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पति के साथ एयरपोर्ट पर स्पॉट हुई

c. La résultante de la lâcheté de notre pays. On ne nous respecte Pas. Un mal a été fait le pays ne veut pas prendre ses responsabilités sur son passé. Mais les coupes du monde de ces xxx et ces yyy issus de l'immigration on les prend. Brigitte Bardot insulte ya personne ?

Most disinterested members of the British public may still have a vague idea who was, but would have no clue who is and why it should matter. So I have to say, it seems to me to make sense.

Have an out of context Drake and Josh photo until I properly make a gif of this out of context photo. ---

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My fur babies, pulled their allowances together, & bought me, Portulaca bicolor, hanging baskets. They're so thoughtful. 😄🌺🐕🐱🐈

This got to be my most favorite look among all the looks we got to see from our Indian beauties so far...Nick is being total gentleman👏👏pri is stunning 😍😍

Dicen que la flia no se elige; si pudiera yo los volvería a elegir en esta y otras vidas... Los amo!

Nick ndo mtu pekee ambae anaweza kunichallange na km friend en kunipa michongo na madili ya maana even me navofanya for so how can we protect our ? No one kat etu ambae anajiona bora zaid ya mwenzake....Nimetumia hilo jina kuwasilisha ujumbe

Interview: Will Toyah find evidence of Nick's guilt? Georgia Taylor spoke to us about her up coming storyline which sees Toyah v Nick! 👉

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*shamelessly dropping my VinNick art and yeeted my own self

(Tap / click on it for hd quality daymn tumblr)

Today I had a dream about Nick from @heartstoppercomic.

It began, when he sent me a whatsapp message with the latest, not yet published episode of Heartstopper. The next message was something like ‘hey, we need to talk. Call me’. Obviously i was panicking. I avoided to answer him and I haven’t thought about the message until later that day.

When I stepped out the bus, I saw Nick waiting there. Of course I freaked out, but I went to him. It was weird because he was an abstract mixture of the cartoon version and a human version. I’m not pretty sure what we were talking about. What I know is that we talked about Charlie and his anorexia. Nick was very worried. I tried to help but I don’t think I was a help. We walked through the streets of France (yeah somehow I ended up there, no idea how) and at one point I thought about Alice’s new book and the ace representation. So I began to happily talk about it while Nick stood there in confusion. He hadn’t realised that he was in fact a fictional character and his creator was Alice Oseman. It was awkward to explain that to him but he didn’t complain, he just accepted it and talked with me about the new book.

Btw in the end we saw Charlie, he seemed a bit angry at me (he didn’t know me in the dream). But I just went away and let Nick and Charlie alone.

Batman vs. TMNT Review

So I just finished watching this movie, since everyone else that did thought it was good. When I first heard about it I was very skeptical, but you can’t judge a book–or in this case a movie–by its cover right?

Here are my thoughts:

  • Mikey was adorable and I wanted to hug him the whole time.
  • He was jus a bab and I loved him.
  • There was lots of blood and dead people and I’m not sure if this is okay for kids. Nick’s really going down the darker side of things with TMNT huh (Not that I’m complaining, honestly. This stuff I LIVE for-) ???????
  • Also when Donnie’s arm was broken I was like e ugH
  • Like you HEARD his bone breaking
  • And it was so sickening and I just-
  • Aaaaaaaaa
  • Leo. Was. Pure. Awesomeness.
  • Like he was seriously kick butt awesomeness that just…. Mmmmm yES GO
  • And then when he saw that vision thing (Which was also disturbingly horrific but again I loved it) I was just like noooooo my boi it’s okayyy. ;;;-;;;;
  • RAPH
  • JUST!!!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • Like Raph just forcefully turned Batman around and the turtles were all shook #1 like, “Dang, he gon’ die for doing that”.
  • “We’re not a family, we’re a team.”
  • “Ain’t that the same thing?”
  • Robin
  • He smol boi
  • <3
  • I honestly couldn’t look at Shredder for too long when there was all that blood on his face after Batman beat the snot out of him
  • Shredder is officially Joker #2 now apparently and I’m pretty certain they might make another one.
  • I’m glad they didn’t portray the Turtles as like, “Oh Donnie just acts like a genius”, “ Oh Raph is just a hot head”, “Oh Mikey’s an idiot”. They expanded on their characters and it was so pure.
  • Robin <33
  • Comedy: 10/10
  • Action:10/10
  • Plot:10/10
  • The Turtles: 10/10
  • Overall: 10/10

So again.

Don’t judge a book by a cover. You might miss out.


mel & nick made quite a lot of money through fishing & farming so i may have went a tad overboard and built them a rather unrealistic but quaint little beach/farmhouse

cinderella pt.1 - z.k

lane: z.k
words: 813

“Y/n where’s my breakfast?” “It’s on the counter!” I yelled. I went back to my homework so I could finish it. Forget the fact I’m a human being, they treat me like I’m not.

“Y/n?!” “What do you want?!” “Stop yelling at us, you don’t want to get in trouble because of that.” Solar threatened. “Ugh…” I breathed. Shortly after, I ran downstairs and saw my step sisters stuffing their faces with breakfast. “What do you want, Star?” I asked while crossing my arms.

“I was just going to make a complaint about my bacon. It’s a bit crispy.” “Anything else?” Obviously sounding really annoyed. “Umm, mother dearest wants you to get her shower running so the water is at the perfect temperature.”

“Well, I’d rather dump water on her to melt”, I thought. Keeping my inter comment to myself.

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fb: recovery.

w, @loupdessteppesnick 

La tarea que Lucien le había comunicado por medio de una llamada había sido interesante. Al menos admitía que el hombre contaba con ideas creativas. En esta ocasión, al menos, estaba dispuesto a ser el hombre en el terreno. No había demorado en conocer a un chico que podía ayudarle en ello. Era carismático y atractivo, pero las cualidades de personalidad ni físicas interesaban en esta ocasión a Tarik. Tenía un objetivo en mente y era lo único que le interesaba.