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🚨APPREHENDED 🚨for an ASSAULT of a 71 year old man that occurred in the vicinity of 3458 3Ave On 5/1/2019 at 2:20P.M. Has been Apprehended thanks to the hard work of our and concerned like you!

ブランド設立55周年の節目となる2019年は、 「NEW YORK」「AMERICA」の名に由来する 「アメリカの審美眼 American Beautiness」を年間テーマに掲げ、 トラッドとモダニティが融合したコレクションを展開します。 mens womens

🚨APPREHEND🚨for Endangering the Welfare of a Child at the intersection of Vista Place & 68 Street On 5/17/19 @ 6:15pm Has been Apprehended thanks to the hard work of our and concerned like you!

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🇸🇦🗞🏅🏅🇫🇷Le journal saoudien anglophone a été récompensé de deux prix aux pour son dessin de couverture (réalisé par l’illustratrice du ) marquant le mouvement d’accès à la conduite pour les femmes en

It’s has some great One of my favorite lipsticks to wear is this beautiful deep cherry 🍒 red in the shade it’s one of my go to favorite reds👄💄😘💋🔥😍🔥I love it! 🍎🙌🏻♥️

オシャレさと機能性を両立したニューヨーカーの"COOLBIZ" ワンランク上の着こなしの幅が広がるスタイルをご紹介!

Explore the New California Cool in Sacramento Oh no, is this article about to swam with New Yorkers?? 😅

🏙️Have you taken our Mastercard VIP tour yet? 🏙️ Learn more about the stunning five boroughs, the surrounding waters, and how New Yorkers live their day to day lives.

Dedicated to all the hard work the members of New York’s Bravest the and all the EMT’s set out to do each and every day. Much love and Thank you from a proud native 🙏

¿Aún no conoces el nuevo espacio ? Pásate que están llenos de moda 😍

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Just a small choice of pictures I took at my last visit to New York (Repost because the video I posted before was blocked by Instagram)
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🚨🚨🚨🔥🔥🔥To jump start the release of my new mixtape Bullpen 2 … 3 new tracks (Third Degree Murder) .. Sauce, 7Rings, 24/7 Available Now!! (link in my bio) 🙏🏽🙏🏽 thank you to everyone’s continuous support of my music and choreography.. I’m soo inspired to give more!!! #davidsinceremusic #bullpen2 #davidsincere #comingsoon #newmusic #thirddegreemurder #dancemusic #hiphopisblack #newyorker @theshaderoom #newyorkrapper #celebritychoreographer #lilmama #waynebrady #biancabonnie #chinesekitty #wyclefjean
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Come visit the library ! (Magazines)

The library of Artem proposes several types of magazines. Indeed, you can find magazines about business & management, science, political controversy and economics.


Wired is a monthly magazine which focuses on freedom of business, and the inference of governments in public life. Anchored in the west coast of the United-States, wired is the expression of “techno-utopians” who see in the market law a technological progress a way to free the individual. In this number, wired not only treats the effect of sponsoring instagramers on social media such as Facebook, twitter but also praises the nature of state Arizona.

New Yorker

The New Yorker was founded in 1925, initially to be a sophisticated and humoristic newspaper. Even though the content has evolved, it has remained a refined reading.  And New York is less the center of the journal,  only the critics part are still focusing on the city events. There are more political articles than before, Nowadays,  the New yorker is the reference when it comes to serious articles and short stories.

MIT Sloan

The management review, MIT Sloan, is an inspection on recent research articles whose aim is to provide young managers with new and practical tips. Published quarterly, the titles of the short articles often begin with the locution “how to” and finish by the references used. Despite its serious tone, it is adequate for beginners since the definitions of the tough words are given on the left side of the articles. Livened up thanks to the graphs and bar charts, the large font makes the articles comfortable to read. Whether you are a young manager looking for tips to enhance your management techniques or an experienced leader seeking for the recent innovations, this magazine is for you.

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