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Hello there, fellow travelers! I hope you’re all having a fantastic week! happy hump day! The weather here has been quite enjoyable with frequent rain and overcast skies making for a nice autumn.

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Handling Steep Market Corrections

Many years back I was told a story about a Sadhu who would help people with their problems. One day a Father came to the Sadhu with his teenage Son and asked him for a cure for his Son’s jaggery addiction. Sadhu asked him to come next week. And when the Father-Son duo came back next week, the Sadhu asked them to come a week after that. This continued for few more weeks and eventually one day the Sadhu prescribed a perfect cure. When the father asked the Sadhu the reason for the delay in giving a solution the Sadhu replied that, he himself was addicted to jaggery and he had no right to give out a solution before he had cured his own addiction!

I have been thinking of writing this essay for more than a month. But the reason I delayed it was because I wanted to live through what I planned on sharing. And now that I have followed my thought process for more than 2 months, I am penning it down.

Let me start with some points that we already know. But it is good  to be reminded of them anyway:

  • Corrections are part of the market cycle.
  • If there is bull phase then there will be a bear phase.
  • The way we feel happy during bull phase, it is normal to feel sad during the bear phase.
  • A stock is hardly ever perfectly priced — it is either over valued or undervalued.
  • When the stock is over valued we will be surrounded by news and views yelling why the company is so great and why the stock should go even higher. And when the stock is under valued we will be surrounded by news and views yelling why the company sucks and why the stock should go even lower.
  • Eventually all PE of all stocks will reverse to mean, either via time correction (with EPS catching up) or with price correction (with price falling).
  • Sector rotation is real.
  • Companies with honest managements will definitely bounce back both on earnings and stock price front.
  • If you have fresh money to invest then look at companies that you always wanted to buy during the bull run but found them expensive.
  • Remember: If is better go buy great company at a fair price than buying fair company at a great price.
  • While buying always buy in SIP mode. No one can buy a stock at its bottom all the time.
  • If you are too scared to invest in a company’s stock directly than invest in ETFs like JUNIORBEES an NIFTYBEES.
  • Remember the fun fact that, stock market is the only place where people want to buy things when they are expensive and not when they are cheap!
  • You will make more money only when you buy when stock are cheap. But stock don’t trade cheap without the accompanying fear and negative news flow.
  • Make sure you are having a balanced portfolio. Al least 5-6 sectors and 2-3 companies in each sector across market cap.
  • And finally, if you believe that India will grow at 7-8 percent with an inflation of 4-5 percent then you are bound to get 13 percent plus returns from all above average companies! So, if you believe in the Indian growth story then you have to stay invested in Indian equities.

So, what helps me get through such times:

  • Go through all your holdings and ask the following question for each company: I had bought this company with such-n-such premise, has anything except the stock price changed on that fundamental front?
  • Sleep through the crisis: While it is not possible to literally sleep off for 2-3 months, you can do the next best thing:- Stop seeing news and reading newspapers. Stop visiting investment forums. Unsubscribe from investment related WhatsApp groups. Stop logging into your portfolio. Stop checking the stock price of the companies that you hold. Stop discussing stock with family and friends. Basically act as if you are not invested in the markets at all.
  • Don’t take an emotional impulsive decision based on something that you read or heard from a market pandit or a friend: There is a chance you will get swayed by all the negativity on the news/views front and the stock price front and will end up making a stupid emotional mistake if you try to make sense of the situation by listening to experts. Believe me when I say experts have to say what they say as that is their job. They have to act like one to be invited on the shows. But it is very likely that most of them are not much better than an average investor. You will hear people justifying the market move by using various parameters like, price of oil, inflation, INR-USD rate, asset liability mismatch, credit shortage, rate hikes, rate cuts, Indian elections, geo-political climate etc etc etc. Eventually if experts see a hole they will find a peg to hammer it in! So stop trying to analyze the move. Just make sure the companies that you are holding are performing as per your expectations.
Engineer vs. Doggie Brain (pt.1)

(my mom emailed me this a while ago)

So, it’s Engineer vs. Doggie Brain, in the Fight of the Week.

Who will win?

In Corner #1: Dad, who believes that every problem has an engineering
In Corner #2, #3, and #4 (he doesn’t stay still): is Remmington, who
doesn’t believe much of anything other than Life is Good.

Round #1: Remmington sometimes misses Puppy Pads. Floors need extra

Remmington wins.

Round #2: Floors extensively cleaned, disinfected on Saturday.

Dad wins.

Round #3: Dad engineers and constructs a cover for puppy pads to contain
waste materials within. Remmington pees on the outside of the cover.

Remmington wins.

to be continued ….


Hello there! I’m uploading again after the longest hiatus imaginable. I made a video explaining a lot about why I’ve been gone so along and about my plans for the future and tease some upcoming content. I hope you enjoy the video, more will be coming out in the next few days. If you do like it please don’t forget to subscribe to me on YouTube. Many blessings, Celeste.