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Rain Man is showing at the this week and we've heard great things! ๐ŸŽญ BUT it is only showing until Saturday...will you be going to see it? ๐Ÿ™Œโณ [IG ๐Ÿ“ธ: northern_stage]

Many congratulations all at on spectacular performances in at Great work! Martin Hylton Debbie Wild Hylton Peter Huggins and all dancers. Truly and inspiring!

Looking for a fun night out during your stay? From April 10-May 19th, see award-winning play at in .

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Saturday was my last day down pit. Gonna miss the camaraderie, the craic and the craft! See you later Malc x

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Went to opening night for the Art Show. The show will be on display at the until March 20th. The artist is a friend of mine and former parent.

Fantastic night at the theatre with year 12 and 13 English Lit students

Itโ€™s 1983 and the miners of Welbeck colliery are torn apart trying to protect their livelihoods and families. Wonderland - coming to @northern_stage next February.

Itโ€™s and Iโ€™ll be visiting @northern_stage tonight to watch real poets. But first I thought Iโ€™d have a go.

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The Northern Stage Experience

My name is Brooke and I chose to go to the northern stage for my work experience, and I was not unimpressed with my decision. Northern stage is one of the happiest places anyone could ever know. Everyone in the building are the most genuine and friendly people you could ever meet. During my time there, I had to help out with ideas for communication with the public, help out by making props for the rehearsals of an upcoming show, I got to view behind the scenes, and the technical work. it was an experience I will never forget. The equipment is in perfect condition, the building is 100% safe and the productions shown there are of the best quality. Weather that be other companies coming to the stage to perform, or if its a self produced piece. Northern stage go to the best of their abilities to make sure that the show is perfect for the viewers. Also, a big thanks to Zoe for helping me out while I was there. They offer a summer school as well, where people can come, learn about performance and even perform at the end of summer school! Northern stage is one of the most amazing places in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. :) 


The Time You Have (In Jelly Beans)

What we've been up to...

Over the past few weeks we have been working on our upcoming exhibition in mima. We have chosen works from the mima collection, made a plan for the actual gallery space and picked a name for the exhibition, after much deliberation! (all will be revealed soon…)

We also have been given the chance to do some more set desgin work with our friends at Northern Stage in Newcastle, for their upcoming Nation Theatre Connections Festival!

mima’s artist in residence, Elpida Hadzi-Vasilevavisited mima for the first time last Thursday. We found out a lot more about her previous works and also what she plans to do for mima. Definately one to watch out for over the coming months.

All in all we have been busy bees and long may it continue… we may also have a few surpries up our sleeves for the mima dreamers, watch this space!