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IM SORRY I DONT KNOW WHY I ALWAYS CREATE SUCH ANGST HEADCANONS I did this while I was crying because I love so much, but I also love , so I suffer inside every time I think about that

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"The kiss" by Gustav Klimt, but recreated with ! <3 This illustration made me tired, ma godness SO MANY DETAILS!! It was just hard haha

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by On The Radio! Tune in to Saturdays 8-10pm on in to hear plays music by African and South American artists, with a generous helping of reggae... 😍🎶🎸🌟

Посмотрела я Обещанный Неверленд, прочла мангу, полюбила я этого пацана, как-то так случайно вышло 🤔 (учитывая то что всем больше заходит Рей 🧐) Ну он же солнце, ну!

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THE THINGS ARE GETTING INTENSE, GUYS! MA GODNESS I hope and may escape from Norman's plan, because I like them. I don't know if they are actually bad people, they are just searching their own interests

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Ya salió los spoilers del cap 143 del manga al fin crjo! Hayato no sabe que hacer y Songju demuestra que no por nada es el demonio más bad ass de la serie 🔥

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No sleeves!! 😜😜😜

🎥 Team Coco - Conan

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Baby in checks 💙

Norman at the Diesel Flagship store opening. the Outkast Album Release Party and the premiere of Walt Disney’s Invincibles in 2006 (he clearly loved this shirt then 😏)

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