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Did you know that neglecting to floss may be the culprit for bad breath that you can’t seem to get rid of. (Leftover food particles from last weeks lunch are bound to not smell so great, right?)

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Vintage Retro Vintage Hot Red Lips Telephone Red Color Sexy Shape Mouth Lips Phone Dial Land Line Telephone Phone Home Decor 80s

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best wishes


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Sorting through my holiday photographs … 

this is a street in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I love the architecture of the old city, the cobbled streets and the fortadelas on the hill.  This street reminds me of the Bo Kaap, an area in Cape Town which lights up much the same for New Year and the Carnival.  Hey!  Did I say Happy New Year?  Nooo.  Oops.

It’s never too late.  

Happy New Year everyone, but to Cape Town I wish happiness as well as plenty of water and loads of electricity.

We hold on to so much beating ourselves up mentally because we should’ve done this or that differently. Or beating ourselves up because we didnt accomplish this goal or that went wrong.

It’s 2019 and time to really clear that mind and start fresh. Learn from the mistakes but never let it hold you back. I believe in every single one of my Boss Queens that follow me and I just know if you keep moving forward and giving it your all daily, regardless of what you want to accomplish I know you will look back at 2018 and notice how far you have came!

Give me a 🙋🏻‍♀️hand up if you will try everyday to move forward and letgo of everything that’s not helping you get through your journey 🙋🏻‍♀️

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5 Gifts for Your Partner for the New Year

The big yearly holidays are over. It’s time to look forward to the year just begun. Whatever gifts you and your partner may have exchanged for those holidays, with more or less success, here are some guaranteed-to-be-successful gifts for the New Year.

(Note— these same ideas apply to friends and relatives, anyone with whom you have a close or special relationship.)

1. Do something with that person that he or she particularly enjoys and would especially enjoy with your company. It should be something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. It shouldn’t be something to which you have a personal objection or with which you feel uncomfortable.

Go to a classic car festival even if you have no interest in cars. Go to an art museum, a Comic Con, a basketball or baseball game. Go do something out of your normal choices but that would make your partner happy.

If an activity is dangerous for you or violates your beliefs, don’t do it. But don’t rule something out because you fear you’ll be bored. Your commitment is to your partner’s enjoyment.

Whatever you do, do it with grace and patience. That’s part of the gift.

2. Prepare or acquire a particularly favored food item for your partner. Human beings in general find food rewarding and pleasant. Being the recipient of food feels like being cared about.

If you cook or bake, making something by your own hand carries extra value to the recipient. It can feel very personal and generous.

If you are not a person who enjoys or is skilled at cooking tasks, you lose no value by putting in the thought, time, and energy to acquire a special food in other ways. Godiva offers many ways to make people happy. As does Garry’s Grill, Adam’s Taphouse, Ginza, BonChon, Ming’s, etc. I understand that the Tiramisu from Giant is delicious; and I know that a fresh bagel from Uber Bagels is a delight.

It doesn’t matter what the food is, only that it’s a thoughtful and personally chosen gift.

3. Make the time to sit and listen. We’re all so busy that what passes for conversation is often just an exchange of household or family tasks that must get done. It can be and feel like a real gift to have someone just listen without some other agenda. Make time to ask about and listen to thoughts and feelings, fears and hopes, joys or losses.

Relationships need to be about more than utilitarian partnerships. It’s good and necessary to be able to accomplish necessary tasks; being a good team is great. But if a relationship becomes about only being functional, its warmth and intimacy gets diminished or lost. Listening is a critical component of a meaningful relationship. Being listened to feels very elevating and affirming.

4. Give the gift of time. What task can you take over for your partner at least once? Think of something that you can do that will free up time for your partner that your partner can use in any way that he or she wishes.

The gift of time could be as mundane as taking his or her turn to take out the trash, bathe the baby, or return the library books. It could be as big as being the parent volunteer for the scout camping trip or the class trip to Williamsburg.

Time is precious; we never have enough of it. A gift of time is huge, whether it’s a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days. It’s especially welcome when it’s time to be used “just because”, without strings or expectations.

5. Give a thoughtful gesture. This is meant to be something small but which demonstrates thoughtfulness.

Bring your partner her morning cup of coffee before she even gets out of bed. Bring your partner his reading glasses when he sits down with the newspaper.

The goal is to demonstrate that you are thinking about and caring about your partner. There’s no intention to be bold or showy. The intention is to demonstrate thoughtfulness and kindness in small ways that can be repeated often. Each time such gestures are made they make an impression on the recipient of feeling that they matter to someone who matters to them.

Of course, these are gifts that are not limited to the start of a new year. They’re meant to be given, and re-gifted, all year ‘round.

How we’re getting into our financial bag 💰

Finances are one of the main things people focus on when tackling the new year. It’s something that’s also been on our minds as we’ve continued to come up with fresh creative ideas and made financial plans for the new year.

Below we share 5 ways we’re getting our finances in order this 2019:

+ Creating (subscribing to) a BUDGET

+ Organizing our financial records

+ Trying to find an additional stream of income

+ Coming up with D.I.Gs (daily income goals)

+ Creating financial goals and targeting to reach them

Bathi “Money is the best deodorant” ma 🤷🏾‍♀️👑💰