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Weekly Heads-Up

I’m home again T^T feels great to write this on my own desk again :D

Coming Up:

Nothing. Sorry, there are a few more Uni-tasks I have to fulfill. But after that, I’m hopefully completely free! :D

Working On:

  • Still, the 8th chapter of EML, but it’s nearly finished! As you can maybe guess, due to the fact Kakashi is currently gone, there will be more bonding time with Team 7. I really hope I can put all of the ideas I have for this story inside, because I really think it’s worth it? ^^’‘
  • The Spy!Reader Request ^^ I really hope I can really get started on that one when my tasks are finished. But I know where to go and how I want to end it, now I can just hope you guys will also like it ;)
  • The Madara Request! Same reason as the one before, and the same hope I have ^^’‘
  • And, for the people who followed me for Overwatch content, I may have started to write a longer fic with Hanzo in his younger years, which will stretch itself until he’s at the age of the Overwatch Recall. I nearly got the first chapter down and have to see when I will post it

And because I want to give you guys a little insight, I will include hear two little excerpts of the requests coming up, once the one with a Spy!Reader who is tasked to kill Kakashi, the other a Madara story with Angst and a happy ending ;)

First, the Spy!Reader:


“Excuse me, is there still a table available?”

Inwardly, you were already fuming a bit when you spun around to politely remind the customer that there were opening times. No one was in yet. The café didn’t even open officially, you were still in the middle of-!

You froze just when you wanted to speak up, basically with the typical customer-smile plastered to your face. Kakashi Hatake, in the flesh. The hair was unmistakable. Smiling underneath his mask, hands stuffed into the pockets of his shinobi pants, the bulky uniform not hiding one bit the wide shoulders or the fit frame of his body.

You couldn’t believe your luck. This was a once-in-a-lifetime occasion; your target walking up to you and basically willingly step into the devil’s den. Another thing an assassin should be able to pull off without a hitch was quick thinking and quick redistribution of plans. This was perfect.

“Excuse me, dear shinobi,” secretly, you were dancing around, happy you could soon burn this waitress uniform on a pyre, “but we aren’t open yet. Only a few more minutes, though, then I can help you select something from our card.”

Kakashi nodded weakly. “Very well. I will wait over there.” He gestured over to a corner of the patio, while you still couldn’t believe your luck. As quickly as possible, like raw lightning zapped through your body and fueled your very being, you wiped over the tables and set up the chairs, all the while Kakashi waited in the already mentioned corner.


Second, the Madara Request:


“Now, it’s only you and me.” You said loudly.

No answer. Only a low growl rumbled through the air, like a hound had been released from its leash. Goosebumps peppered your arms as you turned around, glaring into the darkness and at the first shadow. He was the real danger here. The others had been stupid; easy enemies, easy kills. This one would be a challenge.

“What’s your name?”

You shuddered, and it wasn’t the coldness shaking your bones. No, the dark, demanding voice. You knew that tone. Knew the expectance of obedience, knew the stance of absolute confidence in his own position, knew who was standing right in front of you and wanted to know the name of the murderer who killed his squad.

Madara Uchiha. Ice rained down your back, froze your stomach, slowed down your heart. Madara Uchiha, the heir of the Uchiha Clan. Tales were told about his strength, agility and fierceness in battle. Swallowing the dread curling on your tongue, you stood up, even though your knees felt strangely weak when these intimidating eyes seemed to pierce straight through your soul.

“My name is (Y/N) Senju.” You raised your chin in a silent challenge, even though everything you wanted was to hide underneath the next best rock. “You don’t need to tell me your name. I already know who I fight.”

“Good. It was never my intention to give you my name.”

Arrogant bastard.

“Why do you want mine, then?” The man — no, the teenager, barely the age of Hashirama and surely not older than you — smirked, the white of his teeth reflecting some of the weak starlight. “That I know what to write onto the stone which will mark your grave.”

“We will see about that.”


Short and sweet. I really, really hope to get these done soon (they are each at least 8 to 9 pages in, with almost 3000 words too, so yay me for not being able to control myself at all… -.-) 

Personally, I’m so content right now. Home again, in my own bed, with my own pillows… Sigh. Finally. Also, I made the “mistake” to buy “Sekiro - Shadows die twice” and… yeah… The Darksouls and Bloodborne creators made again an effin breaker of hope and confidence. I’m dying and at the same time I want to beat this game so badly before I give up. Yeah… FirstWorldProblems, I know. Other than that, I enjoy eating real bread again T^T9 (Another FirstWorldProblem).

But yes, that’s it for this week! Thanks for all the comments I received on the last chapter for EML. I know it’s going pretty slow, with the two weeks in between update-times and the long chapters with the bonding times and stuff… I really hope you are willign to stick with me and this fic. I’m still building kind of the background for everything which is about to come, so in a few chapters I should be able to get to the really good stuff ;)

To all of you, have a nice and good week! :D

Weekly Heads-Up

Time for another newsletter ^^

Coming up:

  • The 6th chapter of “End my Loneliness”. More hostility, more insults, and still, the MC can’t resist the brats of Team 7 ;)

Working on:

  • 8th chapter of EML, which is oh so slowly coming along. But after that, I should be able to pick up some speed again, due to the fact that the semester is finally over T^T
  • The Spy!Reader request, who is sent to kill Kakashi. Only last Thursday/Friday, I wrote 2 pages, so it’s going good and I hope to get out out soon ^^
  • Madara Fluff with angst request. Yup, it’s also going good and also another added page to it. (I was really hyped because most of my uni-tasks were done, okay?)
  • Even though I haven’t touched the ModernCoffeeshop AU with Yamato in the last week, I’m pretty happy about it and planned a lot, where I want to go and what the end result should be ;) 
  • Also, I started to write a new fic… Modern AU… The Reader finds a note on her office desk from a secret admirer… And I don’t want to say yet who the love interest will be, because that is kind of the whole appeal of the fic, to find out who is the writer, but you can take a guess ;)

God, I was pretty busy. Mhm. Hopefully, you all can see the fruits of my work soon and I’m pretty excited to be free again to write a whole lot :D

Next week it’s finally going home T^T Finally! My bed is waiting! And it seems that it’s warm in Germany, while in Scotland, I’m freezing my toes off. That will be definitely nice. And my looooong fic Find The Right One is really going towards its end xD Just let me say this, I was really happy people actually started to read it and made the effort of fighting their way through 84 chapters. Because of these people and their comments, I also nearly finished the next chapter for FTRO, so if you are reading it or planning to, thank you so much, you are a wonderful person and give me so much joy and motivation T^T

That would be everything for this week! Again, thank you all so much for keeping up with my slowness, I really hope I can pick up my slack over the next month. So, fingers crossed ;)

To all of you, a great week and see you next time! :D