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After training in the possibilities are endless of where you can use your skills and deep learning both personally and professionally. Find out more at

MAKE EVERY DROP COUNT, TOMORROW: Nick O'Halloran & : SOM to maximise soil structure & infiltration, non-wetting & system checks for Pivots/Lateral Move. trial Congupna, $0, lunch & f/b Crop & Connect

"If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin." -Charles Darwin [450 x 540] ⚡️RT IF YOU AGREE🔥

“If I cut you off, chances are you handed me the scissors.” - Unknown [735x1100] ⚡️RT IF YOU AGREE🔥

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Wilhelm Reich "The German and Russian state apparatuses grew out of despotism..." [1400x1136] ⚡️RT IF YOU AGREE🔥

"I had glory, fame, achievements, money, a family, all earthly assets that one could want, but they meant nothing..." - Tyson Fury [1382x566][OC] ⚡️RT IF YOU AGREE🔥

Dr. Eneida A. Mendonca is a pioneer in employing natural language processing. Now she is joining Regenstrief Institute as its first Vice President for Research. Read about her new role.

gives a presentation at on teaching Epic to read radiology reports then alert providers to untreated DVTs.

Can you tell if someone is action orientated? Get your free body language ebook to find out how get it now

Module Four of Practitioner Training-you will be introduced to the spiritual aspects of change and growth including, Multiple and Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Chakras & Ancient Hawaiian Huna.

With the advance of , , and , and in combination with massive processing than news sources, can provide an ultimate tool for the entire of .

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) remains a much misunderstood technology, and many business leaders are either wary of it, or simply don’t yet see how it applies to their business.

What feels and like. If you from can help you manage it. Please call Dina for a free 10 min consultation to see how can help you.

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NLP.js is a general natural language utilities for Node.js

We greatly support all kinds of new tools that appear every day. If you read, we are on the same page! Do you want to know something new about Node.js? NLP.js is a general natural language utilities for Node.js.
Currently, NLP.js is supporting:

Guess the language of a phrase
Fast levenshtein …


Powerlessness is a pervasive feeling many people have.

So many of us at one time or another has looked for power outside of ourselves…

What does empowerment from within mean?

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When @edmylett puts out a podcast with Dr Joe Dispenza on unlocking your mind you have to text alert and post. @drjoedispenza is amazing.
#salesgenius #positivity #brainhack #unlockyourmind #genetics #nlp (at Carlsbad, California)

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Repost @lexfridman:“Voice-based transfer of control. #mit #humancentered #ai #autonomousvehicles #selfdrivingcars #robot #communication #nlp #deeplearning #perception #machinelearning #robocars #tweeting”

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Learn how to sculpt the body you want by making small changes in your daily habits!
Changing your mind and body is really hard on your own, so I’ve created a training regimen that takes care of both.
Click the link in my bio for your free consultation to put you on your path toward a more aligned you!
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