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Update: it’s Niles and Daphne’s first ‘date’, a ball, and she’s wearing the most gorgeous gown, and she’s taught him to dance, and I’m just so overwhelmed. It’s a dream. They’re a dream.

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Oh, also my move was successful and i now live in florida sooo

❱❱  —Alright, important question! Does anyone know the number to the Fusion Dimension’s scrap yard or something? ‘Cause I seriously think I’m gonna need it.His bike might’ve been destroyed, but there was no way all of it could’ve been. 

…I mean, unless someone wants to help a guy out with findin’ a spare acceleration chip somewhere?

I never post selfies any more

what’s up with that

also js, bc that post goes around again which says that thrandy’s & lego’s goodbye scene shows an elven equivalent of a hug: it’s a greeting/farewell gesture! as far as i remember, nothing in canon says that this is how they embrace & since elves are huge ass emos™ i’m 100% convinced they hug with actual physical contact.

hey whats up vine

Call The Bank, I’m Emotionally Invested!

i wanted to write this and u can’t stop me which is unfortunate for u

Bruce has thought over time that maybe he should have joined track in high school because he’s been running his entire life. Should’ve gotten into practice early. But he’s okay at it now. Passable enough to bypass some of the greatest spies in the game. 

It’s anxiety-inducing. But he’s used to anxiety. So it’s a regular Thursday. 

Natasha Romanov and Bucky Barnes are usually hired to track down the untrackable. The hitmen, the thieves, and the slightly-more-than-common criminal. Bruce Banner was supposed to be an easy target. Get him, shoot a tranq, get out. Maybe get some burgers for dinner, convince Bucky that no, we don’t need to go to a Waffle House so you can experience distorted reality. Simple. 

Except it’s not, because Bruce has blown their plan all to hell. It was Natasha’s fault; she hadn’t researched him as thoroughly. Got the background of family, high school, college, and there was nothing much else. Obviously, something that pissed off someone enough to want him back for government research purposes. 

What Natasha didn’t research was the shady side of things. Bruce seemed mild-mannered; his past girlfriend had supplied that information. “He’s real quiet,” Betty says. “We really liked watching nature documentaries and talking about research. Rarely ever blew up in rage or anything.” 

Bruce was involved in a controversial research topic for the government. Something that even Tony Stark said was messed up. (And he knew all of the government’s secrets.) Bruce Banner ran because his research was being used unlawfully. They want him back. 

It’s not their job to ask questions. But Bucky knows it’s not their job to do a lot of things. 

So he guesses their job has morphed into a game of catch. They’re against government forces to find the scientist first. 

Bruce has no idea any of this is going on. He knows that Betty called him after a “Natalie Rushman” and “Jim Buchanan” contacted her with questions. 

“What’d you tell them?” 

“You were a mild-mannered scientist.” Bruce snorts. He was anything but; he was very specific, demanding, and harsh. While he did try and calm down, it wasn’t likely that you would find him in good spirits after a couple failed experiments. 

He’s in a small town in Ohio. You stick out in a small town. But the good news is that your enemies do as well. Chances are, you can pick them out faster than they can you. Bruce knows the rules of hiding. 

Natasha wears a brunette wig. Bucky thinks it looks funny. He always has liked her red hair, but that’s his opinion. “We have to get to him before the government does.” 

“I know,” Bucky says. “He’s in a small town in Ohio. Camped out. Knows his stuff. Knows we’ll be picked out faster than him.” 

They drive a trailer that’s probably close to blowing up into town. It’s beat-up, not the first sight that’s going to catch interest, and they get into the workshop where Bruce is working. 

“Banner,” Barnes says. Bruce doesn’t even look scared. Not surprised. Resigned. “We’re here to rescue you.” 

“I wasn’t aware two mercenaries cared about the damsel in distress.” 

“We’re not mercs,” Natasha responds. “We have some things to discuss. Get in the car.” 

Bruce feels like he’s going to die. Not because of the redhead with a knife strapped to her thigh. Or the guy with the metal arm who’s flipping a knife out of boredom. It’s the trailer, which is making suspicious noises. 

“I feel as if you two could have gotten a better trailer.” 

“We could have,” Natasha says. “But Barnes over here wanted the ‘American experience.’ I don’t know how it’s American.” 

“Not being able to afford a better vehicle and making due with what you got, what’s more American than that!” He suggests cheerily. 

The trailer blows up when there’s a break for gas and bathroom. 

“I love being American,” Bruce deadpans. Natasha snorts, calls Tony, and asks for the jet. 

They explain that he’s in danger from the government. “I know,” Bruce says. “Why do you think I’ve been on the run for five years?” 

“They haven’t caught you,” Natasha says. She blinks. “For five years?” 

“Yeah,” Bruce answers with a shrug. “It’s not like they can divert a lot of funds into capturing me. I did nothing wrong, they’re already spending money on illegal things like mistresses and war profiteering, so there’s not much room for me to squeeze in. Besides, Betty is Thaddeus Ross’ daughter. She has enough blackmail to last at least ten more years.” 

Bruce Banner is an enigma. 

He’s quiet. Likes plants. He shows brief flashes of rage. But he seems…apologetic. He struggles to get a handle on it. At times his sense of irony is so wry it makes Bucky sit there for a moment while his laugh struggles to catch up to his thoughts. 

He comes out of his room wearing an old button-up shirt and sweatpants and it makes Natasha and Bucky…well. It’s a good thing they were trained to never let emotion show on their face. 

They had never discussed including another person into their relationship. They figured that no one else would be worth it. But Bruce is. In more ways than one. He’s good at what he does; he knows how to hide, how to get local people to trust foreigners, and tricks of the trade. Plus there’s the whole tragic back story, and didn’t someone say things that came in threes were good? 

Bruce continues to be a surprise. 

“I figured I should say that I like both of you and want to take you on a date,” Bruce says. “Or not. If not, I think I’ll just make some tea.” Natasha smirks. 

“Wear a suit, Banner. Cuff links included.” 

As it turns out, Natasha Romanov can never plan a Normal Date. Bucky shrugs as he gets out knives. (Where he had those, Bruce doesn’t even know.) Instead, they’re supposed to stop a robbery from taking place at an auction. Bruce feels a bit awkward as he takes off his suit jacket and takes two sips of water. 

He then proceeds to land a kick and send a guy sprawling back into a marble column. 

“He’s acceptable,” Natasha says. Bruce waves as he drags a passed-out woman to the bar, giving her a glass of water. “And thoughtful.” 

They become…a thing. There’s not a name. Natasha has never even called James her “boyfriend.” He’s just…hers. It’s understanding in this that has helped them this far. 

Bruce doesn’t say anything about labels. He makes Natasha her chai tea, sweeps Bucky’s hair into a bun, and does the crossword section in the newspapers. He likes specific brands of pens. His kisses are soft. Taste in music is abominable. 

But he is theirs. So Bruce is fine with this. He likes how Natasha hooks her feet under his thighs because they’re colder than death itself. James drapes a blanket over him on the drive and hums along to old blues songs. How they all seem to wake up at seven and don’t speak until eight. 

It’s a thing. Their thing. 

yall see how yukhei went OFF

the timing for landing ff4 after delayed midair 2 with noctis in some combos is actually pretty strict

anonymous asked:

What makes you feel better when you’re having an anxiety attack?

It depends really. Sometimes the mere vicinity of someone else makes it worse and at other times, I need it. Sometimes I need someone talking to me, at other times every sound hurts me. Right now, I have a system in place with Viktor. We grade them, from 1 till 10. It sounds a little juvenile, I know, but it helps. I can usually use hand gestures too, to indicate what I need. 

Luckily, I haven’t had to use it much since I moved to Russia; not everyone at the rink knows how bad they can be after all. 

Guess who’s going to see Black Panther for the third time tomorrow in theaters!

This gal! 😁👍🏻


I made a runnerswift boy for Changeling :V

    tfw you wanted to do drafts but got too distracted thinking about HDM & dæmons & so many old feels

why is it so difficult 2 find … raid and dungeon groups for the arcway and the emerald nightmare

β€œIt’s you. You’re it. You’re the one I want.” ( @hcbiworld )Β 

β€œSAY that again.” 

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Crossover Verses (so far)

The Walking Dead Verse

Theon spent more of his time at the Stark household than his own for most of his life, and he was actually there when the virus hit. Depending on the thread, he ended up with various Starks trying to reunite with both the rest of the Starks and find his own family in the mess of things.

Harry Potter Verse

Nearly his whole family was sorted into Slytherin so no one was surprised when he was as well. What did surprise them was him befriending the most Gryffindor family around. He spent nearly all of his time with the Gryffindors, and hardly any time with his own house mates. It’s actually more than a little common to find him in the Gryffindor common room lounging about.

The 100 Verse

No one was surprised when Theon Greyjoy was finally separated with the other young offenders, although no one is quite sure as to what it was that got him put there. When the kids are sent down to Earth, he’s one of the “lucky few” to explore the new surroundings first.

chigurd, father of the automatons.

as a prototype (and not the first, simply the first resilient enough to stay in one piece) he has many flaws, but he is the basis his mistress, the duchess seraphina, works from.

is he alive? sera would say no. he chews through souls far too quickly but doesn’t retain anything from them. he simply follows commands, and must be wound back up power with an ornate key should his joints lock.

he’s been gathering dust for a while since the duchess has not had time to work on her pet project, but certain events have reawakened her interest.

Sooooo in case anyone’s been keeping up with my horribly depressing text posts….I FINALLY FINISHED MY ESSAY!! I worked on it from 10PM-10:30AM but it’s finally done and I’ve handed it into my professor and I feel Really Good™️

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/anon/ u r gross get off my dash /anon/ 😘😘😘😘

for a meme that’s two months old… || not accepting

get in the car so I can hug punch you. ily


okay so i just got my hair bleached was the worst experience i’ve had in a while but i wanna keep it quick: they told me in a not very empathetic way that they thought it wasn’t a good idea and that it wouldn’t turn out well and stuff - i did it anyway and honestly i’m pretty sure i don’t even hate the result. it isn’t nearly as bad as they predicted, it’s just a bit orange around the ends but i just feel like shit about the entire thing so i feel like shit about the outcome as well. i don’t really wanna go into the details which might tell you how bad it was, given that i usually overshare every little thing that happens to me sooo i’m fine, don’t worry, i think i just need some time to calm down :)