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The word “Vegan” is in your name yet these anons are triggered that you would dare speak about it? Man... it ain’t you... Butthurt Anons, please go eat your hamburgers if you want. But if you expect veganmo and other vegans to constantly apologize, mute or otherwise hide facts and choices just to placate your conscience for your choices or some incorrectly perceived slight.... well then I hope you choke on it. This is about YOU, not veganmo. Take your ass to a mirror and look in it.

omg go off bby

but yeah i’m not sorry for speaking up bc if u feel some type of way then i think you need to take some time to think about why it’s like that for you!! like if you feel bad… maybe you should do something about it

i’m gonna keep anon on tho bc i rly want y’all to have to face yourselves and your choices and you can be mad in my inbox if u want but it’s not gonna make me any less Right!!


In college, I did a semester on AI theory. There was a thought experiment they gave us. It’s called “Mary in the black and white room.” Mary is a scientist, and her specialist subject is colour. She she knows everything there is to know about it. The wavelengths. The neurological effects. Every possible property colour can have. But she lives in a black and white room. She was born there, and raised there. And she can only observe the outside world on a black and white monitor. All her knowledge of colour is second-hand. Then one day - someone opens the door. And Mary walks out. And she sees a blue sky. And at that moment, she learns something that all her studies could never tell her. She learns what it feels like to see colour. An experience that can not be taught, or conveyed. The thought experiment was to show the students the difference between a computer and a human mind. The computer is Mary in the black and white room. The human is when she walks out.

Domhnall Gleeson
as Caleb Smith in Ex Machina (2015)

ES appreciation week, day 4 — diego + varyyn.

“i will wait for you, diego.”
“for a million years?”
“for eternity.”

the garden – the tragic thrills // you are in love – taylor swift // kiss me – ed sheeran // if i walk away – josh groban // paper houses – niall horan // currents – dashboard confessional // ocean avenue – yellowcard // wherever you are – 5 seconds of summer // moments – one direction // oh, it is love – hellogoodbye // what a heavenly way to die – troye sivan // heaven here – dashboard confessional // afterglow – all time low ( listen here )

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hey hi one more psa

i’ll be holding off on posting art here for now
i will stay active on dA and hopefully on ig but until this whole mess has died down i’ll just… wait. ive gotta back up these blogs anyway lmao

i’ll be around tho, personal blog will still be updated and whatnot but like
i feel like it’s unfair to not post anything anywhere when i Have stuff to post, but it would also be annoying to post on dA/ig and neglect the blog without saying anything so yup jfyi asdfggsdf

I got my graduation pictures in my email today and I don’t completely hate them, and I found out I did super fucking well on a test I thought I literally bombed and I’m not going to get a C in this class like I thought I was. Ya girl isn’t failing out of nursing school.

I just realised all the NSFW posts I’ve ever reblogged have disappeared.

It’s begun.

Edit. Shit a lot of my personal self love and body positive posts have gone too……. ☹

Why? do I have? such?? expensive?? taste????

“Oi, is the sinday over? Can I come out now? I ain’t gettin’ involved in that shit.”


V4L: 01 was with them for many more years than me.. I was supposed to shut down that day.. not steal someone’s life away..

So I made some plans for this evening and i kinda wanna cancel them because I’m tired and just not feeling peopley

But the problem is that the plans are with these people that we have had issue with before and who are super quick to go “YOU HATE US DONT YOU” and turn us into villains over literally nothing.

So I feel like if I even suggest not going, it’s going to be a horrible Big Issue

and the thing is, it’s not even because of past issues that I dont wanna go…I’m just seriously worn out and I dont wanna have to go to someone’s house and put on a smile and laugh at things I dont find funny and play competitive games…..


Hhh deltarune is really good yall should play it it’s worth the time

Man randomly seeing my ex post something on Instagram just made me so Sad all of a sudden and I absolutely hate how ashamed I feel about the fact that I was probably a Shitty partner for being late to dates and not being able to pay for myself but like,,, I can’t drive and I don’t have any money… I felt bad every single time about it but it was out of my control and I was walking 15-20 minutes to meet up and just wanting so desperately to spend time with her and the way she left just hurts me so much to think about still that I feel like it was my fault that she didn’t even try to keep contact as friends and just… completely dropped me. It fucking hurts and it’s been over a year already so I shouldn’t be upset about it anymore but adding that to the fact that I’ve just been so lonely for the past year just makes everything feel Awful and I don’t know what to do because I’m fine until she just randomly pops up in passing and brings up all of these feelings again like it was just yesterday

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I’ve never heard about Sappho writing any love poems for men? I’ve read some poems of hers where she says she’s never cared for men? Like I’m super against bi erasure but I’m hesitant to believe Sappho is bi

It is true that a lot of her poems were about women but she had apparently also fallen in love with a ferryman called Phaon (there is a whole story about it and a lot of historians are debating whether she was a lesbian or bisexual) Of course there may be a chance where I am wrong but this is from things I’ve read about her.

Life Update: An Ever Growing List of Things I want to Accomplish over the next few months

Moving has been tough and is taking a lot of time away from most things for me (though we’re finally almost done), but I’ve decided to make a list of different things I want to do over the next 4-6 months just to normalize my life again.

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H E Y (edited)

(I need 2 fuiigure out what germdickboi should be for hallwoeen between these three things

1. dog

2. hot dog

3. a piece of toast. a literal piece of toast

pls vote now on ur phones


Hey, so, I’ve haven’t posted anything in FOREVER. I just don’t have anything. Anyone wanna make a request? Just message me or leave a comment.

i wanna use the colored pencils he bought me to draw the marks he left

One of the Corpsbrüder: Luckily, these days, the only acceptable place one can cut the opponent in a Mensur is from the temples to the top of the forehead.

Me: Well that’s changed since 1926 I guess.

The others:

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i’m back after months, hi again… 😶

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You don't have to say anything Mikey, just don't let go yet. *continues the full on smoosh hug with SAINW Mikey, because dammit maybe they both need it at this point*

*hugs tightly*

It’s fine. I can be here … as long as you need… You’ll get tired, eventually …right?