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Everyone is waiting for Michel and

a šta kaže vajni savetnik o , koji će sutra savetovati , naravno da Srbe poistovećuje sa bivši režim , a ne sa ikakvom univerzalnom vrednošću, nije ti dušama ni do kakvog ni

En su discurso de aceptación del de literatura 2019, señala el poder de la palabra escrita: cómo narramos el mundo determina lo que existe y lo que perece.

King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine at Nobel Prize Ceremony. Click the link 👉🏻

Over on our blog, Assistant Curator Margaret Campbell recounts a prediction made by Akira Yoshino, one of this year's winners of the for Chemistry, that lithium-ion batteries ‘will play a central role’ in achieving a sustainable society:

1909: Edward L Tatum born, won 1988 for discovering how genes regulate biochemical events

When you are firm about your belief but ethics stops you.Some incredible discoveries and inventions in drug discovery and human diseases could have been done more faster like this if the ethics and human trials rules could be relaxed.

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That is of course because and the organizers of the are elite , handing out prizes to other elite system agents, mostly masons, who serve the fundaments of the satanic system of lies and control.

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Michael Mayor won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of an exoplanet and he is telling us: it's better not mess up with mother Earth!

At tildele Handke Nobelprisen i litteratur kan sidestilles med at tildele Milošević Nobels fredspris. Det burde give Det Svenske Akademi stof til eftertanke og grund til selvransagelse.

Every year, each diploma is being created by different artists. This year, Elsebeth Malmsten designed the Physics diploma and Stanislaw Zoladz created the Chemistry diploma. With the calligraphed text, every diploma is unique.

Correlation and Causation - We consider the dangers of commercial decisions based on uncritically observed correlations, and make a case for examining causal links to help manage decision risk.

ہماری تاریخ کی دھجیاں آڑانے کی کوششیں کی جارہی ہیں، ترک صدر مزید پڑھئیے:

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“In a world that seems to be full of competition, combat, and winner-take-all rewards for bad behavior, how can we sense our place and our possibilities to ask for what we really want?” Dr. John C. Mather

कुछ लोग गांव से शहर आते हैं और साल भर बाद ऐसा दिखाते हैं जैसे प्रिंस चार्ल्स उन्ही से अंग्रेजी सीखे हैं, दिखावा इतना कि कपूर फैमली भी गश खा जाए. बच्चों से come here, go there कर गांव वालों पर रौब दिखाते हैं और एक ये हैं जो विदेश में धोती में लेते हैं🙏👍

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Science discovers breathing


Reposted from @educacion_investig._desarrollo - How did students react when they found out #PrincetonU professor emeritus won the 2019 #NobelPrize in Physics? - #nobelprize #princeton #princetonuniversity #nobelprizephysics (en Princeton University)

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Find out who are the Nobel Prize Winners 2019 and know more about them. This video talks about the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Prize in Literature, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Physiology and the Nobel Prize in Economics. 

 The Nobel Prizes are prizes awarded annually by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Swedish Academy, the Karolinska Institute, and the Norwegian Nobel Committee to individuals and organizations who make outstanding contributions in the fields of chemistry, physics, literature, peace, and physiology or medicine. 

Each recipient, or “laureate”, receives a gold medal, a diploma, and a sum of money, which is decided annually by the Nobel Foundation. The Quizopedia is helping your child hone the ability to face challenges, develop all-round general knowledge and sharpen quizzing skills. With knowledge presented in easily digestable nuggets and videos, The Quizopedia empowers your child to think beyond textbooks and syllabus. 

 The Quizopedia Website and App bring the fun and excitement of quizzing to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.


Reposted from @princeton - How did students react when they found out #PrincetonU professor emeritus won the 2019 #NobelPrize in Physics? - #nobelprize #princeton #princetonuniversity #nobelprizephysics (at Princeton University, New Jersey)

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