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Deadly Email Marketing Mistakes: Taking on Too Much

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Hey guys, how do you feel about newsletters? I’m planning on starting one to share more of my art, process, comments on stuff, gifts and more since tumblr and other platforms are having problems and limit things for artists

Let me know if you will subscribe to a newsletter from me and what things you will like me to share in it

thank you for following me and the support here!


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Weekly Heads-Up

Because I’m a lazy piece of crap, this comes only today… Sorry for that.

Coming up:

  • A new chapter for FTRO. Maybe because I had a surge of sudden inspiration… Who knows why…? thinkingface

Working on:

  • The third request, which will describe a better end for Yamato than the canon gave him. The poor tree-boy.
  • Still, the fic about the reclusive MC with the working title “End my loneliness” is going good. Go figure ;) I’m close to the end of the second chapter and think I can soon finish it, what means also that I would start to post it soon, too.

  • Also, I’m still working on the ModernYamato fic, also in the middle of the second chapter. Though, my reason for prioritizing the other story over that one is, that I just finished “It was a long way”, a story with Yamato and I want to mix it up a little. That’s the only reason.

  • Some of the other requests, because the third one is at the same time also the last one which “won” the 100 Follower-Celebration. So, soon you can enjoy more of your own ideas :D

Personal Stuff:

Well, I returned to my dorm at last Friday and already miss my bed (T^T) at home deeply. Uni will officially start tomorrow for me, what means hopefully lots of procrastination and therefore, writing. I received my last and most amazing christmas present (and yes, I will always mention it whenever I can!) and are ready to throw down with my flatmates because almost the first thing I’m doing after I returned after a month (!) is cleaning up the kitchen and bathroom. A bunch of 20year olds and no one is able to grab a sponge and wipe over some kitchen counters. (-.-) And yes, I’m miffed by that. Sorry for the rant.

Well then, until next week! :D


Leigh Bardugo’s Newsletter on TGT & SoC TV Series 

Hey guys, I haven’t seen this floating around yet but I decided to repost it here (Credit: the.assassins.blade on IG) for those of you who aren’t subscribed to Leigh’s newsletter!

After reading this, I have a little more faith in the tv series and can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with! Also we could possibly be getting PoC Alina, The Darkling (although him being an old white guy fits the whole evil vibe ahhaha), Kaz etc!

I love this quick list from the Canva Weekly Newsletter: January 4, 2019! Great reminders about the basics for good design work. 

Good design gets its message across. How? By using ‘visual hierarchy’. Designers play around with things like color, size and spacing to create a hierarchy that places key messages front and center.

Here are the five key elements of visual hierarchy.

1. Size. Scale up the most important part of your message.

2. Color. Use color and contrast to direct a viewer’s attention.

3. Typography. Use different sizes for headings, subheadings and body copy.

4. Fonts. Every font has a personality – so make sure you choose one that supports your message.

5. Spacing. Give your layout balance, flow and focus.

tickle magazine or newsletter

imagine, different sections and articles and things
a section with new tickle games
true tickling stories
maybe a section people can send in pictures of there tummies to tease lers
ler “imagine this” scenarios 
an area for people to post RP starters like a classifieds 
a tickling in pop culture section  or something

ugh im just goin off the rails today

How To Use My New Planners To Kick Off 2019 The Right Way

Hello Lovely,

Do you have goals for 2019? The holiday season is over now and it’s almost time to return to work. So after a couple of weeks of excess, it’s time to get back to it, bring that self-discipline and determination back and get it done. Staying on track after the initial high of motivation can be tough, though. This is why people often opt out of making New Year’s resolutions. But the fresh start that a new year brings should never be overlooked; it’s an opportunity to go after what truly makes you happy from a fresh perspective. That’s where these planners can really help you.

External image

External image

As a thank you to everyone who has been such an amazing support over the past year, I am giving away two free printables to help you prioritise self-care and plan self-care activities for every day of the month. These sheets are actually a part of a bundle deal that I’m releasing today, called “How To Own Your Sh*t”. The bundle sells for only $10. The bundle includes a fitness planner, ($6 if bought separately) and a self-care workbook with 30 activities ($6 if bought separately). The fitness planner comes with 5 healthy recipes to get you started, easy workouts and it allows you to easily record your meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks; keep track of your daily activity and exercises; and has space for reflection to allow you to improve every week. There’s even links for three of my favourite at-home workouts. While the self-care workbook has 30 different activities ranging from silly confidence boosters to deep introspective creative writing.

All planners are easy to print and put together, and if you live in Nassau, I’ll print the planner for you if you want. A small delivery fee of $2 will be charged. Purchase the Self Care Planner here and the Fitness Planner here. Or buy them both here.

External image