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Market analysis, outlook and update for tomorrow (18 jul). For details pls visit

பங்குச் சந்தை உயர்வு. மேலும் விவரம் |

Made 9k ( .55% ) intraday today . Sold only PE today and whole this week till today. Tomorrow 11700 may hold key .

Dollar Advisory Closing Bell: 11,687.50 +24.90 (0.21%) 39,215.64 +84.60 (0.22%) For more information: 9111179961 or Connect with us -

बाजार में बढ़त, सेंसेक्स 85 अंक चढ़ा और निफ्टी 11688 पर बंद .

| बढ़त के साथ बंद हुआ बाजार, 85 अंक और 25 अंक चढ़कर 11,687 पर बंद।

बढ़त के साथ बंद हुआ शेयर बाजार, सेंसेक्स 84.60 अंकों की तेजी के साथ 39,215.64 पर रहा, निफ्टी 24.90 अंक चढ़कर 11,687.50 पर बंद हुआ।

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ASX200 NIFTY 50 HANG SENG Technical Analysis Elliott Wave 17 July 2019

“ Since Baxter is part fish, he’s the best when it comes to shower sex. He can practically give head to Nifty for hours”

this was the one i was referencing but apparently forgot to post XD im so dam dumb. and its cause boy is part fish so can breath through gills (alot of people imagine he has some) and can eat her out for hours. which i hope is true cause nifty would loose it

anon submit .   (art by vivziepop)


did some zbrush sketches today to get back into it, 3d stuff has been really hard for me after last semester being so disastrous