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Best get ready for work #24/7

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[ NIGHT LOGISTICS ] takes a big leap and is proud to announce you that as of now a night shift is available to fulfill all (y)our customers requirements.

Do you work the night shift? If so, then you know it can be difficult to sleep with these hours. Follow the link to learn how to sleep better during night shifts:

Kesalahan ku dalam mencintai dirimu cuma satu; "menyalahkan mu". Maklum kamus kebenaran mutlak berada pada perempuan.

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Nights last night attended a few incidents of sus circumstances, unfortunelty a dead badger in the road and a lot of High visibility hours! With a few cheeky vehicle stops πŸš—.. πŸš“ thrown in between! The shift also had 2 on duty ?

Good Monday Morning! is on the air. VERY Glad to be back in the chair this morning. Looking forward to the kick-off 's series this morning. Here's your weather:

Nothing worse when you get in from a 12 hour night shift to hear the scaffolding going up and constant hammering and drilling from the workmen next door

I get the best sleep at the Cinema sometimes even if the movies good

Why would you call me to tell me someone’s spo2 is bad and not give them more oxygen? ALL healthcare professionals can turn up the oxygen. I promise.

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Riverdale X Night Shift

Am I the only one who wants a Riverdale fic based in the Night Shift? Like Jughead could be TC, Betty would be Jordan..etc??

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If you suffer with Insomnia and need a good night’s sleep.
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That gif you posted in answer to my ask! I’m so busy watching Rinn gifs that I forget about the rest of the gang. Archie is so cute, honestly. I need more brotps (along with RINN of course). I wish I was rich and could just pay you to write fiction whenever I wanted so jobs and real life wouldn’t get in the way hahahaha.

I’ve been meaning to write more brotps for agesss 😩 I love the idea of the boys growing up together and getting into all kinds of trouble before the girls came along (excepting Iz, I always think of her being around just as long)

As much as I’d wanna get paid for this, my writing work ethic is terrible 😅 I stress myself out enough about writing/not writing, I can’t imagine having deadlines and money on the line 😝

My problem lately has been too many new ideas and not enough for my WIPs—thus why Sabotage and Firestarter are momentarily stalled while I mull over hitmen and alcoholic plots, a band fic and Chloe/Ian dysfunction 🤷🏽‍♀️


#Work #NightShift #SurgicalTech #PediatricSurgery #iCare4Kids #MissiSissy. Yep another one 💜

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I hate my fucking job!
#DailyRoutine #IHateMyJob #IHateMyFuckingJob #FuckThisJob #FuckMyJob #OverworkedAndUnderpaid #MinimumWage #9To5 #AverageJoe #ManualLabor #ManualLaborSucks #NightShift #GraveyardShift #NightWorkers

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Humor in Emergency Medicine

Humor in Emergency Medicine is just about as vital as the air we breathe.

If we didn’t have humor we couldn’t witness the good, the bad, and the really bad. We couldn’t sleep through the days and spend our nights pouring every bit of energy we have into saving your life {or taking you yell at us over a turkey sandwich with a smile on our face after coding the patient next door to you}. 

But unless you work in this field, you probably just think we’re morbid.

My favorite story- to this day- was last flu season.

 We were at about a 7 hour wait in the lobby, still 30 patients to find rooms for. 


A full-code rushes through the EMS hallway into our RESUS bay.

Coded patient. Patient did not survive.

Went back out to the lobby to re-vital the patients and see if there was an increase in acuity. 


Still filled with patients who should’ve been at home resting with fluids. 

I get a call on my radio from a nurse who was helping run the code. He’s a pretty blunt and ‘hang loose’ kinda dude. Before I can even tell him that I’m standing in the middle of the lobby surrounded by all of these ‘sick’ patients- he asks:

 “Hey man! Did you bag that body?!” 

my face was bright red. 



-hangs up- 

Everyone looked mortified. 

& then all of the sudden a patient laughs and shouts out {as he holds on pressure his finger that is probably only a cm away from falling off} 

“does that mean there is a room opening up?!” 

I let out my laugh that I had been holding in

“you sir, aught to be in this career field if you aren’t already..” 

So I’m in my work on Nightshift. I’m a support worker in a respite unit and all the other staff claim it’s haunted. I’m just going about my business, doing the washing n that and I walks by the back door and then I see this shadow of a fully formed human. Naturally I jumped back and screamed, saw my life flash before my very eyes, this was the end, but then! I take a second to rationalize, the shadow has also jumped back in horror.

It was my shadow. I was scared of my own shadow. Get me to bed.

so yknow how I said I’d post something since I was off three nights

here’s an update

I have 500 words of fractured notes I need to convert to actual sentences for Night Shift II

I outlined the missing bits of Casual Affair so I can easily put it together and finish it

One or both will be posted today SCOUT’S HONOR

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