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In an effort to provide insights and guidance on how protect – or fall short in protecting – children’s rights, we have now released 4 new regional benchmark reports! Find them here:

If the were one country it would be the single biggest force in the international level composing, conducting, recording and playing of classical music. Until then, as the social democratic dream fades they should form an style musical alliance for the greater good.

This morning at hosted by in Rome, the & leadership discussed common priorities for sustainable . We agree, & is 🔑!

Great training opportunity for everyone in the / ! Our Chain of Custody training course in Uppsala, Sweden, 2-4 April is for anyone interested in FSC on different levels. Read more and register here:

63 fast approaching and important issues to be discussed between Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuga and the on and

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Our awesome Head of Partnerships Ieva delivers a keynote about fintech and Baltic Sandbox at @SthlmFintechWeek. Bringing & together.

Quoting Kennedy: “we don’t do this because it’s easy, but because it’s hard!” Let’s make Interoperable

In 2030 the will be the most sustainable and health region in the world, providing the best possible personalized for all of its citizens.

Are you attending very next Biologics World Nordic? We are! Contact now our team to schedule a meeting!

Sweden - CHECK Norway - CHECK Finland - CHECK All done on one network, taken away on one truck, using one portal and getting to deal with one company. Not bad eh!

extreme important for the - and on a new track. World class reachable also in smaller units: half the size of . at networking event in . With

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Denmark: *does twitter noise*

Sweden: *checks phone, nothing*

Denmark: *does messenger noise*

Sweden: *checks phone, nothing*

Denmark: *does whatsapp noise*

Sweden: *checks phone, nothing*

Denmark: *does some random ass notification noise*

Sweden: *throws phone at Denmark*

Summary of tonight

Ok so theme of the winter carnaval parade:

- bitch its hella cold out but we’re gonna make you feel colder with ice and snow floats and cold wind sounds

-also a float with a car stuck in snow and ice ?? Lol

- northern animals like deers and owls

- lumberjacks doing awesome acrobatics

- an actual rock band with viking horns

- a dj party float with fireworks and light snows.

In summary, ok are we a nordic country now?

I blame norway.

So, I’m rather new in the fandom (lies), and just…

“Mathias Køhler” came from????


P.s Excuse me for my bad english, I’m not a native speaker ;–;

A Sunor Tale Chapter 2: Middle Times

Part 1.

September 12th 1297,


Humans were fast at changes when it came to living situations on the planet. More people were born and the society grew very fast. But so did the relations between the different folks in the world.

There were no more vikings any more and their swords were not as big and strong as they used to be. Swords were now more for showing off than for fighting with. Their clothes had been changed to a much more complicated fashion as well as more colourful and more smaller weird things stuck on them.

Norway had been very unwilling to put on the new fashion at first but he soon got used to it, he had to, after all. This were the clothes his people wanted to wear, then he would wear them too. Sweden had really never cared for fashion, sure he thought the clothes looked like a joke but he just put them on silently without a fuss.

Their names had also changed with the time, or rather the beliefs of their people. That was something Norway and Sweden hated. They really did not like this Christian thing but if that was what their people said then yeah… how could they say no, no one would listen to them about this kind of things anyways.

Björn’s name became Berwald, it was not that far different from his original name but still strange. Ivar became Lukas and he had a very hard time with the change at first, but as well as Berwald he got used to it after some time.

Both of them had no idea how it happened but somehow the Dane had gained much control over both of them. Lukas knew he should had been more careful around that fucking Matthias. Still they were friends. Lukas, Berwald and Matthias got along just the same way as back in the viking times, still unbreakable from each other. It was just a little bit different… something was strained around them, around their people. Matthias’ smile was no longer a goofy friendly smile. No, his smile had changed like a monster’s sharp teeth. He was more clingy to them than ever, always on their backs, watching them.

The Dane had always been clingy, it had not been a problem at all back then, Berwald was a bit clingy as well and Lukas secretly loved having Berwald lean against him. Berwald had never been annoyed by the Dane’s ways but somehow Lukas’ two friends seemed to start more serious fights rather than the playful ones that they had when they were younger.

One time, in such a fight, Matthias had really hurt Berwald’s arm with his axe that he had gotten from his boss. And while Berwald was looking at his arm which was pouring out red crimson blood from its wound, Matthias had jumped up and down in happiness that he won. Lukas’ eyes had widen at what he saw. Sure Matthias was reckless and an idiot, but he was their friend and had never hurt them like this before.

Denmark had changed. Both Sweden and Norway could see that, he was still their brother …but he was so different now than the Matthias they had grown to love as a brother. He liked to hurt them, liked to fight, he loved to be in control …

After the arm incident Berwald changed as well. He had always been quiet and calm but not cold and emotionless. His eyes became lifeless, they only lit up when Norway was alone with him. Norway changed also, he didn’t know why but in the shadow of Denmark and Sweden he looked small and pathetic. His people felt like that as well. Lukas had been the strongest of the three when they were children; Now, however, Matthias had grown stronger as ever and Lukas could see Berwald was running for the crown as well. The tiny and scrawny Berwald had now muscles and a firm body, Lukas had a firm body as well but not those muscles Berwald had. And it made Lukas angry that he could not be as tall as Berwald.

Lukas had once been more open with his words, more in control and more like the leader of the group. Now he just stayed silent in the corner, just listening to the stupid things that were  said. Back in the day, he would have gone up and yelled at the stupid words that were said. Lukas however knew that right now if he did that he would be slapped for talking. Then its best to be quiet, he would not waste his voice on somebody who did not listen to him.

They had changed.

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How would the nordic react to s/o saying she/he can't smell? (Sorry, I can't smell and I don't see a lot of people talking about it)

Denmark: Really? That means you’re special!

Norway: I could probably create a potion that will change that, if you want.

Sweden: No? Well that’s ok. You are still you.

Finland: Wait, that means you never smelled the sweet scent of gingerbread, or evergreen trees, or candy canes! We must fix this! Come with me, we’re going to Lukas’s place!

Iceland: Huh, cool.

In Olafs frozen adventure

The clock strikes at 16:00 (since it’ll make no sense for it to strike at 12.20)

At four, in the end of December, it’s completely dark at 16:00

So. Magic Norway is further south? In like, southern Germany or what? Italy? Fellow Europeans, in what country in Europe is it still light out at 16:00 in late December?

September 27th, 2018

Mathias stumbled upon a certain video genre while he was browsing YouTube last night. Vine compilations. 

Naturally, he shared it with his housemates and closest friends. Emil was in a constant state of disturbance for the whole day. Every thirty seconds he would hear variations of this haunting statement, “The Jonas Brothers can’t break up they’re br(ah)othhhhtherrrs; gimmE YOUR F*CKIN MONEY; hithisismyimpressionofbarackobammmaaaaa…..Michelle (mooch); Wait what? You’re not coming to my tea party? BETHANY, I MADE, BISCUITS; HoW dO YOu kNOw whAt’S GOOd fOr mE? THAT’S MY OPINIOIOINNNNNNNNN!!!”

AAANNNDDD so on and so forth and what have you.

Emil eventually broke down, feel to his knees, bowed his head, and murmured, breathlessly, “You guys, are too old, t-to understand.”

Lukas got down next to Emil, and whispered, “That, is not correct. Becauseaccordingtotheencyclopediaof plbleablalalalalalbababala.”

THEN HE WOKE UP! Just when he thought he could stop seeing his therapist…

(In case you’re new around this here blog, (just imagine I’m chewing on a toothpick or hay or whatever), this poster-thingy-majig is a continuation of an old post-erooooo I did a few weeks back).

So there’s a lot of “eesti cannot into Nordic” jokes and I need to share this story that’s in the vein of “cannot into Nordic”

There’s a theme park around a two hour drive from my house. It’s a world themed park, with different sections of the park being for different parts of the world (Africa, China, etc). I went there this summer and my favourite section is the Nordic section.

And in the Nordic section, they displayed the flags of Nordic countries. These were the flags displayed:

- Finland

- Sweden

- Iceland

- Switzerland

- The Netherlands (the flag was upside down as well)

Not only can eesti not into Nordic, but apparently, neither can half the nordics.