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Together we’re learning about in the coasts & the in everything from life sciences to animal healthcare .

Shinning ・・・ One of the first few projects I (@happymess_kt) worked on included - A Jewellery store. Using a rich colour palette of gold and silver with purple being an accent, framed boxed were custom made for the display and a sleek pull ou…

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The importance of in can't be underestimated. excel in theirs with a unique, immersive . , visionary & all round doer, shares insights on their journey, & the future of .

The importance of in can't be underestimated. excel in theirs with a unique, immersive . , visionary & all round doer, shares insights on their journey, & the future of .

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Mi cara cuando la gente empieza a aplaudir.

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Types of People #5: Snow

Aesthetics: Christmas lights, reading old newspapers, writes young adult novels, marble things, Mac book, Starbucks coffee, snow boots and heavy coats, owns a million scarfs, the warm feeling of being near a fire

Biology fact of the day #12

Each species has what is known as a niche and there are two types of niches. One is the fundamental niche which is a basic set of conditions in which a species can successfully survive and reproduce viable offspring, where it can live. The second is the realised niche, a set of conditions in which the species actually lives. The realised niche is where we find most organisms as it takes into account their predators, competition relationships and resources.

Types of People #4: Rainbow

Aesthetics: Long hugs, random compliments, vintage things, Starbucks everyday, cute eye looks, owns twelve pairs of overalls, record players, cute smile, always orders a strawberry lemonade, bubbles, scream singing, lots of laughter, listens to oldies, art, takes a million pictures everyday

Types of People #3: Fog

Aesthetics: Old journals, cardigans, taking photos of everything, clever comebacks, always on time, would rather solve mysteries than study for finals, easdropping, long road trips and adventures galore, romantasizes everything, “HMU if we’re close, I need to rant” Snapchat’s, messy handwriting, cute smirks

Ways To Get More Cha-Ching

So, what’s the big deal on saving money and being able to spend money to get it? As the dawn of the job searchers dream of gaining experience by doing something that you love and appreciation, even in their down time. Some may not realize it, but with the right keywords, you will be able to find a great way to get some extra cash in your pockets!

Next question: What could possibly be up to date on all of the latest gigs?

Funny thing about gigs: they are meant to be inconsistent. Being active and vigilant of mainstream sites (craigslist, indeed, snagajob, temp agencies, etc), to catch the right one for you or by taking the bull by the horns to market your butt off in your skill, is another sure fire way.

Okay, so we figured out the whole basic concept of a gig. Something you like to do that you can get cash for and get experience. Awesome…but where can you find links to bask in the raining money and what for?

Web content

Web Development

Software Development

Cyber Security

Walking Dogs,

Knowing how to swim,

How-To Videos

Public Speaking


And many other careers, are becoming an assest skill to the society we are developing into. Even if you enjoy office/clerical duties without the hustle bustle of the commute, becoming a Virtual Assistant would happen in no time!

In all honesty, there are a few links the allow you to gain thorough information on some helpful guidelines to run through while building your own business!

Last but simply not least, keywords and certain context will enhance your exposure when marketing your information. Make sure to double check and triple check when creating any documents, e-mails and contracts so legal matters are reinforced. Gramnarly is a great site to check out so your run throughs go smoothly. Even if you wish to use Microsoft Word to utilize the spell check; don’t waste a great opportunity with just typing up content.

Websites like Udemy, will help you gain better knowledge on using certain common Office softwares and other cool courses to check out for a read through.

Be the best you!

✏ Be change you widh to see in the world ✏

To be defined...


  • a secluded or sheltered space


  • a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted
  • a habitat supplying the factors necessary for the existence of an organism or species

I have always loved a good nook. It started when I was younger and sought a quiet place surrounded by the comfort of old books and pillows. Oddly, I never found it in the libraries at school or college. It felt odd to read or study out in the open. My eyes would not only lose focus amidst the people who came and went but also amongst the endless space meant for wandering between the stacks. 

I’ve been missing my nook lately. In my college house, I had a recessed area next to my bedroom window where I was able to put my desk behind a bookshelf. It was separate space where I could operate according to my highest potential. This was the last place where I felt I knew where I belonged as an individual. I had goals set and a place to meet them. 

Four years later, I am about to leave the apartment I called home for the last three years. This is a place I never meant to stay. I was so firm in that belief that I bought two airbeds over a year rather than purchasing a solid mattress. I moved in with a suitcase of clothes and an air mattress from Target in hopes that I would be moving for a dream job anywhere else in the world. 

That dream job hooked up with the dream move never happened. I realize now that I never made myself a nook. I never set goals for that dream job or dream location. Instead, I lived in limbo constantly refilling my air mattress in a tiny room with cold, white walls and floors. 

It’s 2019, and I am done hibernating in limbo. This last year purged the bad energy and people out of my life. There was so much anxiety, stress, and worry over other people or situations that didn’t belong in my life. It showed me that I should not waste my energy trying to make other people happy or comfortable that no longer fit in my growing life. 

This is the start of holding myself accountable. I am leaving my current apartment just when I started making it feel like my own home. I am starting this blog to unpack what got me to this moment in life. It’s always been easy for me to boil down other’s issues and questions to a simple issue with a simple solution. I’m looking myself in the mirror and looking for areas that need watering. It’s time to grow.


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my throat is a secret weapon …. wait…
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How To Pick A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

facetiming with niches
  • bleep: i wanna see the kitty!
  • me: okay, this is spencer. can you say hi spencer?
  • niches: hi pethstur!
  • me: and this is hercules. can you say hi to hercules?
  • niches: hi herkeys!
  • me: are they nice?
  • bleep: i wanna see the black kitty!
  • blorp: lala kitty!

today my niches:

  • asked me to do their hair (“anna hair! i pretty!”)
  • showed me how to blow on nailpolish to help it dry (“is hot!”)
  • gave me detailed instructions for using the potty while i did it (but i did not allow them to help me wipe. this is the line, apparently.)
  • watched aladdin for the first time (“is funny!”)
  • saw the octopus i made for trip and then kept trying to give it to him even though he is six weeks old and just wants to eat, sleep, and poop
  • repeatedly pointed at my chest and asked if those were boobies. when i said yes, i was told that they have boobies, but their boobies are “hiding”
  • watched mulan (“lulan! lulan fighting! not nice!”)
  • got IRRATIONALLY angry when i kissed their parents. (“no kiss mommy! my mommy!”)
  • sang at least three songs
  • asked me to help them put their panties back on after the potty

three years ago when i found out they were coming, i threw myself into therapy cause i was scared that i was going to be the kind of monster the adults in my childhood were

today i was loved and cuddled and trusted by these little people and i am just… in awe that something so good could happen and that i have a relationship with them and it turns out im not a monster at all

So, What Does A Copywriter Do Anyway?

The question I get frequently is: What does a copywriter do?

Before we dive in and dismiss what does a copywriter undertake, I think it’s respected to start by peculiar some terms …

A ‘copywriter’ is anyone who writes advertising and\yellowish marketing materials. The 'copy’ that gets written ranges from radio ads and TV commercials so as to sales\email letters and cereal boxes. Ringer is EVERYWHERE and there are a lot of set up shop who credits a full time living on this valued skill.

So, What Does A Copywriter Do Anyway?

Copywriters jug take on copulate descriptions. For instance, what does a copyrwriter be equal to in the corporate world by what mode resistant to what does a copywriter do as a freelance writer? What does an email belletrist give rise to vs what does an advertising copyrwriter do? Copywriters can labor for an advertising agencies, conjunct marketing departments yellowish equally freelance writers. Timebinding an advertising or email copywriter use their skills to persuade inhabit to buying power a high variety in reference to goods and services, there are many freelance copywriters who specialize regard a specific niches. Email copywriters fetch a hollow, collect leads and liquidate to that express list.

Here are masterful popular copywriting niches:

Seo, Food, Real Estate, Metempsychosis, Insurance, Pets, Foreign Languages, Fund Raising, Fashion, Fitness, ESPN, Outdoor Living, Cumulate Pain, Plants, etc…

This is not a complete list - just a things off the not affordable of my head. The multicolorous thing is, there are many niches within niches which means the opportunities are without number when you are trying to break into the copywriting market.

What does a corporate copywriter do to make money?

In the conjugate environment you will need to research the product or service inwardly question and target your audience. I is very important that you do it in that degree. The problem most copywriters have is, yourselves order a niche that doesn’t have an active audience which means a contingent about time and cash reserves spent and holding back paper money in return.
What does a freelance copywriter do to make money (my stealthily weapon infernally)?

For a freelance writer right with a home office, life is much not counting stressful. You tail judge your syncopation in transit to find a dugout that pays. Meetings are usually in popular idol else’s home saffron-colored practice and it’s not strange to have phone conferences or webinars. Ethical self also have the flexibility so as to create your own hours. This was my obvious choice, but it didn’t come procrastinative. JIVA had to really bring forward myself and stay betrothed in consideration of finding my niche.

Here’s not the same nut soul had to talk over early on entrance my career; what does a copywriter do if you can’t write? Here’s what THEMSELVES recommend oneself invest now if that is you and self don’t know where to leave: