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今日と明日は 店で パンの販売します!

Ce p'tit bébé , si petit qu'il tient dans ma main 😍🐈 Il a visiblement décidé de rester chez nous, au plus grand des loustics qui l'ont baptisé . Enfin en version Tiboy, ça fait "nasouette" 😂 Et Chouquette qui était triste de p…

Liberté et patrie 当店の 出身の の州旗です である 今日も に並んでいます そして明日は 7/13(金)10:00~ 店で の販売いたします

Et pour finir cette petite série, et à part ça : Bientôt la saison des noisettes ! Bois de Boulogne


おもむろに 🇨🇭 マッターホルンという名前はドイツ語で、同じスイスでもフランス語圏ではこの山の名前は といいます とにかく、 今日は雨ですが 10:00~ 店で の販売します😊

6月にオープンしたばかりの 店で 明日、パンの販売をします 7/4(水)10:30~ 旬楽膳 滝ノ水店 〒458-0006 名古屋市緑区細口2丁目113-1 TEL 0570-20-0099 営業時間 10:00~20:00

7月の販売予定です 名古屋市名東区 マックスバリュ香流店では 毎日 7:00~21:30 販売しています

ちなみに海のない では淡水魚をよく食べますが、写真の の旬は夏⛱️ですよ 冬に出てくるものはほぼ冷凍ものです。

パンが一つずつ残る現象😅 品揃えが悪くなってしまい 申し訳ありません💦 工房はすぐ近く。 パン職人が平行して焼いております 急げ急げ🚄💨

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Scratch Your Name + Jumpers


The Noisettes - Never Forget You


(via Noisettes - Never Forget You - YouTube)

noisette-tornade  asked:

1 and 7 for the film asks, please?

what’s the most depressing film you’ve ever watched?
I named one here and here, but the pool to choose from is basically endless. Less Than Zero is definitely one of them. My dad recommended the movie because he knew I was a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr., and it’s a wonderful performance by him and really a beautifully done film, but God. That ending. And it’s all the more jarring when you consider RDJ’s real-life battle with drugs and addiction. It makes the movie hit that much closer to home, you know? Because the character’s struggle wasn’t as far off from Downey’s. I love the movie but I can’t watch it all that much because it leaves me feeling…heavy, I guess. Heavy and sad.

a film you wish had a sequel? 
I’d kill for a sequel to Warm Bodies, primarily because the book sequels exist and are BRILLIANT and would make SUCH GOOD FILMS. And with the changes that the movie made to the original novel, I think filmmakers could really have a field day with material from The New Hunger and The Burning World. There’s so much to work with, and it all seems like it could be almost seamlessly adapted into the film-verse. I mean a lot of things would be expensive to produce (………airplane scenes………so many airplane scenes…….) but it could honestly be so good and if a studio chose to take it on they could have all my money because you bet your ass I’d be at every screening. I love the series so much and I just want it to have another big screen moment or two.

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Chegou o fim de semana e vamos de Don’t Upset The Rhytm do #Noisettes. Essa musica embalou vários finais de semana meus na década passado. Bons tempos! (em Curitiba, Brazil)

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