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tag the groups you like, the biases + the wreckers then tag ten other people!

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group: B.A.P

bias: Youngjae

wreckers: Himchan and Jongup. Well in reality they’re all wreckers

group : B1A4

bias : Sandeul

wrecker : CNU

group : VIXX

bias : Leo

wreckers : N & Hyuk. Mostly N of late.

group : Up10tion

bias : Sunyoul

wrecker : Gyujin

group : Oh My Girl

biases : YooA and Hyojung

wreckers : Mimi and Seunghee

group : Dreamcatcher

bias : JiU

wreckers : Handong, Siyeon. All of them really.

group : ZE : A

bias : Hyungsik

wreckers : Kevin and Dongjun

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So I wasn’t able to enroll for this school year, my university has alot of requirements and some are not yet in my possession… Hopefully I can enroll this 2nd semester. I’ll be making myself busy in commissions, but one by one clients only so I could draw Cupheads in between.

How is everyone? 💙 Sorry I’ve been inactive.

​❛   E - EMMA,   you don’t have to buy me all this stuff.   (it’s starting to not fit in my apartment … )   i love it,   i do!   but being with you is a gift in itself.   ❜   they refer to the large painting resting against the wall,   of course.   the gesture is appreciated,   but they don’t like being unable to return the extravagant shows of romance.

                    * @unklars. 

I am really loving how this pic of Sindri is coming along

OH another ritshou au i love but, as usual, havenโ€™t developed (i might have already made a post about this, or it might have been on twitter, idk man itโ€™s late and iโ€™m on mobile)

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not 2 be 1hoon stan sympathiser but y'all can follow my 1hoon blog @ilhoon-sama i jus need 3 more 2 get to 69 followers 🤙🤙😭😭

Ha these idiots really are out there attempting to tease ‘Evil Lena’ after she literally saved their asses numerous times


They never really talked on the train ride. That was saying something for an hour-long trip but, well.

He wasn’t afraid of annoying Chisaki, not necessarily. Mirio’s natural state was being annoying. But, you know. It was just sort of a weird thing that they had going and Mirio didn’t exactly want to make it a weirder thing. On the other hand it was a really long ride.

Impatience won out in the end-though by the time the battle had ended he realized they’d have barely a quarter-hour left before their stop. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise-if it went badly they could just get over it during patrol. Maybe Sir would have different things for them to do and all the hypothetical awkwardness would be over before it began!

“Hey, ah, Chisaki,” Mirio was like. 80% confident that he sounded chill, “In hero lessons earlier-your whole new move that you’ve been working on. I think it’s really starting to shape up!”

Yeesh, okay. Small talk was harder than he thought. Abort mission?

anonymous asked:

I need to see this picture that includes Faldur's butt. It is for science, thank you.

anon u will be disappointed its just a doodle from profile view ppl are just thorsty 

its a traditional doodle tho-id like to ink it n maybe add a little colour before i upload it!

learning that Keith’s “I love you” in Japanese dub got translated to aishiteru

Originally posted by futurehistorienne

lmao i’m just logging in here to say that a) i’m remaking tonight so i’ll drop the url in the evening; b) season 6 did lotor real fucking dirty b y e.

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i wanna show you my birth chart i want you to tell me what job fits me best

but would u say please & thank you?

listening to haleigh talk made me feel like i just ran up a single flight of stairs

lmao tfw you feel like bursting into tears for p much no reason at all

“Mine,” he whispered. “Yours,” I breathe, “Mind, body, and soul.” 


duke1914  asked:

Has Trunks ever offered to train you by any chance?

“Trunks is usually pretty busy, so I don’t think it’s really crossed his mind.” Mai answered. Clearly the thought hadn’t occurred to her to ask him for training ether. She’d always thought his abilities were so fantastic and special that there was no way she could do the sorts of things he could. She was good at other things though and hadn’t let it discourage her in helping him though.

Please! Don’t spoil stuff (like a TV show, manga, movie, etc.)!

Don’t you just fucking love it when something new comes out and on the same said day, a person right away has to spoil it? 🖕😑👎

Come on. Don’t be that person.


Happy birthday, James Paul McCartney! (18 June 1942)

‘’I don’t work at being ordinary.’’