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A la conquête du marché avec notre partenaire 📈😉

Super proud of our Team and the work they put into making this years the best ever! Shout out to our newest team member @yajasc2bl who rocked it w great hustle!

At booth #2127 you can find Hpe Expert to speak about the new for All Flash, Scalable External Storage for Stack !! Visita us ..

Where could of be in the crowd watching the corenote at ? If you’re next to him stay hello and find out how can help your business and your clients

Is your infrastructure lagging behind? Learn how can bring you back to modern times.

Taking the road less traveled isn't always the safest bet when you're choosing a storage solution. Discover and find the path to intelligent storage.

🍀🇮🇪Global Leadership Travelers learned how to play Irish Handball in Dublin🌍🐾

Register Now! We're back with our next event on Thursday 19th Sep 2019 @ Eight Club London, Bank. Discover with Storm and ! Straight from Discover Las Vegas, we will be bringing you the latest in intelligent data. Sign up here

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In the end schools must ensure each student has the opportunity to be: Deeply in a core area, across multiple fields, Highly adept in , and Able to be in a rapidly changing economy. Is this new “T” in ?

: Building Big in a Small Business. Small businesses better positioned to use technological innovations to disrupt - small size makes them inherently and capable of that leads to big disruption.

Tecnología del futuro, ahora: HPE Nimble Storage. Conocé todas su funcionalidades consultando aquí:

e ti invitano al “HPE Hybrid IT: innovazione nel data center con HPE e con HPE . 17 Luglio, h 9.30 | Innovation Center di HPE | Cernusco S.N. (MI) Iscriviti qui >

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NIMBLe is MC Hammer-approved, brings Android to even the most boring of countertops

Unrelated candid photo aside… it’s no lie: if you’ve managed to load Android onto your device, no matter how lame it may seem, you’re probably a good looking person. Not only that, but you might’ve built Touch Revolution’s NIMBLe, which is a billed as a Home Touch Phone, but runs the Android OS and holds a full 7-inch touchscreen. The most basic functionality is that of a speakerphone, but obviously Android – along with the built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity – opens this up to so much more functionality. Touch Revolution is actually dabbling in all sorts of hardware and software configurations, building a “Touch Device Development Platform” for farming out to companies for all sorts of purposes. Current builds include 600MHz StrongARM or greater processors, 128MB of RAM, 512MB of flash memory, SD card slots, 4.3-inch, 7-inch or 10-inch LCDs, 2 megapixel cameras and up to 800 x 480 resolutions. The unit we played with seemed responsive and only a little bit pointless, and we look forward to seeing this sort of thing hit the market – we know MC Hammer would agree. Action video is after the break.
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Touch Revolution puts Android in a microwave and makes an updated Nimble tablet, we go hands-on

Last year’s Nimble tablet was approved by none other than MC Hammer. So this year’s version… well, you just have to expect great things, right? Awash in a sea of keyboard-free devices we weren’t really expecting anything shocking and we didn’t get anything shocking. It’s still a seven-inch capacitive-screened tablet intended for use at home, replacing a landline phone and connecting exclusively over WiFi, providing VOIP calling and of course all the goodness that Android provides – Android 1.5. That’s a few versions behind where we’d like it to be, but given the stock OS install here that shouldn’t be too hard to rectify if/when this device comes to retail. More interesting? A microwave with Android. Intrigued? Close the door, press start, and click on through.

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Checkout this little clip of a DBUS2 flying through a playground set. Made it through the tunnel..Barely! 😂😂 #havingfun #weekendvibes

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