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Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now- Alan Lakein. Check out our plan for 2020. We predict valuable times ahead

Can you face your fears and take on the challenge, in support of your nominated charity? See the link below for more details.

No One Like Me I'm a Mother fu***...G 💥💥☠️ New track Link in the Bio 🔥 And if you like it please do share and Supporting Us brother ❤️💪

I have developed a completely new Compensation Model that has been fairly optimized and is ready to test in markets nationwide. But as long as we are addicted to entitlements, it wont fly. Also no more .

Four days trekking though the Sahara Desert - could you challenge yourself for Willow Wood in November 2020? It will be the experience of a lifetime!

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New Year….what you mean by a new year?? is the beginning of something..But each year each of us plan to workout something!! As we all know, in most cases it became just thinking’s, while coming to the end of year..But here we understood that, life has no retake & the time is money..
If today is the last day of your life..have u ever thought about it? there will be anybody who doesn’t understood the value of each moment..?? Therefore, what ever be your area of life..try not to be you are…but try to be the maximum of you are in each & every moment…


Here’s to a fulfilling, engaging, active, administration changing, and fierce 2020!!
Happy New Year to all our followers! Hoping your #2020 is filled with success!

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To my friends & family around the world… ✨🌎 Happy New Year !! 💥🎉
Wishing you heath, happiness, success, joy, and many, many ripples created in #2020 !! #2020NewYear #2020WillBeTheYearFor #happynewyear2020 #newyear #createripples #NewYearsEveEve #dance #danceforlife #NewYearsEve #NewYearChallenge #joy #vogue

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happy new year

my goals for 2020 ;

- lose 10 more pounds before my birthday in March

- keep up with The Bold and the Beautiful

- learn to walk away from arguments

- have my house completed to feel like a home

- purge 50% of my materialistic items and live a more simple life

- keep myself off social media. It’s exhausting and negative. I don’t have Snapchat or Instagram. Fb & Twitter still exist but I haven’t been active in months

- paint more

- hang out with my goddaughter more often

- find a new passion

- be happy

- be financially secure
YAMAY SW350 Waterproof Activity Tracker And Smart Watch
#yamay #sw350 #waterprooftracker Available from affiliate links: Amazon UK: Amazon US: Amazon CA: https://amz...

YAMAY SW350 Waterproof Activity Tracker And Smart Watch

#yamay #sw350 #waterprooftracker
Available from affiliate links:
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Today we are taking a look at the YAMAY SW350 Waterproof Fitness Tracker.

This is a bargain tracker with pretty much all the features of the market leading Fitbit Charge 3 but at a much, much lower price.

Features include:
Heart Rate
Step Pedometer
Sedentary alerts
SMS Alerts
Call Alerts
Messaging App alerts Skype, Wechat, messenger, Facebook, etc
and much, much more.

It uses the VeryFitPRo App to sync and has the usual features all there laid out in easy to understand design language, but dive a little deeper and the power of the Band and the App come to life with so much user configuration to keep even the most active person in touch with their stats.

I have made the switch from my Fitbit Surge, and that isn’t something I would do lightly.

So, that is my recommendation, if you have an older Fitbit or some other tracker, Give the YAMAY SW350 a go. I don’t think you will regret it.

If you don’t like the looks of the SW350 maybe consider one of the other models shown here

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¿Necesitas una furgoneta antes de fin de año?


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The #newyearchallenge everyone should remember; if nothing changes, nothing changes!!! @yourjewelryfinder

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New year challenge - no cola, maccas or coffee

So this year I decided that I would challenge myself to go without coca cola and McDonald’s for a year. This is mostly because if I could find an excuse to have it then I would. I now how no excuses for eating these things.
I have now added coffee to the list, I started the year off just trying to not have coffee whilst on holidays but I have now also committed to not having any coffee for the year.
This is largely due to the fact that whenever I have coffee consistently it makes me feel fatigued and anxious at the same time.
I’d like to see the difference it makes to my anxiety levels, moods, energy levels and stomach problems.

At the moment I don’t have as many stomach issues, in the past almost every time I had coffee I wouldn’t get the energy rush I would only get a bloated sore stomach and it had a significant laxative effect on me.
Originally I was told these feelings were linked to a lactose intolerance which lead me to giving up lactose and still not feeling great.
My dietician that I was seeing could only advise to go on an elimination diet and did not even consider coffee to be a possible problem. It was through my own research that I found all my symptoms were related to coffee consumption.
So for the moment my quitting coffee, coke and McDonald’s is going well.
These things have been fairly easy to replace with other options and have lead me to consider increasing this challenge to limit my intake of other unhealthy foods.

My partner has now bet me a $1000 that I can’t last a year without refined sugar.

Stay tuned and I’ll tell you if this challenge gets accepted.


She sometimes calls me PIG (she thinks it is cute) but I am currently struggling with my weight.

- WHO doesn’t love food!?-

As a couple that loves fine dinning, food in all ways, the adventure of finding new restaurantes and enjoys cooking together we have gain some weight over these 3 years, I decided, as always, she supported me that we should start walking for an hour until we enroll in a gym. This will help us get healthier, support each other and have some -us- time.

Tomorrow will be day one as I already took a shower and I don’t want to sweat again 🙈.


Challenge of 2017

I challenge all my followers (195) to take a chance on something this new year… like traveling to a new place with absolutely no money just to see where you may end up, getting into trouble to have one hell of a story to tell new friends, or maybe tell the one person that you are so foolishly in love with that you love them with every fiber of your being and maybe they love you too just as much. Take a chance this year, I dare you.

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I knowwwwwww Im late but here you go #chingy #rightthurr #chickenhead #christmaschallenge #christmasisovertho #itsanewyear #newyearchallenge #2015 😂😂😂😩😩😩😂😩 WHO WANNA BATTLE ?!?!

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G3TF1T's 2013 Fit for Life Challenge


     It’s a whole new year you guys! We can do this. Forget last year, forget about all the times you cheated, and forget about all the times you have fallen down because it’s all going to be different now. We are all going to get up and keep going together. I decided we are going to start a challenge. It won’t be complicated. You don’t have to be separated into a team and then constantly have to remember to check in or anything like that. It’s going to be simple and it’s going to be successful. First things first to join you will need to do the following things:

  • this post. Easy right? 
  • Follow G3TF1T- That’s me :) 
  • Just send me a message whenever you remember to tell me some way you have progressed for example: “Today I weighed myself and I have lost X lbs!” or “I only ate X calories today and I worked out and burned X!” like anything you are excited about. You tell me! :) I will be putting your names on a list on a page on my blog. so if you are joining just reblog, follow and…
  •  send me a message with like a little greeting like “hi I’m ____ and I’m joining you in your fitness Challenge for 2013” or something I don’t know you can even add in your stats or whatever you want! It’s really easy.
  • Also a way you can be involved in this challenge is you should find a support buddy on the list.. probably someone who shares age, weight, height, or just the same goals as you. This person can be a texting buddy, tumblr buddy, email.. whatever you want!
  • This step is not required but I am selling motivational weightloss bracelets if you want one it is a way we can all be connected in this fitblr community! : :) 
  • I will be promoting you guys throughout the year to my 6,200 followers :) 

Basically the challenge is this:  

  1. Try to eat as healthy as possible each and every day.
  2. Work out for atleast an hour a day and have one day of rest
  3. Encourage each other to live happier and healthier lives.
  4. Send atleast one message of encouragement to a fellow challengee. once a day or as often as you want!  :) 
  5. Keep up with your progress on a website like MyFitnessPal or in a journal. 

I’m so excited for this. We will all get our dream bodies <3 I love you guys!


Liz :) ( G3TF1T ) 

Ready? :) GO!