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Gracias por recordar cada día que forman parte del pasado, es una satisfacción para la de l@s que les votamos que sea asi. y el siguen trabajando cada dia en beneficio de TOD@S l@s 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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Poor Bocko will be undergoing dew claw removal and dental restoration work this mornings food for Bocko 🙁

Work; don't you just love it? Hope you have a great day folks

Yes your honor. I just couldn't keep it in my pants. Every guy at school didn't. So I joined the in boys. The boys that abused women. Especially in drunken stupers. By the women he did this to. Are there any more ?

My boys asked me if they could be , I paused for a minute and before I could answer my 12 yr old the of one. Surely was not going to work. As parents we need to support our and let them as far as they can see &

Nuestro ecosistema con Cenotes es único en el mundo!! No permitamos que gobiernos corruptos vendan nuestras tierras para contaminarlas o dejarnos sin agua como en el caso de Heineken o granjas porcicolas Kekén ...ayudanos +Ecocidio

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compartas información dudosa en . Si quieres colaborar con alguna buena causa, hazlo desde cuentas oficiales.

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