped by anyone. Now, topping someone else is special. But when he does get his dick wet he’s a mess for it. Ir even if someone wants to power bottom him.

I think he thinks he’s a great flirt, but it comes out far too shaky and nervous a lot of times. So the person he’s flirting with just thinks he’s sooooo cute but he thinks he’s sly.

I think he’s a bi, gender fluid mess of a legend who wants to be a good puppy but ALSO wants to be the one holding a leash.