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We are excited to be at this year's Gloworm Festival in Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire. β›³ For more information and tickets go to

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The Pt. 1 is beware of , because if they take your car in for repair and do not return it as per their policy, you may have to pay thousands of pounds just to get your car back.

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The Major Oak is a large oak near the village of Edwinstowe in the midst of Forest, , . According to local folklore, it was Robin Hood's shelter where he and his merry men slept.

Little Ringed Plover (I believe, please correct me if I'm wrong) today at Attenborough nature reserve. A first for me 😊

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From Saturday's lovely wedding booking at ..Reproduced with kind permission. Picture: Stuart Wilde Photography Ltd

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It might be raining today but the summer weather is back this week! Did you know that tourism is a huge part of the economy? Why not get out there and explore all of what & have to offer this summer?!

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A human fly snack, chilling by the lake. Cycling. Meditation. Fussing doggies. Saturday mornings in the sunshine. Music from my new Earth Tree Healing album.👌#colwick #notts #nottingham #countrypark #lake #colwickcountrypark #nottslife #nottinghamshire #sunshine #summer #summer2019 #earthtreehealing #newmusic #pianomusic (at Colwick Country Park)

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Wollaton Deer Park and Lake, Nottinghamshire

These surround local tourist attraction Wollaton Hall (please see recent post) and consist of 500 acres (a little under a square mile) of parkland and woodland with an impressive lake and island.

The park contains a wide variety of wildlife including ducks, geese and (predictably) herds of deer.  It is a popular place for local runners and walkers

The first of the original photographs above shows the car park with a working telephone box in the foreground.  The second shows the lake and island.  The third shows a massive horse chestnut tree in blossom (look how small the nearby seat is in comparison).


Head of Steam Bloggers Event

It was my very first bloggers’ event in 2019 as well as for a long while to be fair. I was looking forward to that day to come! It was very exciting for me for sure to get something new to blog about. Also, I got the chance to take a guest with me. Used to go on my own, but I have a YouTuber fan and partner in crime to accompanying me to the event.

I ordered something very small since I was busy in the morning and didn’t get the chance to eat. I decided to try some food before the event starts. The waitress Aiya suggested the “Candid Mac Bacon ’n’ Cheese” and it was so delicious too! 

It is a must support local businesses for sure! As in that if you are a big fan of supporting local business, let me tell you that this is one of them that you need to put in your agenda for sure.

Once the organisers of the bloggers’ event have arrived, they have asked me to go up and get vlogging of the whole new gaming bar upstairs! When I got up there I was blown away.

I saw the lovely artwork & graffiti of different computer game characters such as Ryu from Street Fighter & also Chun-Li who is well known for the first fighting woman in computer games! Also, Mario was featured as well! I already fall in love with the place! It was so lovely that I want to go out more when I have the time to do so.

They have American pool, electronic darts which I have not seen that before that an iPad calculating your score straight away which I am very impressed when I saw it live & it does calculate when dart meets onto the board! Very clever indeed, also shuffleboards, beer pong, table tennis and retro arcade games from Street Fighter to Super Mario Bros.

Marley, my fan as well as a good friend to me, have a challenge on American Pool. It was such a blast when I played it for the very first time such a long time! It was such a blast in there! Even I was doing a video for my YouTube! It was so much fun when I get to try great samples of the delicious menu & the cocktails too! I lost my first ever match of pool! It was full of laughter! I haven’t really enjoyed myself! I couldn’t really thank the team who had me over there!

The atmosphere there was amazing! I would like to actually get myself a party there in the very future.

Video to come!!!