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Contact us about in the area of during . Lots of local accommodation is closed. We might have space for you.

Announcing International Surgery Week, on 28-29 2019 at , France. , surgeons, Aestheticians, Beauticians, scientists, and young doctors are heartily welcomed. Get details: Contact:

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My little baby. My heart is so full of Love because of you and your daddy. I can’t even imagine what my life was before you! Mommy and daddy can’t wait to meet you💛

27th Cancer Nursing & Nurse Practitioners Conference 18-19, 2019 ,

You are everything I’ve ever wanted and I can’t wait till you’re finally here with us. You’re brother’s can’t wait to find out if you’re going to be their little brother or sister.

“STARTING AN RENTAL ” WITH AN TO WORKING WITH IN MIAMI :: :: “There's no such thing as overnight ” :: thank you :: :: 2014 :: :: with

Contact us about in the area of during . Lots of local accommodation is closed. We might have space for you.

We have 3 new training courses! First release for Student Enterprise! Develop your career with in this . See you there.

AWEH al my maaitjies in die !!! //Pappa is coming in again this for !!!// It might be early days still but are fkn Fast!!// Get them here NOW:

at what time do YOU usually eat breakfast? , and that dry, listless buzz against a dirty windowpane in

I talked to the goats about my upcoming surprise, told them it was going to be happening in , & the one got gave me a kiss and asked if they could come too!

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Hookup With Kinky Singles!!

Sandman | Doctor Who Festival-158 by Paul Dykes
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Preview of the Sandman before the first broadcast of ‘Sleep No More’! Click here to view my Doctor Who collection

scorpio sun observations

scorpios born in October fit more into the original scorpio stereotype of: 

  • secretive
  • jealous
  • possessive
  • manipulative
  • intense
  • intimidating
  • closed
  • loyal
  • kind of like bad bitch vibes, they won’t take shit from anyone and they might come off as mean.

while scorpios born in November are more:

  • approachable
  • social
  • outgoing
  • friendly
  • not intimidating
  • like to be the center of attention
  • even though they don’t fit into the original scorpio stereotype, they still have those qualities but they might not be as obvious. 
  • Less loyal than October scorpios