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::quiltr:: Patience vs Persistence --

وهذا القلب المشتت الحزين لن يجمعه إلا السجود لربه وصدق الدعاء.

🔹Noche de película en mi muy golpeada tierra natal!!! Sur del Lago de Maracaibo Edo Zulia 🌍⚡️🌛💨 🔹 Que les parece esta foto ??? 😉 🔺Felicitaciones

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The dashing @my-heart-fiction-superstition tagged me for a selfie and I’ve been away for a hot second so here is a sleepy selfie

another pretty face

you look at her and melt

you feel something don’t you?

do you want to kiss her?

touch her in places nobody else can see

you made a deal with the devil

another pretty face

soft skin

a smile that could kill

everyone warned you

to turn around and never look back

but you took her by the hand

and said “let’s go”

do you love her?

enough to destroy yourself?

you didn’t see this coming

she’s just another pretty face


Milky Way #12 - Piratininga/SP por Enio Godoy -
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