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Nordics are native of a solar system in the . This star cluster is around 440 light-years from the sun and now it seems to be made mostly by young stars. I LOVE YOU .

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Luxembourg: So, what you wanna do right now?

Iceland: *looking at Lux’s face, almost drooling*

Lux: Hm… Ice? Are you okay?

Ice: *drooling* How can a man be this handsome?

Lux: *blushes* nnngh Ice…

Ice: *proceeds to kiss Lux*

Lux: Hhhnnng Ice… I love you!

Ice: I love you too, Lux.

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Okay, sufin (or Sweden and Finland separately ) nsfw headcanons? I must know haha

it starts with dinner they talk for hours while enjoying a fantastic meal most likely prepared by the both of them then dessert of course! later they retire to the living room couch to watch a movie while the food digests they never make it through the movie it begins with just small neck kisses, the occasional nip here and there and then BAMbefore anyone can blink they’re upstairs in their bedroom abba is playing it’s so gentle and quiet consent for every little thing is asked by both of them they’re both smiling the entire time sweden’s hands are squeezing finland EVERYWHERE and he LOVES ITFinland’s pretty little mouth is being put to work! there’s not a lot of moaning but there’s a lot of whines and grunts sweden pulls Finland’s hairFinland’s nails are digging into Sweden’s back legs are intertwined it’s so softtttttttt

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finland finds sweden screaming in the shower about abba

I find EVERYONE screaming in the shower about ABBA…..

For Swe, it’s Dancing Queen

For Ice, it’s Gimme Gimme Gimme in which he fortnite dances to the song

For Nor, it’s The Winner Takes it All where he screams it at his shampoo bottle

And for Den, it’s Waterloo and he tries to dance but always slips in the shower


unevenstar  asked:

human au scenario when they're all playing spin the bottle but the bottle is for mathias and berwald and they hate each other

“Fuck this. This game is stupid!” Matthias declares angrily as he moves to stand up and walk away.

“Hey genius, this game was your idea.” Emil cockily grins at Matthias. It was Friday night. For the first time in weeks, all five members of the Scandinavian Lovers Club were available so the club’s leader, Matthias Kølher, had taken it upon himself to declare a club sleepover. The night had been a success as of that far. From Mario Kart tournaments to arm wrestling competitions, rather they liked it or not, all five boys were having a fantastic time.

It was no secret that all five boys possessed feminine qualities. That night alone they had painted their nails and experimented with makeup. Emil even convinced Lukas and Tino to dye part of their hair purple. So it was truly no surprise that Spin the Bottle was on the activities list. This night was exactly what they needed. It took off the pressure the boys were feeling to set up the Nordic Booth at the upcoming “Around the World” festival that their high school was hosting later that month. Emil, Lukas, and Tino secretly hoped it would help Matthias and Berwald reconcile and fix whatever problem they had been having. The two had been fighting nonstop and neither boy would explain for what purpose. Punches had been throw, names had been spat out angrily and neither were willing to surrender. That’s how they got into the situation they were currently in.

“For once, the dumbass Dane is right. This game is stupid.” Berwald muttered under his breath from his place behind Lukas and Tino who were holding him back and he struggled against them on the floor.

“C’mon you guys, it’s just a small kiss. We’ve all kissed each other, you guys are the last combination!” Tino weekly spoke in hopes of lightening the tension in the room. Matthias growled and gently shrugged Emil, who was weakly holding him down, off of him. He stood up silently and made his way to the center of the circle. Berwald looked up and sighed heavily. Tino and Lukas shared an unsure look before letting Berwald’s wrists go. Standing up and taking a few small steps, Berwald found himself in the center of the circle directly facing Matthias.

It was silent for a few moments and the other three blondes held their breath in fear of ruining a possible reconciliation moment. Just as Lukas opened his mouth to speak his concerns about the situation unfolding in front of him, Berwald yanked Matthias forward by his hair.

The noise the Dane made would most definitely be described as a squeak. As their heads collided, Matthias’ hands went to Berwald’s hips while Berwald’s hands remained in Mathias’ hair. Both sets of eyes remained opened for a few seconds but closed as the boys realized the scenario they were in. It was an angry kiss, with clanking teeth and gasps for air but neither boy was backing down anytime soon.

“Hey Ber, when you’re done making out with my boyfriend can you go over this planning schedule for next week?” Lukas spoke, breaking the silence in the room. While Emil glared at him, Tino silently thanked him (for he was finding it uncomfortable himself).

Mathias and Berwald pulled apart with red cheeks and panting chests. Neither spoke for a solid two minutes, both trying to regain their breaths. Finally Mathias whispered

“I’m sorry. You’re still wrong you dick, but I’m sorry.”

“Ditto, you’re wrong as hell. But I’m sorry.”


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What's the thoughts on the tropics?

Norway: i’d rather take my own eyeball out with a melon baller and then eat it like a grape than deal with hot weather

Denmark: woAH THERE PAL- we don’t really like warm climate but, not to brag, I’m the best at handling the heat😎

Norway: only cause you’re already hot

Denmark: what

Norway: what

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(Alright I'm gonna send a real request this time yeet) Got any headcanons on the boys having their nekotalia counterparts as pets (a personal favorite topic of mine). Thank you so much!!!! 💙💙💙💙

Denmark: “DenCat nO GET DOWN FROM THERE! Wait actually while you’re there can you grab that sock?” When he first got the cat he was a chaotic good cat dad. He’d use the cat for pranks and style the cat’s hair just like his. Him and the cat would dance at 3am, eat sweets, and bother Norway. 2 best friends; absolutely inseparable! Now, they chill together and take long car drives and blast music while zooming down the highways.

Norway: “Why the hell are you staring at me you little beast?” He completely hated the cat at first. The cat would just stare at him and hissed whenever Norway would get near him. After a while the cat would just appear on Norway’s lap when he was reading and Norway didn’t seem to mind. Sometimes they have staring contests! Norway always rants about Denmark to NorCat too while the cat just sits and stares.

Iceland: “Are you hungry? Tired? Why are you so small? STOP CRYING PLEASE WHAT DO I DO?” Someone help this kid out. He can’t figure out what the kitten needs or wants. Sometimes the kitten just rips apart his pillows and Iceland just s c r e a m s. Occasionally he pets the kitten and everything is good for like 3 minutes before the kitten gets big mad and stomps away and Iceland does the same because he’s baby.

Finland: “C’mon cutie, lets go get matching sweaters!” 👏Finland 👏loves👏his👏cat👏. Finland always carries the kitty and feeds him little cat treats that he bakes himself so the cat is THICC. FinCat likes to sit on Finny’s shoulders and always purrs happily whenever someone so much as looks at him! Happy kitty and a happy owner, they’re precious together! They have matching sweaters and always go on walks together.

Sweden: “Hm? The shelf? Get down!” Sweden enjoys making cat towers for his cat to climb up and down. They always have dinner together and wake up at the same time. Sweden sometimes uses the cat as a way to practice his communication skills and the cat just stares at him but Sweden still does this. SweCat always ends up in the strangest places and Sweden always gets anxious about this and builds a safe way for his precious son to get down. They’re a nice duo, they have a silent understand of each other.

Nordics with a touch starved s/o


💕Thank you for liking them💕


You were glaring at him from your place on the loft. The slots in the railing gave you the perfect view of his focused face as he placed one LEGO on top of the other. He does remember you exist right?

Your boyfriend, the love of your life, also known a your favorite person in the entire world, was completely ignoring you. Why was he ignoring you? Well he was dared by America that he couldn’t build a better LEGO structure. So now here you were, cuddled all by yourself on the couch, staring down at him from the loft.

You finally broke your gaze and turned back to the window. The rain sprinkled from the sky and you could see the people across the street rush into their houses or the coffee shop. Growling lightly under you breath you looked back at the TV. The Office was playing at a low level because of it was louder it would ‘disturb your boyfriend.’ At least that’s what he said.

You stomach growled loudly making you wince and you heard a deep chuckle from below. Looking down you saw your boyfriend sparkling eyes shine up at you before winking and turning back to his project. Rolling your own eyes you hopped off the couch and made your way down the steps to the open kitchen. Decided on a pastry and some hot chocolate you quickly put some milk in the microwave to heat up.

You jumped suddenly when you felt a strong arm wrap around your waist. The other arm snuck it’s way under your oversized hoodie. You had to grab the counter for support.

Snapping out of your trace you pushed him away softly. Hearing a light gasp you turned around to see your devastatingly handsome boyfriend stare back at you with a look of hurt.

“I’m mad at you.” You stated answering his unspoken question. Turning back around you took your mug out of the microwave but before you could go any further two abnormally large hands twirled you around and placed you on the counter.

“Don’t be mad at me mit alt.” He chuckled leaning his head down so it was placed in the crook of your neck.

“You’ve been ignoring me.” You mumbled softly a little embarrassed that you were so upset about this. Bringing your hand up you twisted your hands into the fabric of his shirt. Moving his head away from your neck he rested his lips against your forehead.

“I haven’t been ignoring you. I’ve just been a little occupied.” He murmured against your forehead.

“Ya occupied with something that isn’t me. Which mean you are ignoring me!” You huffed burying yourself into his neck. A deep laugh rumbled in his chest causing you to shake a little.

“You’re right, how about I take a break for 15 minutes every hour? Does that make it better?” He asked tilting your head up.

“20 minutes.” You stated staring seriously into his light blue eyes.


“Ugh, now my milk is cold again!”


You paced back and fourth infront of your boyfriends basement. He has been working on a spell for the past week and you barely even saw him. And you were tired of it to say the least. But you didn’t want to seem needy. But you also want- no needed some lovin’. So hence the reason why you were pacing back an fourth.

“Come on Y/N! This is your boyfriend I mean what’s the worst that can happen?” You mumbled to yourself. Finally stopping you quietly made your way down the steps. A green light shown through the cracks of the door making this whole situation unreasonably scary. Bringing your hand to the door knob you pressed your palm against the cold bronze. Twisting it softly it creaked open catching the attention of your boyfriend.

His violet eyes watched as you nervous opened the door, your own eyes connecting with him. He almost had to hold back a smile as you stared at him like a deer in the headlights.

“You know the rules Y/N.” He said dully, but you could hear a small smile behind his voice. Oh and I forgot to mention you weren’t allowed in the basement. Only because he didn’t want you to get hurt. I mean there where spell bottles, glass and who knows what else in there and you weren’t known to be the most graceful person.

“I know but I-” you stumbled off, looking around the darkish room.

“But what?” He asked putting down a glowing orange bottle of liquid. He came around the side of his desk and only stopped when he was a few feet in front of you.

“I miss you.” You mumbled keeping your eyes on his torso not wanting to look at his face. A hot blush was splattered across your face making his heart clench a little. A tiny smile spread across his face as he stared down at you.

“Really?” He asked holding his arm out and wrapping it around you. His other hand tangled itself into your hair, pushing your head against his chest. You hummed into his chest enjoying the feeling of him being pressed against you. “Well we will have to fix that.” He states lifting you up and wrapping your legs around his waist. Closing the door behind him he made his way up the stairs and over to the couch before plopping down on it with you still in his arms.


You were sprawled across your boyfriends bed, which to everyone sounds like a perfect dream but for you it wasn’t. He has been playing the same video game for the past 3 days!!! 3 DAYS! And that includes nights as well. The only sleep he’s gotten was a quick power nap and even that he didn’t cuddle with you. He literally just passed out. You silently cursed Hong Kong in your head for telling your boyfriend about this game. Laying on top of his pillow you stared at him as he watched the TV as if it was the most important thing in the world. Reaching out you skimmed your fingers against his back. He shuttered but didn’t even look back at you. Huffing you poked his back making his arch away from your touch a little.

Reaching his hand back he grabbed your wrist pushing your hand away from his back, going back to his game. Groaning extremely loud you flopped so you were on your back staring at the ceiling. Deciding that, that groan wasn’t enough. You groaned again just as loud. And then you did it again, and again, and again, and a few more times after that.

Opening your eyes you saw your boyfriend staring down at you with an annoyed look on his face. Deep circles hugged his under eyes and his pale skin looked a little more pale.

“What’s wrong?” He asked from above you.

“I miss you.” You mumbled lifting your hand and tracing the small stubble on his jaw. His eyes melted as he rolled them turning back to the TV he paused his game and twisted so he was laying next to you. Turning on his side he moved you so your back was against his chest and your head you tucked under his chin.

You smiled broadly and leaned back so you were completely pressed against each other.


“Berrrrrrrrrrrrr.” You shouted walking out to the shed, aka your boyfriends workshop. He shut off a power tool and took off his safety glasses when he heard his nickname being screamed.

He has been building a new bed since the last one broke due to unspoken circumstances ;). And apparently a bed can take a while to build so he has been out here for about 3 days. So that means you have been suffering for 3 whole days.

“Yes, min Kära?” He asked. His eyes scanned over your form like he was searching for some injury.

“When are you going to be done?” You asked shifting from one foot to the other.

“Well I have the rest of the day and then we gotta paint it.” He stated leaning against his desk. “Why?”

“I miss you.” You mumbled moving wood dust with your foot. You heard him hum in amusement as his feet came into view.

His large hand placed itself under his your chin tilting your head to stare at his loving deep blue eyes.

“Well I gotta get this done……..but I could stop early and finish it tomorrow. And then paint it the next day. Could you do another day with just sleeping on the hard mattress?” He asked running his thumb over your red cheek. You nodded quickly almost causing his thumb to poke you in the eye.

“Alright, But I need to clean up. How about a shower?” He asked his blue eyes darkening.


This has been going on too long.

Your boyfriend as somehow gotten wrapped up with a Tv show drama that happened to have 10 season on Netflix. So he’s been occupied for the past 4 days. To make it worse it was the most boring show on the entire planet! Like how could he find it so fascinating? You couldn’t even be in the same room because that’s how boring it was! But you were touch deprived! And you were going to get what you want no matter how much it hurt your ears.

Marching into the living room you stopped once you were standing in from of him, blocking his view. He barley paid any mind as he grabbed your hips and pushed you so you were sitting beside him.

“Nono.” You mumbled grabbing his shirt sleeve and tugging it softly trying to catch his attention. He turned his head a little at the sound of his nickname and as soon as he was about to look at you someone on his show got shot, immediately catching his attention back.

Huffing you leaned back against the couch, trying to come up with a new idea, but it seemed the gods were on your side when the TV suddenly cut out. Tino stared in shock as he saw the black screen but quickly turned his attention to your smiling face. Turning his head around he looked at you like you just slapped him.

“Why are you smiling?” He asked.

“Because now you won’t be so obsessed with your show.” You giggled running a hand through his hair resting your head in the crook of his neck.

“Ya but I was on season six so as soon as the Tv turns back on is still have 4 more season to go.” He stated making your heart drop.

“Oh just hush and love me.” You groaned burying yourself deeper into his chest.

(His name is Tino so I thought Nono would be a cute nickname, if you don’t just change it💕)


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get out

Finland: aw look at them, they’re so cute!!

Norway, looking at Sweden and Denmark:

Denmark, smiling at Norway:

Norway: oh fuck he smiled at me, what do i do

Finland: smile back!!

Norway, smiling back: now what

Finland: ask him out!!

Norway, walking towards Denmark:

Sweden, pushing Denmark forwards:


Norway: GET OUT


Finland, consoling Norway: you know that’s not what i meant right, sweetie?