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bexlynne  asked:

hi friend I love your headcanons and every time I see them I drop what I’m doing because I know they’ll be amazing and I can’t afford to have distractions. could you possibly do some for blush? love you!! 💜💜

hey listen,, i absolutely adore u you are so sweet?? And blush is the most lacking in content ship and it’s a travesty,, i gotchu 👏👏

- they met through jack actually??

- blink moved in from a school in queens and knew jack from the way back when and like,, his first day he had like 6 classes w mush bruh

- and jacks just like “oh yeah thats mush hes chill as hell”

- and mush had been hyperventilating the whole day bc blink is lit and mush is GAY

- and blink had been euphoric all day bc mush is funny as hell and blink is GAY

- anways within three (3) days theyre an item

- like they skip the initial relationship stages within a week they tradin clothes and sending gm/gn texts

- make each other playlists??? Constantly???

- also!! Mush brings blink matcha green tea to school all the time and blink brings him a peppermint mocha

- theyre starbucks sluts and i Dare You to judge them for it

- “mush, babe, i got u chapstick!!”

- “aw!!”

- “yeah the security at five below is shit i just stuffed it in my pocket and walked away””

- “fhsjsjd-“

- draw on each others arms a lot man idek

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shorterthanspot  asked:

can we sum classic pining sprace hcs up in here, my guy :DD

god of course,, this shit is my roots man!! that good ole disaster couple

- im not joking when i say that it was literally f i v e y e a r s between them developing feelings and actually asking the other out

- like 6th grade?? Cute fluffy puppy love that lasted through middle school

- race made spot a braided bracelet in 8th grade and he nearly passed out

- there was a lot of that dumbass 12yo homophobia that contributed to them not sayin shit to each other??

- so basically fuck twelve year old oscar and morris delancey for that shit

- BUT crutchie and albert were actually the Relationship coaches and finally got them together in 10th grade

- yall know 7 minutes in heaven yeah?? That was their dumbass plan for getting them together

- it worked tho and that makes me sad

- ANYWAY they did that dumbass game and were still like!!! Bet he dont like me back!!!

- “i know we made out but i think it’s in a friend way, yknow??”

- once tho spot called race at like 3am to ask if they could go out bc his mom and her bf were fighting hella loud

- and race just,,, jets over in the rain in 5 min and spot gets in the car and is just like,, “fuck i love u”

- and race almost kills them bc he freaks out and slams on the gas in a panic

- but he just like?? Says it Back?? And suddenly theyre dating like thats it man

sunshine-e-cigarettes  asked:

i have! no! idea! what to ask! maybe uhhhm what are the newsies fav things to do/places to go

this is so general and refreshing bc we about to get all up in that canon era disaster,, thank u bb 👌

- jack is a Strict Kid and if ur under 16 u cannot step foot outside lodging after 8pm or else he commits assault

- with that out of the way!!! These kids love going to the beach/docks/marina!!!

- they swim and skip rocks and just generally have a grand ole time in which they all just get So Fuckin Sunburn

- romeo and specs have a sick ass seashell collection going?? Have had it for years????

- crutchie and jojo both fuck with pigeons!!! And they take the little newsies to feed them all the time it’s a d o r a b l e

- poker and card tricks are their Mains and race is really good but blink invented the goddamn game??

- “ya sure you want that many cards, racer?”

- “…yeah?”

- “damn, your funeral i guess”

- elmer and davey both go to jacobi’s every other night and do reading/arithmetic lessons bc my boy elmer wanna learn h e l l a bad

- race would sleep at the racetracks if he could like it’s cliche but he adores horses and destroys on bets

- snowball fights in the winter!! Davey begs them not too but they go so hard!!!

- “dont pack snow around a rock albert!!”

- the older boys adore watching boxing matches and stop by during the selling day whenever they can

anonymous asked:

ralbert hcs cause im in a ~mood~

bitch im always in the mood for ralbert i feel u there

- legit theyve been best fuckin friends since the first day of kindergarten when someone made fun of alberts hair and race Clocked them

- these two got sent to the principals together

- made a secret handshake while they were waiting outside the room

- still use that shit?? 15+ years later??

- BUT ANYWAY in like their awful middle school years they both started gettin real emotions yall

- and like?? Did not hold back??

- pining?? being anxious to ask ur best friend out?? They never met her

- race asked albert out and albert kissed him on the s p o t guys

- have been together since 8th grade then?? Power couple

- race paints alberts nails and practices makeup on him c o n s t a n t l y

- “im begging you to let me contour your collarbone”

- albert carries race more than is socially acceptable

- race goes to Every Single One of albert’s baseball games and gymnastics meets and brings SIGNS bc he’s COMMITTED

- both have shameless hickies and could give a fuck

- “are you two vaccums? Damn”

- “fuck off, jack”

- make a point of seeing a few concerts a year together,, like small venues better??

- smoke/get crossed a lot and honestly,, theyre so actually affectionate like thats half the reason they do it is for the Attention

anonymous asked:

welcome to rarepair hell!! do you have any elmer/romeo hcs?

Theres absolutely nothing i dont have headcanons for,, im just out here Thinkin all day long bb :^)))

- motherfuckin hype GANG like wow supportive does not describe these two with justice

- they dont even gotta know what the others doin?? Like elmers writing a paper on universe expansions and romeos just like “GET IT BABE”

- disasters and neither of them know how to cook

- “what are you doing,, preheat the oven”

- “elmer, you can just add five minutes to the cook time it’s fine”

- “what the f u c k do u mean-“

- idk i feel like they cut each others hair and have an absolute ball with it

- romeo lets elmer do like stripes and shit when he shaves the sides!!!!

- sing in the car together constantly (their song is “hoedown throwdown” what)

- romeo has tattoos on his ribs and elmer traces them a lot bc hes In Love

- elmer got romeo this sick ass pendant for their two year anniversary and romeo has n e v e f taken it off

- stay up all night talking when the other cant sleep

- read aloud!! To each other!! When they have those soft nights!!

- own like 50 billion scented candles and it’s such a fire hazard

marcusisaprettygay  asked:

Uhhhhh anything with spotty boy and his boy Al por favor 💞

i gotchu?? this ship is so unappreciated i love the dynamic??


- yeah man they just fuckin love the gym and they check each other out in that big ass mirror

- competitive w each other?? Make bets all the time and have a tally of wins and losses

- “i bet i could slide farther on that patch of ice than u”

- “the FUCK do u take me for?”

- cook together!!! Spot makes h e l l a good puerto rican food and he teaches albert all those good good seasoning tricks

- but al makes better breakfast food and he brings spot breakfast in bed a lot

- spot steals alberts clothes a l l t he time but would rather die than admit it

- both are So Goddamn Affectionate when theyre alone it’s actually insane

- like they are draped over each other like 85% of the time

- adopt a dog get away from me

- go to baseball games?? Like a lot?? They’re both yankee fans and have season tickets yall

- “if u ever propose to me on one of those cameras i will say no im dead serious”

- are currently listening through the mbmbam backlog together and have made podcasts their thing?? Dont ask me why

insane-tomato  asked:

Hi! I! Am! Sad! May I request sadcanons

Yep bitch!! I am also down as fuck on this sunday night so its time to Project


- very turbulent if that makes sense?? Emotionally hes v hit or miss so when it misses its v sudden and hardcore

- isolates isolates isolates isolates

- stops talking unless he really has to, spends a majority of his time people watching/staring at stuff (its a mood yall)

- doesnt cry unless somebodys died, or else he disconnects pretty hard

- needs to be alone?? Like that aint healthy but its what helps him bounce back


- very small things send him spiraling

- melancholic personality normally?? And if stress is piling up and things are changing quickly he falls v fast

- sleeps a lot and stops eating for the most part

- les can always tell when daveys sad bc he wont play with him and he catches him staring at the ceiling when theres nothin there

- not good at hiding sadness At All and his friends are usually all over him

- gotta talk it out!! To get better!!!


- this kid cant process/communicate emotional distress so a lot of the time he doesnt even know when hes sad

- but he knows hes sleeping less and smoking/drinking more

- very mechanical? Like he dissociates a lot and just sort of goes through the motions in a daze

- makes a ton of self deprecating jokes (dont we all) and that usually gets someone to catch on

- actually he cries a l o t when hes sad

- like at fuckin anything hes hella repressed and it just breaks the damn sometimes


- sadness=anger

- was never able to have the luxury of like,, just checking out when he got any depressive feelings so now he doesnt know how to take care of them

- picks a ton of fights

- like its a self harm thing he wants to get himself fucked up

- d o e s n t drink bc his father did that but he starts chainsmoking like a wild animal

- usually ends up arguing with someone and finally admits whats wrong and allows himself to be comforted


- honestly deals with sadness in a very healthy way

- advocates for self care so he makes himself do his everyday tasks and go to work and stuff

- “do u have the headspace for me to vent right now? you can say no”

- gets hella fidgety and has one of those cubes

- it’s more an existential sadness?? Like a hopelessness that follows him

- if he can get everything out and talk it out he usually bounces back p fast but he tends to bottle it up sometimes


- ever been depressed and just wanted to break something bc u feel that broken?? Yeah

- feels emotions in extremes so sadness hits him really hard but also makes him feel weak which trigger a lot of anger

- very tempermental/snippy w everyone

- physically feels weighed down and he works out way too much to combat that

- like spot he grew up w an alcoholic parent and wont drink but he keeps himself from eating for that sense of control??


- his personality flips man

- becomes very very quiet and stuck in his head

- makes an effort to seem upbeat but tries to separate himself from the group as much as possible

- feels shitty talking to his friends about his problems and they fester a lot

- doesnt eat or sleep that much and drinks a lot of coffee

- then it turns into that Anxious Cycle man it’s rough

Send me requests u animals <3

im bored and have a cat sleeping on my chest so i cant move,, send me stuff!!!

  • hc requests
  • fic requests
  • playlist requests (character/ship/personal)
  • random asks idk???

Canon-Era Spelmer

Written for the amazing @spot-me50-papes ,, I hope you enjoy!!!

•Okay so we all know that Spot is Tough Boy™️ who is actually a Total Softie™️ around his s/o?

•And we all know how Elmer is Smiley Boi™️???

•So imagine

•Elmer once sold in Brooklyn, so he was familiar with Spot and everyone, but chose to move to Manhattan after a rough argument with some fellow Newsies

•They were sad to see him go, but Spot made sure to express that he was always welcome in Brooklyn

•(No tea but Spot always went soft for Elmer because who could resist Smiley Boy?)

•After the strike, when they’re all celebrating in Newsies Square, Spot catches sight of Elmer

•Smiling, he makes his way over

•When Elmer turns around to face Spot, he’s shocked

•His smile was marred by a chipped tooth and a busted lip

•His eye was swollen shut

•Bandages wrapped around his head, concealing a deep wound

•His arms had bruises up and down, as did his legs

•Despite all this, though, he was smiling

•”Spot! I ain’t seen you in ages!”

•Spot was silently studying his wounds

•”Did ya hear me, Spottie?”

•Spot was shaken out of his daze when Elmer placed a hand on his shoulder

•”El, what did they do to you?”

•”It’s nothing, really—“

•”Why didn’t Jack send you to Brooklyn?”

•Elmer’s smile fell

•”Can we talks about this later, Spot? I wanna have fun for a bit, then I promise I’ll explain.”

•Spot, stubborn as always, grabbed onto Elmer’s arm

•When Elmer winced in pain, Spot immediately let go

•”We’re gonna talk about this right now. C’mon, walk with me.”

•Elmer sighed. “Hang on—” he said before tapping the nearest Manhattan Newsie on the shoulder and telling them where he was going

•He and Spot walked into a nearby alley, where they both leaned against the wall.

•”Why havent youse come to visit in the past few months? I has to keep sending my boys to check in on you, ya know I told you to keep comin’ by!”

•”I just couldn’t, Spottie, I’s—“

•”You what, Elmer? Ya couldn’t spare yer old friends a few hours of ya time? Havin’ too much fun here in ‘Hattan to let me know you’se still alive?!” he yelled, grabbing Elmer’s vest and pulling him real close

•”What the hell, Spot? Lemme talk!” spat Elmer, shoving Spot away from him

•Spot leaned against the opposite wall, one foot against it and arms crossed in front of his chest

•”Then speak. I ain’t stopping ya”

•Elmer glared at Spot. “I ain’t wanna go back because them boys— they thinks I’m a traitor! Those fellas who soaked me, they’s been spreadin’ lies about what happened! Said I was too— too *scared* to come back, said I’s a— a— “

•Elmer was holding back tears at this point, fists clenched into his sides

•”And why didn’t you try an’ see me? You knows I woulda had them outta Brooklyn before they could say jack *shit* about you!” Spot hissed back

•”’Cuz they was sayin’ things ‘bout you, too, Spottie! Sayin’ you were weak, that they soaked me cuz we—“

•”Cuz we what? What could they have said that was so bad?”

•”THEY SAID WE WAS TOGETHA!” Elmer yelled before clapping a hand over his mouth

•”They was talkin’ ‘bout seein’ us kiss— they already knew I was gay, but they said if I didn’t get outta Brooklyn they was gonna tell Snyder, an’—“ Elmer broke down.

•”I wasn’t gonna let them do that to ya, Spottie, so I left. They told me if they ever sees me in Brooklyn, I’d have a lot more than the refuge to worry ‘bout, an’—“ Elmer slumped against the wall, wrapping an arm around his knees and quickly brushing away his tears as he broke

•Spot kneeled down besides Elmer, placing a hand under his chin

•”El, it’s okay. Gimme their names, no borough will ever let ‘em sell on their turf again.”

•”I-it was Slinks, Hat Trick, Greaser, an’ Cruiser, I thinks.”

•Spot growled, then yelled over to his second in command, Hot Shot

•The two conversed rapidly for a minute or so, occasionally looking down at Elmer

•As they finished, Hot Shot nodded at Elmer, then raced off to go deal with the four homophobes

•Spot lowered himself so he was sitting next to Elmer

•”I— I means— would—“ Spot started, but quickly cut himself off, looking away before he finished

•”Would what?” Elmer questioned, sniffing once and wiping away the last of his tears

•”Would it really be so bad if we was— together?” Spot asked quietly, turning to face Elmer instead of the opposite side of the alley

•”Nah, I thinks it would be pretty great” Elmer replied, cracking a bit of a smile

•”So what would you say if I just—“ the rest of his question was lost by Elmer quickly pressing a kiss to his lips

•”Kissed me? Yeah, I thinks I’d like that.” Elmer laughed

•Spot was, again, speechless. He quickly pressed a hand to his lips, not believing what had just happened.

•”So… if I was to ask ya to move back home, you’d say…..”

•Elmer started to stand up, and grabbed Spot’s hands as he did so

•”Of course, ya dummy.”

•Spot smiled up at his friend— no, boyfriend— before checking over his shoulder

•”What’s ya lookin’ fo—“

•Elmer was cut off by Spot pulling him down into a longer kiss

•”I was makin’ sure I could do that.” He replied, grinning at Elmer.

•”C’mon, let’s head on home.” Elmer smiled, shaking his head and dragging Spot away from the alley

okay uhhh yeah not my best work, I don’t think, but I hope y’all like them! Feel free to request headcanons whenever! just gimme a ship and an era, I’ll take it from there :)

Les got a Tik-Tok account and none of the boys would talk to him for a week because of it.

macaroniguardian  asked:

Do you have any Tommy Boy hc’s?


•he is a cat person

•he feeds random strays when he can and they all crowd around the fire escape by his bed

•he’s allergic to peanuts. not to the point of hospitalization or death, but he gets a rash and stuff

•he was brought in by jack when he was like, 12, and he was a lol scrawny kid

•jack helped him get me a ton his bones and tommy boy started lifting stuff randomly to get muscles so he could protect the little ones

•he loves kids

•wants 50 of them

•he knows how to make flower crowns

anonymous asked:

any newsie headcanon you’re stressing about school

I’ll do a few of the newsies :)


- does everything in his power to take care of you

- makes sure no one distracts you

- gets you anything you could possibly need

- but also he encourages to take a break

- “if not for you, then for me, sweetheart. you’ve been studying for so long I miss hearing your voice”


- the actual sweetest

- definitely offers to help you study

- and he’s actually super helpful (because a lot of the times when people help you study, they’re just of there, but Crutchie is actually really helpful)

- super good at calming you down when you’re freaking out about a test or a major grade

- will definitely give you a massage to help you relax


- tbh he’s pretty distracting

- and he knows it

- so he tries really hard to stay out of your way and not bother you

- but as soon as you ask for him, he’s there

- he’s so good at cheering you up if you’re really stressed

- he just lightens the mood so easily

- and he’s very very encouraging and he makes you feel good about yourself


- Albert is the actual best at hugs

- and he is the most comforting person ever

- so when you’re stressed or worried

- you can just cuddle with Al and immediately feel better

- his presence is just so relaxing and he’s also really encouraging


- so so happy

- he can immediately make you feel happy the minute he walks in a room

- he is also good at helping you study

- and he makes it really fun and easy to remember


- tbh he’s probably stressing out with you

- but he’s really good at reasoning with you

- so if you’re stressing out, he’ll be like “but Y/N, there’s no way you can do bad on this. You’ve been studying for 6 hours and you have an 88 in the teacher loves you, you’ll be fine”

- he’s just good at making you feel better

- also he has great study tricks

If you want anymore of the newsies, let me know!!

newsies concept

davey works in a bakery and the reader is a local bee keeper and delivers mostly on days that he works


Request are open and here’s what I write for:

Newsies-HCs & imagines (character x character & x reader)

Dunkirk- HCs & imagines (x reader)

Teen Wolf- HCs & imagines (x reader)

Peaky Blinders- HCs (x reader)

Dead Poets Society-HCs (x reader)

Harry Potter [marauders, harry, fantastic beast] - HCs and imagines (x reader)

Left breathless (Buttons x reader)

Requested by anon

Request: newsies buttons × reader? Prompt: reader has become a BRONX newsie and sees buttons while he was in bronx? love at first sight thing?

Warnings: awkwardness??

You became a newsie not long after the strike ended, hard times had hit your family, your dad had been out of a job for weeks it just finally had gotten bad enough that your parents allowed you to work as a newsie. This was the beginning of your fourth week as a newsie and you already had a nickname, (y/nn), because well of course you did something or said something and so of course they had to give you a nickname.

You were a good newsie everyone thought so, so you sold on your own mostly some days you would have a partner and some days not. Today was one of your days you did and glad you did. When another newsie from a different borough came up to you and your selling partner asking to see your leader you were breathless. His eyes met yours just for a moment before your partner spoke up bringing you both back to Earth.

“Yea he’s selling three blocks over.” Your partner spoke pointing the boy in the right direction. Causing him to nod a Thanks before he headed that way.

“Who is he?” You asked looking between your partner and the boy.

“Buttons, he’s a Manhattan newsie.” Your partners answered smiling at you.

You couldn’t help but smile not only had he left you breathless but he had such a cute nickname.

You got back to selling and didn’t notice Buttons turn back to look at you before he was out of sight. Buttons had never been in love but he believed he had just fell into it. He couldn’t get you out of his head long enough to realize he had came across the person he had needed to see, on Jacks behalf.

After talking business Buttons was more so excited to try and see you before he left. Lucky for him your partner had moved down a few blocks to try and sell papes there. You saw him coming back towards you and felt a blush come on your cheeks.

“Hi.” He spoke stopping next to you.

“Hello.” You replied as calm as you could.

“I’m Buttons.” He stated feeling he had already pushed this into an awkward conversation.

“I’m (y/n), but everyone calls me (y/nn).” You replied with a smile.

“Are you new?” He asked, “I mean I don’t remember seeing you at the strike.” He felt his face heat up at his embarrassment, he knew he didn’t see her he would have remembered her. He was also beating himself up for not responding with ‘that’s a pretty name’ or something.

“Yea, I joined after the strike.” You replied not knowing what more to say.

He nodded before looking to the sky, “I should be going,” he stated, “it was nice to meet ya.” Before you could respond he took off running.

Buttons told Jack about you that night and how he thought he was in love. You couldn’t hold in your thoughts about Buttons and told your partner about the weak but cute conversation the two of you had. Both you and Buttons were in love but both of you were awkward when it came to talking to each other. It was up to the Manhattan and Bronx Newsies to set something up to bring the two of you together.


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Extra! Extra!

I started a new story

Also I’m working on the imagines and HCs I have but please feel free to request!

No smuts

Also I have Christmas prompts which I’ll add below

1. Look it’s snowing!

2. Let’s bake cooks.

3. I bet I can make a better gingerbread house.

4. Can I guess my present?

5. Let’s decorate the tree.

6. I have hot chocolate.

7. Oh I love this song!

8. Don’t be a Scrooge!

9. Let’s buy a tree.

10. We have to make each other gifts.

11. Do you have an ugly sweater?

12. Your parents are coming?

13. The dog found his gift.

14. Throw that fruitcake away?

15. Wow! This eggnog is spiked!

16. You think that’s too many lights?

17. Let’s go away for Christmas.

18. We can build a snowman.

19. Really another Hallmark movie?

20. There’s a Christmas party.

21. Let’s go caroling.

22. Merry Christmas!

23. Why is it so hot?

24. I didn’t get you a gift.

25. I take photos of kids crying on Santa all day.

26. It’s a Christmas miracle.

27. Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

28. What’s your Christmas tradition?

29. Do we have to ice skate?

30. We’re trapped in the cabin!

The Newsies introducing Davey and les to the Delanceys.

Originally posted by sseureki

Jack when talking to Pulitzer about buying back the papers not sold

Originally posted by legally-a-cow

Spot when Jack and Davey show up in Brooklyn

Originally posted by mybadinfluence

Im running out of original content ideas

Anyway like/rb if u would read this before i waste an entire school day drafting it

See also:

You can pry my colliquialisms from my cold, dead hands

anonymous asked:

PLOT TWIST: newsies IS rent. Just in a different time period. Bc they’re immortal. But they will always be Poor and Gay.

So with that logic i CAN be immortal bc I havent died yet and am also Poor and Gay (also i adore this whole concept tf??)

a-deliciouslyfadingcollection  asked:

Hello! I hope your doing well I just finished watching my school’s production of Newsies and I’m interesting for any Javid headcanons with protective Jack and hurt Davey! Thank you in advance! I’m just a sucker for protective Nack oof :)

Jddhjd i a d o r e protective jack too oh lord,, this man yall better watch out

- so basically like when they first started datinf davey got a deep papercut and jack nearly died

- this is where It All Started

- “jack it’s fine-“

- “do u wanna get MRSA?? Do u want to die??”

- and thats w accidental injuries??? If Davey ever gets like beat up?? Someones dead!!!

- he found out some kids were bullying davey sophomore year really bad bc davey came home w a split lip and he basically became a bouncer

- walked davey to and from class for the rest of the semester (or year or highschool career whatever)

- he, spot, and albert all beat the shit out of those kids too but he didnt tell davey bc he didnt want that Poor Boy to worry

- but yeah he basically attached himself to davey’s hip for w e e k s

- also davey broke his leg (race pushed him down the stairs what) and jack was so fucking extra making sure this kid didnt walk anywhere??

- if he saw him he would just pick him up and carry him wherever he needed to go

- “thousands of people get reinjure a broken bone every year-“

- taught davey how to punch right bc davey found out jack clocked a dude for slamming him into a locker

- davey then forgot Proper Form and the first punch he threw broke his thumb and the protective cycle started all over again

- basically jack will kill a bitch for davey 24/7 365 days a year