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Registration and Counselling at our New () Center, Raipura, Amnour Block last week.

Edu Brain family की ओर से आपको ओर आपके परिवार को दशहरा की हार्दिक सुभकामना ।

Shri Rakesh Vaid, Senior Vice Chairman ATDC handing over ATDC's donation of Chief Minister's distress relief fund to Hon'ble. Industries Minister Sri E.P Jayarajan, in presence of DG & CEO, ATDC Dr. Darlie Koshy.

Our innovative Unified Skilling Platform TAG Scores establishes global benchmarks for scoring human talent across various skills by leveraging our vast repository of test takers’ data.

Once again!!! top level churn in NSDC. I guess old timers Jaikant and Rajiv must teach others the art of staying put, notwithstanding performance.

A was conducted by partner in Nagpur under the initiative of . and courses provide a solid foundation which helps students get placed at leading MNCs.

Today's IT-Fundamental Class for Meet & Greet trade: •Computer Keyboard-typing exercise. •Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation...

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#ApolloMedSkills Jubilee Hills centre students recruited in AIG Hospitals, Gachibowli, Hyderabad as #Endoscopy #Technicians. Congratulations!!


Cada dia mais apaixonada… Duas coisas que eu amo de paixão… E vou juntar elas sim!! Vem fazer Belly Pole, vc tbm… Duas professoras, duas modalidades uma aula… É. Diversão garantida!
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I never imagined myself being able to stay in a place that I’ve never been to for 8 months… and counting. I was born and raised in Manila, from a Manileño father and a mother who hails from a small town of New Lucena in Iloilo, I am undoubtedly, from head to toe, a “Manila boy”. My entire life was spent in the streets of Camachile and P. Zapanta, Arellano Avenue, Singalong, district of Malate… or Ermita… or Sta. Ana (Until now, it still confuses me where our place truly belongs.), I have never stayed in another place longer than two months, not even in my mother’s hometown in Iloilo, or any nearby provinces in the metro, except CEBU. How I got myself here, aside from riding on a plane, is quite a long story, but is mainly because of a career opportunity (Oh-ha! Working boy! A tax-paying citizen. 😎)

There are lots of things Cebu has to offer, we all know that. But also, there are so many things here that people from Manila or have stayed there will not feel unaccustomed to. Although I have never used words like “Palihug” and “Lugar Lang/Lugar Nya!”,  but instead I always say “Makisuyo po/Bayad po!” and “Para po!”. Those jeepney codes still confuses me up to this day and I will just settle to ride a cab just to go to Ayala Center Cebu, despite the traffic jam which is terrible. Yes. TRAFFIC. One of the reasons why adjusting in a Cebuano way of life is not that difficult, since I’m in the city, in Pier 3 (Tres). From Arellano Ave. (Singalong) to Arellano Blvd. (Cebu City). The familiar “Sights and Sounds” are all here, from dust and garbage to hot weather and chaos. The esteros of Manila have its counterparts here and the people we call “Kadamays” that live right in front of our place, occupying pavements on both sides of Arellano (Blvd.), that a day is not complete if you don’t hear the hits of April Boy, Jessa, the Jukebox queens, Journey, Air Supply, Engelbert, etc. The only difference is the daily catfights of the Kadamay ladies. Yes, because it’s in Cebuano, or sometimes, in Waray. That’s why I’m clueless on what their every day “FlipTop Battles” are all about.

In my 34 years of existence, I only had one encounter with a robber/hold-upper, which is quite unforgettable. But Cebu is special. The only place, so far, that I get to experience it every day, just a few steps from the front gate of our depot. And the culprits? Their age probably ranges from 6-11. They are the Kadamay kids, that run and play in the street together with the trailer trucks and cars.  They are so plenty that they almost out-numbered the mosquitoes sucking my sweet blood in our barracks and mess hall. Well, they’re ok with candies and chichirya, so we’re good.

BITIN. Almost satisfied but not quite. I’m posting some of the best places I’ve been to in Cebu, but I haven’t ever been to what others say as the best places here, which really sucks! 💩.

Kawasan Falls, Badian, Moalboal, Camotes, Malapascua, Bantayan 😭

Right now, at this very moment, writing (typing) all this crap on my phone, I’m still here in my workplace, which also serves as my dwelling place, contemplating on what I have done while I’m here for the past eight months or so. Remembering my first day here (All Souls’ Day 2016 🕯).  Whenever I feel homesickness. Awkward moments with my “enlisted” housemates. Their “love” to the president of this country, and I felt so alienated for some reason 😂. The endless “smorgasbord” of foods and lovely encounters- different people and different experiences.

In a few days (or weeks) I’ll be in Cavite again. I’m going back to Cebu, that’s for sure. The place that I ONCE called my home. NO. It will always be my HOME. My very own “Malacañang of the South” 👑 and I am proclaiming myself as an “adopted son of Cebu”.

With this, I will use a millennials term that I just recently learned. SEPANX- is my real enemy here.



they dance better than me, and that isn’t fair.