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Had to stop and take these on my way home! A nice day developing but chuffing cold! now for my bed.....😴😴

I'm over half way through my final night shift in this run. So far we've seen an unwell infant and an elderly fall. Heading back to base for our meal break now.

Night Shift Deputies initiated a traffic stop in the 15500 blk of Crosby Fw. Both occupants were arrested for open felony warrants. The trailer was found to be stolen out of Dayton and was returned to its owner. It’s all in a nights work!

Yes, mom. You've been sleeping too long. Time to get up and pay attention to me.

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#nightshift #nitelife #music #jammin #workflow (at West Anaheim, California)

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#nightshift #nitelife #music #jammin #workflow (at Anaheim, California)

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#nightshift #nitelife #music #jammin #workflow (at West Anaheim, California)

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Unom magam.

Nem izgat a Shell. Mármint tényleg. Kicsit sem.

Ez az utolsó éjszakás műszakom, utána márcsak ezeknek a gyötrelmes műszakoknak fogom használni az emlékét, amikor otthon az ágyikómban alukálva hálás és boldog leszek, hogy nem kell dolgoznom. Hanem aludhatok. Az örömöm akkor lesz teljes, ha belegondolok, hogy “kedvenc” kolléganőm, vagy az, aki ellopta a helyem, talán épp azon az éjszakán pakolja a raktárat, amikor én az igazak álmát alszom.

Bűnös gondolat.

Eztonnan tudom, hogy az instant karma ismét akcióba lendült. De honnan a francból jön ENNYI poloska?


Yves Saint Laurent “Y”

Yves Saint Laurent “Y”

Agency: BETC Paris

Production: Iconoclast Paris
Director: Manu Cossu
Cinematographer: Nicolas Loir

Post: Nightshift Paris

Model : Alexandre Robiquet, David Alexander Flynn, Loyle 

Editorial Content:

Director Jonas Hegi, Julien Simshauser
Cinematographer: Tom Elliott
Colorist: Richard Fearon


Year: 2018

Thinking of how good a parent Hardcase would make gives me joy. Like he’d be the type of parent to roll in the grass with his kids, stay up all night looking at the stars, play tag with them, play hide an go seek. He’d just be an a+ dad.

Trying to stay awake so I can sleep today (I work tonight). Playing Fallout 3.

Pants crapping moment: Discovered Old Olney…with a lower level character.

Deathclaw strolls around the corner, I decide discretion is the better part of valor and run. Run around corner into another deathclaw…20 stimpacks later, I’m alive and run into TWO more…retreat…



Combat shotgun broken.

Retreat to sewer. Really dark sewer. Turn on Pip Boy flashlight and oh look there…another one.

Go back through door.



TL;DR Old Olney is NOT a good area for a low level character and deathclaws are like velociraptors in Jurassic Park.

Someone has to stop me from playing DC songs at work….or okay don’t stop me, more like please stop me from playing Minx songs at work……maybe I’m just tired…..this will be my 10th Night shift without weekends or any free days between them….only DC is keeping me from falling asleep….I may look like a Zombie by now….

7 shifts, 3 nightshifts

Mondays and Tuesdays are long shifts at McDonalds. I work during breakfast/lunch rush. This entire job is practice in patience and empathy. I’m out of my element, but my nerves are starting to go away as I become more sure of myself.

Nightshift is great. That’s the rest of my week. It can get crazy because there’s less staff, but everyone comes together well.

**pro tip** Don’t order breakfast menu items at night if you want fast food.** **


#nightshift #njtransit (at Kearny, New Jersey)

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