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Most people are ultimately overwhelmed when they experience too much choice. Conversely every human being grows angry and eventually feels lost and hopeless when they have no choice at all.

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“I am stronger in faith and in my relationship with God because of Project Philip. I found salvation in Christ and happy to be sharing the goodness of God with fellow inmates.” – Isaiah, Kenya

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3,000 year old quinoa has been discovered in Brantford, ON - dating back to 900 B.C, the quinoa has been identified as ancient, domesticated goosefoot.

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Dickens' war on filth
As the BBC launches a new adaptation of Bleak House, John Sutherland explains why the great writer made London's reeking open sewers the true villain of his novel.

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Weekly Heads-Up

Because I’m a lazy piece of crap, this comes only today… Sorry for that.

Coming up:

  • A new chapter for FTRO. Maybe because I had a surge of sudden inspiration… Who knows why…? thinkingface

Working on:

  • The third request, which will describe a better end for Yamato than the canon gave him. The poor tree-boy.
  • Still, the fic about the reclusive MC with the working title “End my loneliness” is going good. Go figure ;) I’m close to the end of the second chapter and think I can soon finish it, what means also that I would start to post it soon, too.

  • Also, I’m still working on the ModernYamato fic, also in the middle of the second chapter. Though, my reason for prioritizing the other story over that one is, that I just finished “It was a long way”, a story with Yamato and I want to mix it up a little. That’s the only reason.

  • Some of the other requests, because the third one is at the same time also the last one which “won” the 100 Follower-Celebration. So, soon you can enjoy more of your own ideas :D

Personal Stuff:

Well, I returned to my dorm at last Friday and already miss my bed (T^T) at home deeply. Uni will officially start tomorrow for me, what means hopefully lots of procrastination and therefore, writing. I received my last and most amazing christmas present (and yes, I will always mention it whenever I can!) and are ready to throw down with my flatmates because almost the first thing I’m doing after I returned after a month (!) is cleaning up the kitchen and bathroom. A bunch of 20year olds and no one is able to grab a sponge and wipe over some kitchen counters. (-.-) And yes, I’m miffed by that. Sorry for the rant.

Well then, until next week! :D

While in most circles, what we call the calm before the storm is precisely that, a calm, we here at Metaphysick scoff at such a relaxing notion.

A search for a lost city resulted in the stolen soul of a resident Sharlayan, who yet still slumbers even after the shadowy fiend responsible was sent packing! (And the lost city in question keeps the prefix ‘lost’), followed by a star-bright Starlight that capped off what has proven to be quite the memorable twelve Moons.

Of course, this was just the calm, and looming events on a very near horizon look to make for quite the explosive start for a new year.

Which is to say… where did 2018 go? We swear, we blinked and missed it. And with that in mind, may we here at Metaphysick wish everyone a (somewhat belated) Starlight, and a very merry (belated, again. Curse these updates.) new year! Large events and some smaller changes are already under way to shape what is going to hopefully be an incredible 2019.

And to everyone in Metaphysick? THANK YOU. You’re awesome, each and every one of you.

I love this quick list from the Canva Weekly Newsletter: January 4, 2019! Great reminders about the basics for good design work. 

Good design gets its message across. How? By using ‘visual hierarchy’. Designers play around with things like color, size and spacing to create a hierarchy that places key messages front and center.

Here are the five key elements of visual hierarchy.

1. Size. Scale up the most important part of your message.

2. Color. Use color and contrast to direct a viewer’s attention.

3. Typography. Use different sizes for headings, subheadings and body copy.

4. Fonts. Every font has a personality – so make sure you choose one that supports your message.

5. Spacing. Give your layout balance, flow and focus.

2 0 1 8  r e c a p // n e x t  s t e p o f  f a i t h

Hi! Sorry I severely neglected updating this for the past few months, lots of stuff has happened and honestly I kept starting this but always forgot to finish. So here is a list of major events that happened the latter half of 2018; 

-Worked my BUTT off on the island all summer, lots of coffee, and long days for sure, it was honestly a great time. 

-Went to Calvary Chapel Bible Institute in New Zealand (august-december)

-While @ CCBI this semester I was able to go on a 10 day outreach to Fiji, and a 10 day outreach to Cyprus… they were both incredible and honestly God has been blessing my socks off! Thanks for praying and all glory be to God for these opportunities. I also met an amazing guy this semester, his name is Stephen and he is so talented, kind, and absolutely loves the Lord. He also happens to be my boyfriend now! Stoked. stoked. stoked. 

-I Came back to the island Dec 8th, and I have been interning full time at Calvary San Juan since! 

 i am doing really good, I am learning to walk by faith and not sight. Life is exciting and each day provides a new opportunity for change and growth.

 I am excited for the new adventures and steps of faith to come in 2019. In about a week I fly back to New Zealand, I will be helping with CCBI in preparation for next semester then attend my final semester of Bible School there in New Zealand. 

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers about the following; 

- Continued financial provision/ odd job opportunities from the Lord for the next few months/probably the rest of my life to be honest. 

-That I will be willing, available, flexible, and teachable to be used by the Lord at the school and whatever He has for me over there in New Zealand. 

-For Stephen and I, that the Lord continues to be the center of our relationship and that God uses us to push each other closer to Him. That our relationship will be glorifying to the Lord and also pray for direction and discernment for us. 

-That this semester at CCBI will be unified, and that we will all support and love one another and that we all have open hearts and minds to learn and grow. 

-Health while traveling/ my scoliosis will cause me minimal back pain and discomfort (it has been pretty bad lately!) 

Thank you for the prayer, support, and good thoughts. If you want to hear more about my semester or keep in touch while I am away and traveling, email me!

also if you want to help financially support me (as I cannot work in NZ) my cash app username is $AbbigailVogel or you can email me asking how that would be possible. Thank you! 

making a cup of coffee with my aeropress in Fiji!

playing rugby with a coconut in Fiji, casual. 

The team and kids at the conference in Cyprus!

cutting onions for my M199 (servanthood) class.. looking good i know. 

some of my favorite moments of the semester… times spent with Becca.. and coffee.. and hammocks…and her ukelele. 

Stephen and I… que cute. 

thx annie also I think everything is funny. 

My favorite study spot and study partner of the semester. 

winning number

A coffee company send me a newsletter once a week. They assigned a number to each member upon sign-up, and pick a winning number for the prize of two thousand dollars every week. When I checked email today, I saw my number on the newsletter. I screamed with surprise and joy. My heart beat weirdly, sweat poured off. As I fixed my eyes, the newsletter showed my number as a reminder, not as a winning number. I didn’t win, of course. I buy a lottery ticket every week that you can win up to four million dollars. I learned today that I couldn’t survive if I won that kind of money, because two thousand dollars was enough to almost kill me


Happy new year 🥳 謹賀新年⛩🎍🌅
Pics from Mongolia

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La sfida del 2019 riuscire emergere da questa fittissima giungla chiamata rete internet….il mio riuscire ad andare avanti sarà grazie alle vostre domande e condivisioni. @vito.acquaviva #conoscenza #social #olistico #video #massaggi #informazione #seguimi #igtv #facenbook #Youtube #iscriviti #dietrolequinte #videomeker #newsletter #inbio #videocorso #follower #like #libro #ebook #prana #alimentazione (presso House of Prana)

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Muy pronto será el lanzamiento mundial de ERIKA, una estrellita de CUBA con muchas ganas de llegar al corazón de todos ustedes. Pronto estará disponible en todas las plataformas y tiendas digitales. Esta canción esta mezclada con los nuevos ritmos que se están llevando en CUBA. Disfrútalo.

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tickle magazine or newsletter

imagine, different sections and articles and things
a section with new tickle games
true tickling stories
maybe a section people can send in pictures of there tummies to tease lers
ler “imagine this” scenarios 
an area for people to post RP starters like a classifieds 
a tickling in pop culture section  or something

ugh im just goin off the rails today