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Never have I ever been in handcuffs ♥️


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Hey, here’s something fun. I’m actually using speech to text software to write this post.

extrovert writer culture is the moment when you realize you have six friends’ writing projects in your inbox and not enough time to read everything


2 sides of the same gangly coin

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as a complete ignoramus if I may ask, why would the dead cats be kept in the freezer for as long as a few years?

You’re not an ignoramus. I think this is a pretty non-standard situation, honestly.

I was able to find both cats in our system earlier today, and it looks like the answer is, unfortunately… we forgot about them.

One of them was a little hard to suss out. It looks like the owner contacted us when her pet died, but wasn’t sure if she wanted an individual cremation (where one pet is alone in the crematorium and afterwards the ashes are returned to the owners) or general cremation (lots of pets cremated together, and their ashes scattered on the apple orchard that is on the facility’s property, which is probably haunted in the best possible way). She was charged a few days later for general cremation, and paid for it, so it looks like she made up her mind and someone forgot to take the “hold” tag off of her cat’s bag. 

The other was…. wild. I pulled up this pet in our system and the first entry that came up was an email from the office manager to the owner, basically saying “please stop leaving dead cats on our porch”. This poor cat’s remains were left on a box on our doorstep, and it was apparently the third time this owner had done this. Like her cat would die at home, and rather than put them in her own freezer and wait for us to be open to take them, she would just drop them on the porch in a box or bag with a note. But she also had a charge to her account for a general cremation.

Basically, these cats were put on “hold” until we figured out what their owners wanted us to do with their remains, and then we forgot to take them off of hold and actually do the thing.

The good news is that now that we’ve got it all figured out, the cats can be taken off of hold, sent to the crematorium, and rejoin the earth.


Not sure if they would be okay with me tagging them, but a happy Valentines Day to two of the people I love the most in this world. Thank you for making my heart happy every day and for being some of the best friends I could have asked for. I’m lucky every day to know you and have you in my life.

i know we’ve all seen plenty of weird ads but what is this

my life isn’t that fucking dull that paper towels excite me okay

“Y'know what, this sort of thing was bound to happen to Sachiko sooner or later. If not like this, she’d eventually rub someone the wrong way with her arrogant, smug personality.” Chen is not concerned at all. She may have started to be nicer to Sachiko but that didn’t really extend to caring about her.

had a dream I was pregnant with a baby LEO and was totally pumped. 

Everyone gets a nice draw and then United get Chelsea 😬

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☕️ They are treating Naomi even worst than they did Aja on AS3 because she's young and everyone underestimates her. (And I'm still not-so-lowkey salty about Aja's treatment)

don’t get me started on aja and all stars :) my rage is eternal :))
and agreed, they’re really not paying attention to naomi unless she makes them like with that lip sync. super curious what was left on the cutting room floor considering several queens mentioned that she was really funny in that court room acting challenge as well

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9! :D

Before You Start Your Day by Twenty One Pilots!

@ followers (not just anon) please reply to this post or give me another reblog with a line from this song!

Please for the love of god play Lego DC Super Villains this game has snatched my wig and cured my depression

Girl ur eyeshadow is screwed up

A few things, as i try once more to grind back into Writing Mode:

  • I am still writing, albeit slowly
  • I am still invested in getting my Pillowfort account turned into something interesting and, since I know for a fact Tumblr staff doesn’t give a damn about its users, migrating there fully in time
  • I have not had the time and energy to come up with a Brand, content, or understanding of the platform for the previous point, but will look to do so in the following weeks
  • The final chapters of Bury the Dream will be posted simultaneously. Rather than crank one out and leave everyone hanging, just for momentum to be lost again, the next three(?) chapters will drop at the same time once I’m satisfied with them
  • I’m gonna be a recluse during this whole process, but what’s new.

In conjunction with the previous post…anyone wanna help out with an opening scene for a Magnum (soon to be) whump fic? My poor beta/idea bouncer that I harangue at all hours of the day for other fandoms has never seen it and probably won’t, and I need someone to bounce ideas off of, because…damn. I’ve never been this stumped on something. 

Stuck on chapter 2 and forgot my journal at home. Seems like a good enough excuse to start on chapter 3, right?

Christmas ! ! ! ! ! !

So first thing first Merry Christmas everyone! My family celebrates on Christmas eve. Would you guys mind if I posted pictures of our celebration tomorrow? Because I would love to share the holiday with you guys.

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We are starting a new tradition. We are watching A Christmas Story and eating Chinese food. So why dont you guys tell me what traditions you have for your holidays? I would love to hear about them!

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This is some official, authory shit right here!