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"He dreams of Empire Road and corridors that cannot exist. Bone white creatures that make his blood shiver ..." BAD PENNIES - a Read Free by

✍ The sun at sundown – is the most beautiful thing. I walked up to the threshold at the entrance to the house, and looked at the sunset: a burgundy-orange, and peachy color, fiery.... The 2 Richards

But it seems like every time she takes one step forward, she falls two steps behind.

“She finds herself fighting not only for her own freedom, but for the freedom of countless others”. 👉Get your copy on 📕Kindle

Kershaw fixed onto the view screen. “This is Captain Mendeleev Kershaw of the Terran System Craft Tessla, please respond.” -MK

I know that everyone says that your quality insecurity is ubiquitous and and is just something you gotta accept... But goddamnit I love to read, and everyday I finish a short story or that makes me sit in silence and ask to no one: “Is there really room for me too?”

Highly recommended - A beachfront town, a haunted mansion, people disappearing or turning up dead--these are the elements of horror, but this unique has more than a few twists. THE DEAD GAME

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I dreamt she put her vicious little knife up against my neck and cut me. I can remember feeling the warm sticky blood trickle slowly down my skin as the blade dug into my flesh. Her hazel eyes were death and impossible to look away from.
—  an excerpt from a novel

War - nerd, lives in the school library, loves chess and competitive cup stacking knows Greed kinda has a thing for her

You think because I read all the time my head is in the clouds? You think I don’t see you watching me, boy?

Greed - tall football player, lives in a trailer, so damn hungry, kinda has a thing for War

Doesn’t seem like anything makes her happy. I see that same dark empty in her eyes in my own face.

Death - sweet as sugar, psychotic, amateur Blythe faceup artist

Her hands twitch, sending small spikes of lightning into the frog’s body. It dies, again and again while she giggles.

Strife - wears a face within a face, impish, tragic

Cuts sharp lines with the rough metal edge on his pencil into the soft parts of his arm. His eyes are bright with fire and his smile is red red red

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Before, the world didn’t offer a notion about the future, every day was different and nothing was planned beforehand, there’s no preparation for what could come next. Now, it was different, she had found a good source of interest and source of money, it was arguably a possible source of income, it was very risky by how brutal and insane it sounded. Beating each other for money, who could do such a thing to have some coins in their pockets? Well, it’s unthinkable in a way, but despair is what moves one to do something they never thought possible. There were more people sharing the same shoe and none of them felt lucky to be breathing, it was an obligation to be able to breathe properly. Living, that’s what everyone wants, to be able to see the lights of dawn.

She was no exception. If she is alive now it was for something, now there is a reason to not die from hunger or the weather, for she had more will in her spirit. Although, without lying, there were days that preferred to be consumed by worms, to turn into dust in the most painless way possible, that could be considered a gift from fate. Thinking about the death terrified her, knew that one day death will come for her, the indicated day when her body would collapse imminently, her bones, every artery, her own blood, everything will become useless objects without any use. She didn’t want that for her, though she doesn’t feel exactly alive at all either.

For now, her body was still functional, she could do what almost anyone else could do, but after the first night at “The Box” as some people called it, her muscles begged to rest. The first thing she did with the money she had gotten the first night was to buy a cheeseburger, although what she had won was not too much and she left the rest to manage it in the upcoming days -she had some hope that could get out of this situation in the future, one day-. It has been years since the last time she ate a cheeseburger, something that could placate with the hunger she was constantly feeling, maybe it wasn’t the best food or the most nutritious, but at least it felt like a reason to go on long enough until she could continue and rebuild her life from scratch -but had no idea how.

This time she had some company, Lewis accompanied her and worked as a good moment for her sister Clarissa to meet the new girl, they were almost identical, almost the same light skin and they had the same mole under the left eye, although her features were softer. She was almost as tall as him, something that led her to think that they might be twins. Something that she could notice about Clarissa was her muscles, they were firm and accompanied the rest of her anatomy in balance with the rest of her body, she had slightly thicker arms and wide shoulders, she felt some intimidation from such anatomical structure. Such was the intimidation that she later saw in a broken portion of a mirror she had kept in her 'place’. The girl barely had enough muscles to look menacing and the skin on her face seemed too thin as well as pale, as if it were going to break.

“Mmm… I can’t believe that a girl like this could have beaten a veteran like she did, can you explain well what happened?” The sister hadn’t finished her glass of soda yet and kept insisting with the straw, watching the girl eat the burger somewhat uncomfortable with her presence itself, as if she was from another world and didn’t even know how to look like a human being.

“Well, she, Snowflake, not only struck her skull, but she literally froze her arms out of nowhere and broke them into a thousand pieces, it was like seeing a wild wolf with rabies attacking a moose.” yes, that’s how it happened, even though the girl still hasn’t reached for the memories of that night, beyond all the blood that had to be removed and the wounds she had to clean, there still are bruises on her stomach and legs.

“Well… I find it hard to believe, she hasn’t reached adulthood yet  and she’s so short, maybe it was just beginner’s luck.”

“I owe.. nothing… to luck.” She mentioned between bites and with a full mouth, observed both before finishing with her burger. Well no, it wasn’t beginner’s luck at all, and it never would be, she didn’t believe in such a thing as luck as it could never prove that it was on her side. In any case, luck owes her more than one could think.

“Okay, valid, let’s forget beginner’s luck for now.”

Lewis’ real intentions were that his sister could train Snowflake as soon as she could and have her ready for the next encounter, which gods know when it was going to be but it wasn’t going to be soon. Neither Clarissa nor Snowflake were excited about the idea of receiving such orders, Clarissa wasn’t aware of her brother’s decisions. They decided to start as soon as possible with the training so they could have some notion as to how much she could hold, Clarissa seemed to have mastered the concept of throwing someone down, made a demonstration with Lewis - which was surprising and almost leaves him very confused-, she flexed her knees and advanced as fast as she could to wrap his brother’s waist with her own arms, she then  proceeded with lifting him a few inches above the ground and pushing him down to the hard ground.

AAAHHHH SHIIIT, FUUUUCK!!!” Lewis’s screams frightened the girl, asked if he would be okay after taking such an intense blow directly the spine, he could only turn on his body and keep screaming in pain, there were even tears in his eyes and began to cry.

“He’s going to be okay, when you least expect it, he’s going to be doing his thing again like nothing has happened.”

“Good, because I don’t want to kill him with a movement like that.”

Between those weeks of training, sometimes she felt that her body could not bear it and they had to stop, the level of sugar in her blood could lower suddenly, feel dizzy or not feel physically strong enough. Years of poor nutrition were doing its effect when she least needed it, from now on she wouldn’t have to look into disgusting places for some food. Clarissa was stronger than one could tell at first, was able to lift her brother who was somehow slightly heavier than her, and she had no issue with lifting him off the ground. She was careful when it came to teaching the girl a few new moves, a way to make the opponent lose access to the air stream, such as making the other fall on their back and other techniques as well. The place they chose was what was once a warehouse a few decades ago, this part of the city is suffering from the decline that the country was going through, there were many conditioning factors for such an increase in poverty, even if she did not understand them completely.

The good news is that she could live in a small abandoned apartment, and won’t be too far from the siblings at least, although this one lacked many things. Obviously, the paint was flaunted and there was debris on the ground, the smell of isolation and dead was the first thing that made her regret leaving her lair between the rocks, but it was better to have a roof than have nothing. There were rules: whatever she earned every night, both Lewis and Clarissa would get 15% each, meaning that 30% would be for both of them, while ’Snowflake’ would get the rest. There weren’t many guidelines to follow, just that she didn’t die in the middle of the fight for her own obvious good, and she couldn’t try or dare to do business with anyone else who volunteered to help her.

“Good… So … this is where I’m going to stay?” She looked around, at least the bathroom was still working, it was something, and she would have to search for the exact spot from where such a hideous smell came from.

“Yes, I know it’s not a 5-stars hotel, but it’s what we could afford.” Clarissa mentioned without paying much attention to the girl’s discomfort, usually, she didn’t often care about anyone but herself.

“Also, if you need anything, we have a phone to give you, it’s not the big deal but it was cheap and is  supposedly very resistant to falls and all that.” From inside a paper bag, Lewis pulled out a small cardboard box, had no image or inscription that could catch the attention, could it be stolen or a  smuggled product? The girl preferred not to ask questions on the subject, maybe it could have some connection to the mob or something. “You have our numbers if you need something from us, we’ll also let you know when we come to pick you up.”

Inside the box was a phone which model was a hit a few years ago, the first models that went on sale after those that looked like portable bricks were smaller, the screen had only two colors - gray and black or blue and black-, and this was one of them. With the press of a single button the small device came to life and lit a light gray color, the keys were not divided between each other but were joined by a soft-touch material and easy to press. Better than nothing, she had to remember that everything she would have from now, even though it was almost useless, old or in bad shape, was better than having nothing. She appreciated it.

“Do you think you can fight again tonight? Some people are talking about you since the first night.” The girl had not paid much attention to Lewis’ voice for being more interested in the new phone, he sighed exhaustively and placed both hands on his hips, while his sister kept her arms crossed and turned her eyes.

“What? Fight tonight?… I think I could do it, although I don’t know how it’s going to end.” Despite the training she received, she still had doubts about whether she could use her powers in the midst of the fight, at some point the ice would come to the rescue from the depths of her cells, it would not be long before the adrenaline took effect and she becomes a real threat t the other rival.

It had been almost two months since the first fight, she would lie if she said that had confidence in her own strength now that her body has begun to change in respect to the muscles, it was an almost imperceptible change to the naked eye, but her arms began to harden and the grip of her hands became firmer than before. She could win, she had the strength necessary and the power to win. That night there was tension in the air, the atmosphere was different, as Clarissa’s presence there alerted several spectators, her name is already a well-known one among them, and just by seeing her, memories and rumors came out afloat without saying a single word.


I love this scene from LOTR: The Two Towers ’cause it shows the unconditional trust Legolas has put in Aragorn. The elf knew that his friend could’ve made it through anyway, so the first thing he said after seeing him was nothing but “Le abdollen” (“You’re late”); as he was certain that the Strider would’ve shown up and joined them sooner or later.

This sequence proves that Legolas does think highly of Aragorn that he believes deep down his loyal fella could face even the most dreadful death and still make it out alive.

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hello, keeping it short: i’m 23, i love books, girl from norway. 

i’ve recently started a book club channel for discussing books and choose a book monthly to read and discuss, and iii need members .. 

i’m completely new at this but very excited. I love fantasy books, especially Sarah J Maas’ books. But I also read romance novels etc. I’m up for a bit of everything. 

this is the discord link:



나른한 오후, 생각, 그리고

뜨겁지도 차갑지도 않은 그 적당한 온도의 햇살이 창 안으로 스며드는 느릿한 어느 오후, 적당한 눈부심으로 온 몸을 감싸주는 그 느낌이 좋아서 가만히 앉아 창밖을 멍하니 바라보고 있었다. 너는 내 손을 잡고 있었고, 이름 모르는 음악이 들릴 듯 말듯 하게 흘러나오고 있었다. 햇살이 더 따뜻할까, 내게 닿아있는 니 손이 더 따뜻할까. 쓸데없는 생각을 잠시 하다가 다시 밖으로 마음을 옮겼다.

적당히 맑은 하늘에, 손을 뻗어 만지면 몽글몽글 할 것 같은 구름, 아장아장 걸어가는 아이와 그 걸음을 맞춰 따라가는 여유로운 발걸음의 작은 강아지, 햇살을 즐기듯 도로 위 서있는 자동차들, 저 멀리 보이는 반짝이는 강물까지. 어느 하나 거스를 것 없이 찬찬히 스며드는 풍경들에 모처럼 아무 걱정없이 기분이 좋아졌다.

내 옆에 앉아 아무런 말 없이 한참이나 나를 바라보고 있던 너는, 어느샌가 창가로 고개를 돌리고 두 눈을 꼬옥 감고 있었다.

지금 너는 어떤 기분일까.

문득 궁금해져 물어보고 싶은 마음이 봄 바람처럼 잠시 스쳐지나갔지만, 이내 생각을 멈추고 창 밖을 바라보던 시선을 너에게로 옮겼다. 혹시라도 방해될까, 고요하게 서서히.

잠이라도 든걸까, 얼굴 가득 평온함이 가득한 너는 조용하고 따사로운 혼자만의 리듬을 나에게도 천천히 들려주었다. 굳이 묻지 않아도 잔잔한 행복이 조금씩 흘러나왔다. 살짝 올라간 입꼬리로, 굳이 보지 않아도 모든 걸 느끼고 있다는 듯한 너의 그 표정이 나에겐 왠지 모를 안식을 가져다주었다. 순간 이유없이, 아무런 이유없이, 마냥 좋다는 느낌이 나를 가득 채웠다. 느릿하게 흘러가는 시간은 너와 나, 각자의 방식으로 이 순간을 기억하도록 만들었다.

시간의 바람대로 온전히 이 순간에 녹아든 듯한 너의 옅은 미소와 나긋한 숨소리에 나도 그냥 눈을 감고 너에게 기댄다. 이거면 됐다, 그래.

[생각의 시간, 19.12.06]

사진 인용; 적재-‘하루’ 앨범 커버