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Not a cell phone or a Waldo in sight!

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"Put Dirty Away And Feel Comfortable" say "" to clothes, clothes, and Products that run your clothes. We are the .

Count it Up. Peep the 👟 put ya boy on 👈🏾ur podcast @langstongalloway thanks for the remind I was sleeping. 🧠I’m in the building need a Supreme

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Vintage Sterling Silver Cut Out Cross Necklace , 24 inch , TRU KAY

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This CUTE face It makes sense you knooow 😒

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Oh Icarus they’ll write you poems
Romanticized versions of your fall from Apollos’ grace
When the god you loved smiled at you
With too many teeth
And let you fall
The last thing you saw
Was the twisted cruel mouth you kissed
Laughing at you
On your way down
—  A . X . B

I honestly don’t understand why people get so insistent that Revan and Kylo’s masks/clothing look similar ‘cause honestly…

clearly they’re not even remotely similar. Revan’s is clearly in a Mandalorian style, and Kylo’s looks like…honestly, like 1. that’s not a mask, that’s a helmet and 2. it looks more akin to a reverse raccoon face

As for what they’re wearing…not even that is similar.

Like, where is Kylo’s breastplate? Where are his gauntlets/vambraces?