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Islamism incompatible with 's 'laid-back tolerance', professor says

Posting my selfie with the appreciative audience at the conclusion of my keynote this week at

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COL's President and CEO Professor Asha Kanwar with Hon. , Prime Minister of during the Lifelong Learning Summit at Lillehammer (12 Feb 2019). Both Ms Solberg and Professor Kanwar delivered keynote addresses at the summit.

's top central banker warns against quitting fossil fuels too soon

Visiting Bergen? Find the funicular and head to the top it is only £5 per way. The view from the top is well worth it!

Why was I wearing a Nordic rain hat on my last day of my in Bergen, Norway? It's a great way to stay dry in a city that gets a lot of rain. More about on my blog.

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Tromsø is one of the tourist attractions in Norway and it is a top destination for who are hoping to see the spectacular aurora borealis or northern lights.

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Norway approves 'most environmentally damaging project' in country's history
Operation will see heavy metal waste dumped in fjords and put reindeer at risk

Norway has approved a plan to begin mining for copper in the Arctic, angering environmentalists who fear it will lead to the destruction of reindeer pastures and the pollution of nearby fjords. Indigenous Sami herders and fishermen argue the plan, which was approved by Oslo on Thursday, will add to the existing problems of climate change, oil spills and poaching affecting their homes and livelihoods. Up to 66 million tons of copper ore are believed to be in ground in Kvalsund in Finnmark – Europe’s northernmost region deep inside the Arctic Circle. Environmentalists fear it will lead to mining and drilling projects in other fragile ecosystems in the Arctic, which has become the latest frontier in the quest for rapidly depleting mineral and fossil fuel reserves.

Capitalism wins again.