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This bug is AWESOME!!!! Found at the GBT

The rising sun along the shores of Lake Ontario in signaling the end of the .

Do we have any night owls out there? Show yourselves by retweeting us! Good night from all of your Alaska Zoo friends πŸ˜‹

This this was surprisingly pretty tasty! Good food right here!

Working can wreak havoc on my sleep schedule on occasion. I've learned to just roll with it.

Need help on the ?😴 Our will help your sleep betterπŸ‘Ά Put it in the fridge to cool their sore gums!

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Ken je dat? Dat je naar t toilet ging en daarna klaar wakker bent?

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Gf gone to bed and I'm left playing Dreamcast in the living room.

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Nightshift, water pipe broke, fire alarm went off 🀣 standing outside since 30 mins, best shift ever! πŸ€“

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A little rant from one aggrivated stna. Sorry.

Seriously? You are a grown adult but you can’t show up to work on time because that drink the night before was more important than relieving the people who worked 12 hours and then had to stay 3 more hours before you finally graced us with your presence of straightened hair, perfect makeup and freshly bought coffee. And then after working 15 hours, I came in 7 hours later to help you with this mad house at work, knowing I have to work until 6am again, and you do nothing but drag my name through the dirt? Best believe mama taught me to pray and ask forgiveness and to always hit where I aim.


Night timing
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7 night shifts are looming…

The night shift. The mystery to all those 9-5 workers, but no mystery to us in the NHS. I’ll be honest, they sometimes have their perks - more money, less noise, less people to interrupt your flow - they can be very appealing for a good reason! But what are the downfalls? Especially when you’re trying to take good care of yourself and be healthy and well?

I feel that I often hear people saying they gained a lot of weight, or their sleeping pattern was messed up for ages and that they just feel rundown all the time with no energy to spare. 

I’m currently preparing and that involves being sat in bed, eating Shreddies, napping and watching scrubs. I think back to when I started my training - it definitely was the case that I would only “hope for the best” and allow myself to get so messed up that I couldn’t even remember what day it was! This makes me realise how far I have come and that my survival techniques do work well for me. 

I’m going to purpose some strategies to help my future self or for those of you who do work nights. Its vital that we take care of ourselves and find a routine that works to avoid future health problems! Unfortunately we can’t escape our biology - our bodies are designed to be active during the day, and need rest and repair at night. So lets look at what I do:

1. Meal preparation: I personally think this is key. Don’t leave it to chance and fill yourself with rubbish. You must have a plan for your food intake. People always laugh at me for discussing what I’m going to eat during my nights two weeks before I’m due to work them! Prepping food at home and making sure that I’m bringing fresh food with me is a life saver. My body really needs it.

2. Meal times: I know some people who completely flip their schedule and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner as they would during the day. I personally find it better to stay as close as possible to a normal day/ night pattern of food intake. I do this by minimising my food intake between 12-6am to allow my body to still have that period of rest. 

3. Exercise: I’m really not that big on exercise anymore… I don’t have that gym bod!!! However I do feel that when I’m on nights all I do is work, sleep, have no energy and feel like crap - which is even more reason for me to exercise! I try to walk to and from my shift - personally I find that doing this wakes me up and tires me out! 

4. Use caffeine strategically: I have previously relied on caffeine pretty heavily during nights, but now I always try to keep it to the beginning of my shift.

5. Make your daytime sleep as good as possible: Get blackout curtains/ blinds, turn your phone on silent and try to have an empty home during the day to minimise interruptions!

6. Sleep patterns: Find what works for you and stick to it. I like to come home, have a bath, relax with a hot chocolate before bed and wake up around half five in the evening. 

7. Take vitamin D: I have a Berocca and a bottle of water when I wake up and I often take freshly prepared fish to work for my evening meal. Working nights can make you deficient in vitamin D because you’re not getting exposure to daylight. A lack of vitamin D can make you moody, irritable and tired - and we don’t need any more of that considering we’re already feeling rough and cranky from being awake all night.

Nights are not for everyone. I know at times you need to do what you need to do, but just make sure your own health isn’t taking a hit and pay attention to what your body is telling you! I hope some of these help. 

Days, our time together has been really nice, I’ll be seeing you again next Thursday!



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1. Name: I’ll reveal that when I turn 18, so 4 more years. 

2. Nickname: Beta, BookGeek.

3. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

4. Height: 5″11

5. Language spoken: English

6. Favorite fruit: Watermelon, Apples, and Grapes.

7. Favorite scent: Lemon zest and red velvet 

8. Favorite season: Spring

9. Favorite color: Royal Blue and Black

10. Favorite animal: Wolves 

11. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Coffee

12. Average hours of sleep: 6 to 7

13. Favorite fictional character: TOO MANY! So for now I’ll just say Izzy Lightwood from TMI

14. Number of blankets you sleep with: One or nothing. 

15. Favorite songs: Trade Mistakes by P!ATD and Fetish by Selena Gomez.

16. Favorite artists: Emma Watson and Cassandra Jean

17. Favorite books: PJO Series, To kill a mockingbird. and My Big Fat Manifesto.

18. Favorite Disney princess : Belle

19. Favorite number:6

20. Favorite tv show: The Fosters, Riverdale, Arrow, The Flash,The Nightshift, Shadowhunters, General Hospital and Jane the Virgin.

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Canvas down the floor #nightshift #gorkemdikel #painting #abstractexpressionism #painterly

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