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I’m actually doodling some Radiant Historia (though this is taking way longer than a doodle should everyone has complicated clothing….) and anyways looking up references and what the hell is Selvan wearing, please have your boyfriend teach you how to dress yourself

joonforest  asked:

♧ hi Kiko ! i still need to start talking to u abt bnha 😔 also i hope that you’ve had a wonderful day ! ✨

You’re my: soft plant friend 
How I met you: through game night i’m pretty sure or through ash i think!!! but as we’ve established, i litcherally cannot remember how i meet anyone fnkdslfs 
Why I follow you: because you’re super sweet and you have quality content!! and we have a lot of the same interests and stuff 💖
Your blog is: really cute!!! honestly every time i look at it i find posts that cheer me up 
Your URL is: constantly changing as is characteristic of a Gay but this one is cute and idk they all have the same soft aesthetic that i associate with you??
Your icon is: soft :(((( so soft :((( plant and soft and jungkook :(((( 
A random fact I know about you: you disrespect my son kacchan on a daily basis but we persevere 
General opinion:  a flower gay who still has my whole heart despite being a bakugo anti 
A random thought I have: your name fits like… my perception of you really well like it’s so cute but also thoughtful and like a little melancholy and like idk i think that’s cool 

Mutuals send me “♧“ and i’ll answer these prompts

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♂ are you proud of your son?!?!?!

Send me a ♂ and a question and my muse’s father will answer it. || @vuulpecula || always accepting.

    “Truthfully, I do not know much about my son’s life,” Rhys replied, struggling at first to remember his Basic. For far too long had he found comfort behind his mother tongue. And he grinned without mirth after the syllables had settled– motions present, though the sentiment was lacking. It wasn’t bitter, not in the least, not even when something else haunted him.

    “I have heard that he has become a strong man, that he protects others. He was always good at that, or so his mother has told me. And he left Alpheridies years ago– something I could not do in my youth.”

             I am proud, echo–echo–echoed in his head; I wish things had turned out differently.

    –”He’s has done better than I, at least.”

okay before i get this star map is there anything else i should do before getting it? i am Not doing all that back tracking again. i found dustil, exhausted all the dialogue with bastila, and went and fought that guy jagi for canderous

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It’s not a big deal. Everyone makes mistakes XD.

True enough. 

The team of Juventus celebrates Cristiano Ronaldo’s opening goal during the Serie A between Frosinone Calcio and Juventus at Stadio Benito Stirpe on September 23, 2018 in Frosinone, Italy.

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Do you have any fav writers for *coughs* hard stans?

lmao yeah some of my faves are @floralseokjin @jungblue @introseesaw @gukvenchy @versigny @94hixtape @minlouvre @seokkbuns @baeseoul @gardentulips @joonbird @lovewyself


I feel like doing something useful, so does anybody want me to do a tutorial or recommendations for anything specific? 


Guess which theme I’m doing for rarepair week when that time comes. :P ( @dictatiousmaximusgaladrigal drew Dictatious with an awesome tail so I just had to (and Gold informs me that the tail trend was started by the wonderful and talented @monstatron so go check those cool peeps out!)

Dictatious: Sought powers from the Pale Lady during Gunmar’s war to protect Blinky, the only family he had left. With his soul stolen, he was instead made to abandon his brother to kill Trollhunters by Morgana. After many years, he began to lose himself and enjoy doing Her dirty work, but there are still times where he finds himself wondering about what Blinky must think of him now.

Angor Rot: His village constantly just barely escaping Gunmar and his forces, Angor Rot cut a deal with the warlord - being known as a respected scholar, he lied to his people about a safe place they could use to hide, when in reality it was a trap for Gunmar. In exchange, he was allowed to escape. For this decision, Angor Rot became known as a coward and traitor. 

Okay but seriously, I love you Angor Rot, but I CANNOT draw you. How dare you make me suffer like this. Now I have to go draw you like 20 times for my submission later. Fight me, Angor Rot. (Also, I don’t think Gold’s online right now, so don’t expect a reply from her if any of y’al are waiting on one)

(some more speculation about the roleswap under the cut, because I got way too carried away thinking about Dictatious mostly lol)


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things i can always draw somehow: Gheridras,

You don’t truly realize how drunk you are until you’re alone in the bathroom stall trying to do up your pants

WHAT!? NO NOno no no no! You’re supposed to be in college studying


damn progression system…
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My first piece of fanfiction for HEARTBEAT, a very good game that everyone should play!!!

Luca bothers Eve while she’s fishing, and learns a valuable lesson about water resistance and pain. Eve learns absolutely nothing, but she does catch some fish.

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why get so riled up about the Suspiria album leaking? We have a pre-released song by Thom already (which is beautiful might I add) Plus it’s not exactly a standalone album, it’s a SOUNDTRACK which means the intention is to be released alongside the film.. I’m not sure if you can understand the fact that there is clearly an intentional vision of this album that goes alongside a film... also nobody is saying that they’re better than you for not wanting to leak music and points really weren’t made?

I need a big sign that reads It’s Not That Deep


fuck kenny harris and fuck garrett borns too!

Just watched Stranger Things season 1 with my gf today and you know what? Watching a show you absolutely adore with someone else you absolutely adore, makes it 10x better

it’s sizing up to be a bad sensory day already and i’m. gonna lay in a hole or something i guess. rip me and my poor autistic self

wait what the fuck do you mean hisoka and illumi are engaged