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Heart ache she hates when it rains! Her pain won’t stop.

うわぁーー❤久しぶりの 오빠🐼❤❤❤やっぱイケメンですなー(*´∇`)ノ💞 ああーかっこよいーー

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Bitch I Win I Neva Lose We Gone Fuxk Ova You ! 💔🖕🏼

THANKS TO For the nomination. Pls repost my artwork with the Harshtsgs below as your caption, to show the world I deserve this Award

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{ Calling my friend prt.2 }


He passing u that baton @meekmill !! Do wat u gotta do to 2 win da race, he slipped up but u can learn from his slip up and avoid getting violated! Shit can’t be normal after this!
RIP @nipseyhussle @themarathonstore
#drsebi #governmentcorruption #nolove #hatecrime #execution #blackleader #HBAM

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part one. march 29…

part one. march 30 1157pm

I’m sorry I have not been their/there

for you especially.. those of you that love me and get disappointed in me… I’m sorry this is me asking for forgiveness…. I’m cruel to suffernessnent human beings… I’m hurtful to my lovelys … I torture my lovelys. sadly to say and to admit for not being happy with my faults … I own up to not being[respectful] this perfect female I am..

you comprehend the basics to the defenition I am properly typing?[data]

a few of you are [ :o holy shit ]

I would be toooo….. [bangbangbang] [🔫]

honestly find your [selftaught♡] strength … self taught remedies is a YES!!

El amor… la sociedad de hoy dice no encontrar el amor o que el amor a cambiado, que esta naturalizado ser engañado y muchas mas patrañas… el amor… incrible buscar la palabra “poesia” y que solo aparezcan personas que se dedican a plasmar su falta de amor texto tras texto, el amor esta en todo lados pero confunden su finalidad, el amor es algo inexistente que se le tiene a algo real. Ya que no puedes tocar al amor… pero amor… tu si puedes tocarme.

Falling for my Friend

Really falling for someone. Loving and accepting every flaw and everything about that person. That is the most beautiful feeling in the world. A little smile of them will make your day. Unless it’s not a mutual feeling. Than it’s just a series of little happy friendship moments and endless suffering. I don’t want to loose them as a friend but I can’t ignore… me.