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HOW TO MAKE YOUR TRAVEL EASY Chat With Fellow Travellers Share Images GPS location tracker available Document sharing Create Itinerary And much more App Coming real soon:

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In The Light « Laisse parler ton coeur, interroge les visages, nécoute pas les langues », le nom de la rose, Umberto Ecco

La réélection de , adulé sur la Riviera, semble inévitable. En partie parce que les gauches et les écologistes ne sont pas parvenus à s’unir. La désunion fait-elle la faiblesse ? Enquête à lire sur notre site 👉

Mais il y en beaucoup d'autres, tous aussi indispensable, si les créateurs du monde de la BD, du dessin de presse ou de l'Opéra vous intéressent. Les entretiens de ces artistes avec Numa restent des modèles uniques d'empathie.

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✌️ Et si avec Viva! nous changions la donne ? disons stop au greenwashing d'Estrosi. Nice n'est pas une ville verte et planter des palmiers dans des pots en plastique ne vas rien y changer.

Local Governance Workshop in Day 2 ! Participants are confronted to a simulation scenario on crisis management.

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Nita Xu


Shout out to @nickcannon for making a song called “The Invitation”. I took the invitation and whipped you with it. Along with garbage ass @hitmanholla @conceitednyc @therealcharlieclips. Nobody responding to this. If they do you bodied. I’d body @eminem to if it came down to it. I’m to hungry. To vicious. To fearless. Onward now niggas I’m out. Click link in profile for rest of the song. For the record tagging @therealshotgunsuge
Just cuz he nice
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‘Tis the season.

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Best Field Trip Ever with Martin Luther King Elementary! ✍️💚

We recently hosted students from Martin Luther King Elementary and the kids were given a first hand look at how Nicktoons are made starting with a Creativity Workshop and Storyboard class taught by storyboard artist, Nic Parris! The kids also got to hear from Keith Sweet II, an Executive Assistant here at Nick, who’s journey began in the same place theirs is just starting!

also in case anyone missed the message: ships I won’t ever support on my blog are, and are not limited to in case I see more random crap:



anything you bozos come up with including Tsuna and an adult cut it out wtf

Tsuna and fucking Giotto uh???

even if you try TYL!Lambo with Reborn or Colonello, he’s still fifteen and it’s STILL pedophilia suck a dick

vaguely mentioned by someone: Lussuria and Ryohei please go away Luss is in his fucking thirties

adding in Spanner and Tsuna, or Shoichi and Tsuna too for good measure bc all art of them is during the fucking future arc and the two are adults yuck

put Byakuran or Gamma near Uni and I’ll literally curb stomp you