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"I like that we can build really fun stuff out of paper and cardboard. It's like free play! I get to use lots of materials and use things I can't at home" (2nd grader) . . . . . . . . .

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Stem cell replacement therapy update. Direct message me with any questions. I couldn’t be happier with Please consider donating to this absolutely amazing Non Profit. Every dollar helps the healing process to our veterans. 🇺🇸
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Opinion | Is Cash Better for Poor People Than Conventional Foreign Aid?
U.S.A.I.D., the American foreign aid agency, is conducting a trial that measures the impact when poor people abroad are simply given money with which to decide what’s best for themselves.

This is loaded with interesting connections to our recent discussions. 

The first thing that comes to mind when reading this is the idea of mission advancement. Salt Lake City, Utah was able to eradicate chronic homelessness by simply housing people. They figured out that it was a more effective way to tackle the issue and cheaper for tax payers The idea was to get people housed and then take care of the aspects that lead to homelessness. People in stable situations that have their basic needs met have the head space to critically deal with some of these heavy issues.The idea of giving those experiencing poverty money, reminded me of this sentiment. 

We have also discussed reasons people give and the factors that go into someone’s decision, one of these being percentage of a dollar going to the programming. This program boasts that 90% of the funds go directly to the programming, eliminating the “overhead costs.” While there is definitely something to be said for simply giving people what they need, are there any local educators on the ground that can help people manage these finances if they are unsure of how to properly allocate funds and create a budget? By removing NGO’s from the equation, is there a line of accountability for how these funds are used, and should there be? Should creating a sustainable and self-sustaining financial growth model be part of an international giving program like this? Another question I have is if these incredibly direct approaches prove to be more effective, what consequences may come from eliminating NGO’s that have delivered various services in these countries? 

I am interested to see the effects of this program and the results that these researchers find as it continues. I do believe that empowering individuals in this way can be effective, as opposed to creating a model that creates a bandage to their problems while making the donors and volunteers feel like they are delivering a saving grace (like voluntourism can do), but there can be some issues if some factors are not considered prior to building a program like this. 


WED DEC 5th — It’s all for a good cause as we come together to raise toys for those in our community. It all takes place at our #PDX @iheartradio x @jamn1075 Portland Theater. Free food from @ripcitytacos x @mandospdx1 Beverages from @nebula9vodka Performances from @miccapes_music x @itzmighty x Cool Nutz Music by @djfatboy Host/Community Liason @seeznin Dropoff Locations For Donations @trapkitchenpdx x @mandospdx1 x @gogreenhop x @official_sei & More TBA
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friends, please help spread the word: Immigrant families are stuck waiting at US port of entries with border patrol and customs taking away their belongings. It’s going to be in the 40s and these people need food and necessities. Please consider giving to Angry Tias and Abuelas as they’re out there with the families trying to get them through all this

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Sunday Dec 16th from 5-9 for
Eminent 8 Salon and Spa
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School Supplies Delivery

Last week, we set out in two teams to deliver school supplies to close to 3000 kids in 20 of RSVP’s schools around Northwest Cambodia. We handed out individual packets of school supplies for every student that included pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, and personal chalkboards. We also delivered notebooks, textbooks, supplies for the teachers such as chalk and gradebooks, and sports equipment including hula hoops, tennis rackets, volleyballs, volleyball nets, and more. Students at some of the schools even got reusable metal water bottles courtesy of Jaya House River Park Hotel in Siem Reap!

Below are some shots from a couple of the schools we visited.

Monkey Head Lake:

Toul Kor Koh:

Bour Run:

Ou Sbeak Broeus:

Boeung 3:

Boeung Kab:

8 Ponds:

Ou Chrey: 

Name: Nahndi Moulta Ali ‘19
Major: International Studies
Organization: ETE Camp
Position: Intern
Location: Hinche, Haiti
Term: Summer 2018

“With this internship, I have been able to gain hands-on experience at an influential grassroots organization in rural Haiti. This educational program has instilled a foundation of community organizing and building for every student in attendance.” –Nahndi Moulta Ali