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Christmas is around the corner, How are you celebrating this year?

I've sorted Christmas for you, now it's all about looking ahead to YOUR NEW YEAR!! 'LINE UP YOUR GOALS FOR 2019' - new blog post! 👀👀 [share the love - please retweet]

I hope 2019 brings me sleep-filled nights. I need this insomnia out of my life!

First Bus South Yorkshire is keeping you connected this Christmas. For our Christmas and New Year service arrangements, follow the link below:

People often have a new years resolution to save money, so we’re going to give you some very simple tips to make it easier! 1. Start a budget – keep it realistic and keep track of your spending 2. Don’t spend on interest – remember to pay your bills on time

In Fukuoka for the New Year? Make a pilgrimage to shrines and temples for hatsumode:

As we approach the New Year, it’s an opportunity to share this article for those of you who are planning on doing ‘Dry January’. Don’t fear a flavourless beer if you are doing Dry January:

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New Year 🎊

…is just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I always tend to be super excited. It feels like a fresh start and you have all the motivation to work on your goals.

Unfortunately, after like two weeks, people forget about their resolutions and goals and get to their regular life without any significant change. That was the reason why I didn’t set any resolutions or goals.

This year I did it quite diferently. First of all, I choose my new year’s theme. It’s like a slogan for your new year. I got this idea from @lavendaire and I absolutely love it.

My new year’s theme: Shine in the darkness

Meaning: being positive despite my problems, deal with stress and anxieties instead of ignoring them, learn to love myslef 💗

My new year’s resolutions:

▪️Read more books

▪️Be creative

▪️Workout more 😅

▪️Be healthier (eating, sleeping…)

▪️Manage my time (no procrastinating on social media)

▪️Practise selflove 💗

I also created a bucket list of things I would love to try during 2019. Here are some of it.

My bucket list:

▪️Visit England

▪️Get my 2nd earring pierced

▪️Repaint my room

▪️Reorganize my bookshelf

And lastly, I would love to share some of the books I would love to read.


▪️The War of Art

▪️Unlimited memory

▪️The life-changing magic of tidying up

▪️Why we sleep

▪️21 lessons for the 21st century


#Repost @la_vida_muscat (@get_repost)
A traveling group of acrobats, dancers, fire show and much more sensational live entertainment not to be missed!! 👯‍♀🔥🤡
For this special event we have TWO separate areas for different music and entertainment !! DJs both inside and DJs Outside!! So you choose!! (Just wait for what we have planned for our terrace area😉)
DJs include 🎵:
▪MR SHEF CODES (regular @ Dubai’s best nightclubs- 1OAK/ TOY Room/ Cirque Le Soir)
▪DJ Lorenzo all the way from AMSTERDAM!
▪DJ LAWWIE our resident!
-RO25 single/RO40 couple- Unlimited selected drinks + free food stations till midnight.
-VIP PACKAGES AVAILABLE (be fast to avoid disappointment)
Contact us for booking
☎ +968 9899 9790
Follow us on 👉@la_vida_muscat !!
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С наступающим,солнышки!

Осталось совсем немного времени,чтобы закончить все дела, а еще подготовить подарки и приготовить вкусные печеньки и ароматный глинтвейн!
Надеюсь, это время будет для вас волшебным и максимально уютным!


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2019 - The Year Of No Bullshit

I haven’t written in a while and i think its because I’ve been so happy. I only tend to write when im extremely sad or frustrated as its usually a release. But today im just confused. Having trouble with my job side of life and once again it comes down to the actions of others. Despite feeling amazing these past couple of months theres still that lingering feeling of dread. I guess that’s the worst part of my depression. Its always there. Never going away. I’ve come to peace with it now and even though i don’t want to be on antidepressants i know that without them the battle would be 100x harder. So when i take them i like to think they’re just aids that i need to help push over enemy lines and keep them at bay.

I’ve always struggled with people. They’ve always confused me and frustrated me. As i start looking for a new job, i was updating my CV and looked down the list of places I’d worked. 5 places since i was 12 years old and i realised NONE of those places i had left was because of the job itself. But in fact the people. Weather it be customers, colleague’s or mangement it was down to them i had left. Which broke me a little. I know that there is and always will be shitty people in the world and you shouldn’t let them get you down. However i can’t just pretend its okay and make excuses for them either. I don’t know if its just my own morals or just my high expectations but so many people have ruined experiences for me. So going into the new year i eill make a promise to myself. A promise to take a little longer in those beautiful places im alone and appreciate the peacefullness and tranquillity when there’s no bullshit around. And i will linger a litte longer around those that make me feel good because these days good people are like gold dust. I just want to make this complicated mess we call life to be as smooth as i can make it. So if that means moving from job to job until im happy, or cutting off people that I’ve wasted years on? Then so be it.

I know we here on love to joke and meme about how shitty each year was/is but FUCK THAT!!! We speaking positivity into the rest of this year and the next one!

2018 was long and hard, but guess what? YOU’RE STILL HERE! We have have more opportunities to change and grow and learn! more opportunites to set boundaries and figure out what makes us happy. Don’t negate and look down on your 2018 experiences. Everything we’re going through is preparing us for everything we’ve ever wanted. 💕