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Lunch time at 1.30am The joys of working the Cheese and tomato sauce sandwich ๐Ÿ˜‹

with 10pm -1am weekdays. Ladies, how do you cope with Long False Lashes? Doesn't it feel like carrying a canopy over your face? Una dey try oo!!!

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I feel the life force being extracted from me by my incredibly demanding patients, you do strange things to keep going through the night shift. I told all my new patients that my name was Alexa for funzies and they shouted this instead of shouting โ€œnurseโ€๐Ÿ˜‚

I โค๏ธ nothing more than to come home after a 14hr unable to find a parking spot outside my place as every parent of the local elementary school drove their kid, alittle rain never hurts. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿš•

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Work sucks ass right now

That is all


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Evil Things Movie (see trailer):










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Nightshift Coming To #DVD 12/4/2018 #Nightshift #SonyPictures

Nightshift (2018)


Matthew O'Brien, Angel Hannigan, Nigel Mercier, David Collins, Daniel Fitzgibbon


Amy begins her first night shift in a hotel with a murderous past. Witnessing terrifying events and trapped within a loop, Amy must find a way to escape the flesh obsessed murderer and save residents of the hotel.



“Night Shift” by Stephen King *NO SPOILERS*

Night Shift – 77 – B+

By Stephen King 

“Night Shift” by Stephen King is a mixed bag with some amazing short fiction shining brightly.

“Night Shift,” Stephen King’s very first batch of short stories, fist published together in 1978, a mere 4 years after “Carrie” really showcases a morbid but fascinating collection of tales. That being said, it is certainly a mixed bag, with a couple real duds, a larger number of mediocre to very good works, and several outstanding entries. Below, I will list my favorites, and least favorite stories and my rationale, along with a brief comment about each of the remaining “middle ranking” stories.

My Favorites:

Jerusalem’s Lot – 94 – A+

“Jerusalem’s Lot” is very reminiscent of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” as it is told through letters from the story’s protagonist. The story is horrifying both in its themes, and imagery, and serves as a prequel to another King novel “Salem’s Lot.” This is by far the best entry in “Night Shift” and one of the longest in the collection. It truly transports the reader to the time period in which it takes place, and it truly made me uneasy; its the perfect balance of being gruesome, yet classy (for lack of a better term).

 I Am the Doorway – 92 – A

This is pure sci-fi horror that is deeply unnerving. Involving themes alien beings, mutation, and murder, “I Am the Doorway” delivers. Though somewhat simplistic in its concept, it is also highly creative, with incredible descriptions of body-morphing horror and a straightforward but satisfyingly horrifying ending.

 Strawberry Spring – 88 – A

“Strawberry Spring” is a great entry, full of the suspense and tension of any good murder mystery. Told from the first-person perspective, this story truly takes the reader and places them in this environment of fear and uncertainty, as a killer is on the loose in a college campus. The ending is simple but terrifying in its implications, and will surprise.

 Quitters, Inc. – 90 – A

This one TRULY showcases the masterful imagination of Stephen King. “Quitters Inc.” takes a relatively simple idea, and turns it into a highly creative and bizarre story full of utter sadism and madness. The protagonist is someone that you both root for, and see the flaws in, which is how any good protagonist should be written. The ending is not a twist, but is nevertheless unsettling. This is a damn good story.

I Know What You Need – 88 – A

This is a very good entry, as it combines the psychological and real world fears that any college student may have living alone for the first time and falling in love, with deranged antagonists and paranormal horror. I enjoyed that the supernatural elements were present here, though they were subtle and took a backseat role to the twisted mind of one of the characters.

The Man Who Loved Flowers – 93 – A

“The Man Who Loved Flowers” is short, sweet, and has incredible atmosphere and descriptions. It begins lightly and then towards the very end takes a very dark and morbid turn. However, despite the abrupt change in mood, this story is VERY well executed and King’s writing is incredible here, in just under SEVEN pages of text.

One For the Road – 94 – A+

“One For the Road” is a terrifying epilogue to King’s “Salem’s Lot,” and, for me, holds the second position in this collection to “Jerusalem’s Lot.”  Interestingly, the two best stories in “Night Shift” bookend “Salem’s Lot.”  Here we find vampires, frostbite, and missing persons, all in the dead of night.  A very good and scary read.  


The Great, The Good, and the Mediocre:

Graveyard Shift – 61 – B-

“Graveyard Shift” was effectively creepy in its imagery, with some excellent horror sequences, but the concept was a bit underwhelming.

Night Surf – 84 – A-

A melancholy prelude to another King work “The Stand,” “Night Surf” works as both a prequel and a standalone story. However, despite being expertly written, those familiar with “The Stand” will admittedly enjoy it on a deeper level.

The Boogeyman – 48 – C

This is an effectively scary story, but it contains a twist ending that somehow seems forced and unnecessary.

Gray Matter – 74 – B+

“Gray Matter” is extremely effective gross out horror, but not much more than that.

Battleground – 55 – C+

This one was a bit far-fetched to me, and had little character development. That being said, “Battleground” has excellent an impressive action sequence.

Trucks – 59 – C+

“Trucks” was admittedly a tad stupid conceptually, but is a good apocalypse story with good writing as well.

Sometimes They Come Back – 83 – A-

This is a GOOD ghost story. Full of clichés, maybe…But creepy as hell.

The Ledge – 81 – A-

There are no ghosts, creatures, or demons here. This is pure tension and psychological horror and suspense. The ending seemed a bit generic, but this is a very good entry.

The Lawnmower Man – 67 – B-

“The Lawnmower Man” is indeed a scary demonic tale, but it could have been more than what it was in the end, which was a little silly.

Children of the Corn – 76 – B+

This is a disturbing one, with excellent writing, but the characters are totally unappealing.

The Last Rung on the Ladder – 80 – B+

This is an emotional story, with heartbreaking implications and masterful prose. But I’m not sure what the reader is really supposed to take from this, other than depression.

The Woman in the Room – 84 – A-

“The Woman in the Room” is simple, straightforward, and heartbreaking.  It tells of a son and a mother, and a tragic decision that must be made by one of them.  The prose is beautiful, but it lacks a bigger purpose in this collection.  

My Least Favorite:

The Mangler – 40 – D+

“The Mangler” is stupid, not scary, and with characters that are not believable.  The concept is inane and ridiculous. It is a FAR inferior version of “Trucks.” The story itself is rushed, silly, and lacks all kind of subtlety and buildup that King usually employs. Very disappointed in this one (if that’s not clear already).


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Proud to present to y'all the First Song Off @duggie_aa EP #Sonourner

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Just a small sneak peek of what has been happening at during the #nightshift @longxtradingco in order to get ready to leave in 72 hours
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Night Shift - A Poem

Ne’er I see the light of day,

The shining sun above,

But hope one day I’ll find a way,

To return to whom I love

For while I wake he’s sleeping,

And while I lie he stands,

And I find that I am weeping,

O’er uncompleted plans

But soon my love I’ll see you,

And can once again be sunny,

For I have seen the darkest of nights through,

Though it was not worth the money

- Eleanor Jane Aldworth


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Night Shift antics. #Danni_Doc #nightshift #yesireallyamadoctor #healinggodschildren #thehealer (at City Md)

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post night shift sleep documentation of consciousness.


I forgot my dream / nightmare/ dance with death until an hour or so ago.

I dreamt that X had posted all kinds of public displays of affection with their new lover online, which drove me to going to their location. Wherever it was I met an ex Disney star, ie: Selena Gomez.

Then I lived in a squat / room for a long time with a boy who I must have been very close friends with.

Then X got engaged and I told X I was going to kill myself.

X begged me not to, but out of fear of watching X grow old with another in their physical shell of a body, I got into a car or a bus.

It veered towards the water and I know the feeling, and it happened over and over as if on repeat. And each time I felt myself losing air, I opened my mouth and it felt sweet but overwhelming to die.

Why did I die over and over again?

I remembered Y’s rape before. Everything is coming back to me.

But I am at peace with the war I have caused but there is evidently no peace in my mind. My soul will become peaceful. I am on the path of reconnecting, because I want to be, where soul meets body and body meets mind.