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Aha....NOW who did it better? or ????

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If you have any questions❓ for Pastor Jim for Q&A Show on Wednesday, submit them to us!✉️ You can submit through facebook, instagram, twitter, or call/text them to 405-326-8196. &a

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Mushroom caps for the win! It’s a great starter or make it a meal with a salad!

Are you insured? Insurance can make a major difference in an accident. Get a free quote or call Auto Insurance Center at (405) 942-8867 today!

Huluのノーマン・リーダス来日イベント応募したけど100人とか少なすぎて当たる気がしない、、、 めっちゃ会いたいのになあ

We are excited to celebrate Full Circle Adult Day Center's new location at 4223 28th Ave NW tomorrow at 4:30pm. We will be LIVE on Facebook also... join us!

Joshua Boyle & Omar Khadr are in court today and Admiral Norman later this week and Trudeau thought last week sucked. Liberal WHIP MP Mark Holland is having a Town Hall community meeting Tuesday March 26, 7-9 p.m.

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Tasty Tuesday…. So sneaky Norm 😏😏😏

#Norman #sexyaf #evenhotsneakingasandwich #perfection #adorable #lovehim