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Join us at 2nd International Conference on and We are Privileged to have Dr. Robert O Young, USA

Sifu Mohamed Nooh 3rd () 2017 The only official certified in the مدرسه الونج تسون الوحيده المعتمده من لندن والصين فى الشرق الأوسط Phone-WhatsApp : 01033670599

Reports of progress in trade negotiations and hopes of a new scheme to support euro zone banks drove a strong rally in stocks, which posted their best week since and reclaimed three-month highs.

Contact us about in the area of during . Lots of local accommodation is closed. We might have space for you.

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November 15th, 1926 Vogue US Cover


(this picture was taken on November 26th 2018 at Iheart Radios Jingle Ball in Dallas Texas at the American Airlines Center)

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Salvation Mountain by Kevin B. Moore
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Near Slab City in the Sonoran Desert of California Richard Knight began creating Salvation Mountain near Niland, California in 1984. In 2000 Salvation Mountain was deemed a National Folk Art Site.

Ralph Breaks The internet

“Ralph Breaks The Internet″ is exactly what I feared it would be: a shameless cash-grab that not only was a poor excuse to show off all the properties Disney owns, but also a film that undoes everything good the original movie achieved.

Ralph and Vanellope has been friends for more than six years. During those years, Ralph and Vanellope have been doing the same things everyday. Vanellope starts to get bored of her life and wants something new to spice up her life. When the steering wheel for the game, Sugar Rush, breaks, Ralph and Vanellope venture into the new and mysterious internet to buy the new part for the game.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this movie. I wasn’t sure if I would be going to watch this movie in the theater because I felt like it was going to be a cash-grab. After I heard the initial reviews for this movie, I knew I couldn’t watch this movie in theaters and waste my time. After watching it today, I realized that the reviews I saw and read went easy on the film. There were so many things that bothered me with this film. The main thing that did was the fact that Ralph and Vanellope are caricatures of their original selves. Ralph’s insecurities are amplified to an annoying level along with Vanellope’s anxiety. I don’t think heightening a character’s insecurity is inherently a bad thing. It can open doors for interesting storytelling. The problem is, both characters go through a drastic shift and they don’t mesh well with each other. Their conflict makes the film unenjoyable to watch because they say and do things no normal person would ever do. The only part that makes it worse is the fact that it’s never really explained why they develop such rash personalities. The other problem I had was the one that most people had with this film. It’s the fact that there’s too much needless pandering in this film. Every scene is filled to the brim with references and it’s really ever needed. It’s cool to watch for a few seconds, but it quickly gets old after the ten minute mark. The whole film isn’t unbearable however. Actually, it’s not the worst movie I’ve ever seen. There are good moments in this film too. Some of the scenes had me laughing out loud or had my heart sinking. I think a lot of this film is depreciated because it didn’t have anything to say. The first film had a clear message and conveyed it beautifully. This film was just to make money and that’s a real shame.

Watched on February 12th, 2019