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All the newsies have passionate opinions on the Tati Westbrook x James Charles x Jeffree Star drama whether or not they watch them.

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Rip it from my cold dead hands that Romeo was the chubbiest toddler and he’d go anywhere and wave to everyone

Hey!!! Y’all can request more art/headcanons for newsies btw!!!

The Newsies as things people said at my parent’s eurovision party last night

Bc I love my disaster children

Presenter: *is wearing a dress the same colour as her skin tone*

Les: shEs GoT nO CLoThES oN

Same Presenter: *changes into a silver dress that somewhat resembles chainmail*

Spot: sweetie that chainmail won’t protect you from the nana banana lady

Race: *is slightly drunk before even arriving, proceeds to talk about his favourite kinds of alcohol to a 15 year old and a 12 year old*

*the UK gets one (1) point*

The whole room: *raptor noises*

Crutchie, everytime he saw the dog for the entire night: jackkk its a doggggggggg

Jack: Crutch, how many times, you cannot steal the dog.

Race, pointing at the dog: floofer woofer

Romeo: what even is your brain

Kath and Sarah: *having a drunk therapy session at the back of the room*

Spot, about the UK performer: ok but don’t you want to slap him just a little bit? He has a very slappable face

Jack: what’s that?

Davey: halloumi

Jack: vEgaN ScUM

Davey: Jack its cheese-


Spot: I’ve had enough of this shit

Everyone: *looks nervously at Les, who looks confused at why he is being stared at bc he swears like a sailor despite being the youngest*


Specs: chill, there’ll be one at the finale

Romeo: *muffled screaming*

*when nobody gives 12 points to the UK*

Specs: political voting!

*when a presenter comments on Madonna being off-key*

Spot: oop, she’s dead

Race: there is a hit man coming for her

*when the public votes were announced and Germany got 0, UK got like 7ish and the netherlands got about a million for seemingly no reason*


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*When the performers were waving trans and gay flags*


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Ok thats all i got

Imagine updates

Imagines I’m working on:

  • Two-bit x reader
  • Ponyboy x reader
  • Albert x reader
  • Gideon x reader
  • Harry Potter (x reader)
  • Marauders era (x reader)
  • NEXT GENERATION HP (x reader)
  • Fantastic Beast (x reader)

No Smuts

ok so I’m a dumbass and write musical and movie characters together in my newsies fics right

like sometimes I’ll have different actors’ portrayals and then just Tumbler or Blink out of nowhere

I know he was in the musical shut up I just love Trey

but like

give me the leaders™ [Spot, Blink, Jack] being actual best friends

hell, even a poly

I need leader boys content guys


Does anyone have a bootleg of Harry Potter and the cursed child play?

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Psa Race loves strawberries and nobody can change my mind

I don’t know where this came from but it’s a thing okay

y’all i am VERY upset about game of thrones right now someone please for the love of god send me in some soft headcanons

1984: the rooftop

  • “do you think it’ll work out”
  • “not anytime soon”
  • on the roof top of a long closed printing mill, they sat, feeling so big and yet so powerless
  • pretending they were a couple hid the truth from there parents
  • but they couldn’t hide it from themselves
  • “it’s not fair”
  • it wasn’t
  • little miss perfect and the immigrant; completely different and yet the same
  • “i think i could love you, if i tried hard enough”
  • jack pulled her closer against him, letting his gaze fall to the city below
  • “but you couldn’t love me like you love her”
  • the city pulsed beneath them, bursting with light and life and opportunities
  • and oppression
  • on the rooftop though
  • they were free from it all
  • “tell me about him?”
  • he did

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Totally selfish reader request: Resident disaster bi Jack Kelly being all affirming about being bi? In the most recent stream of things my dad has said while attempting to help me is that you 'can't prep to sell to both city people and rural people because then both will smell a rat' because he is a fossil that does not think bi is a thing.

“Bi, Fly, and Ready to Die”

Jack Kelly x Reader

Author’s notes: As a bisexual, I feel you. Here you go, pal.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • Okay, so Jack is not in the closet and he is not out of the closet. He doesn’t even know there is a closet.
  • When he finds you moping in your room, he’s concerned. He’s concerned and asks you what’s got you down.
  • You’re reluctant to tell him. You try just brushing it off, but he knows better.
  • The two of you dance around the subject for half an hour before you finally give up and share your secret. You told him you were bi.
  • You had been so pissed by the absolutely horrible things your father had to say about bisexuality. How he mocked it and disregarded it.
  • Jack goes into his soft mode.
  • “Listen, I know this tough for you. Let his words roll like water off your back. He’s wrong. Some people can’t be bother to educate themselves.”
  • You go to discuss your process of coming to your revelation and how you didn’t know what to think at first.
  • Jack empathized. “I’m Bi too you know”
  • You were slightly shocked. “REALLY?”
  • It’s a really cute moment.
  • Jack laughed. “Yeah. I’m Bi, fly, and ready to die. You should be proud to be bi…You know… Davey’s pretty cute… But I think you might be just a little cuter, (Y/N).”
  • He might’ve smooched your cheek before leaving you to get some sleep.

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listen. spot is a former weightlifter who gets his gym shut down but pretends that it never shut down while he goes to crossfit and yoga with davey because he's to ashamed to admit that he succumbed to the will of David Jacobs, Local Mom Friend Health Nut

someone write this fic please

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Personally, i think spot plays ultimate frisbee or does archery,,,,, but there's always interpretative dance

how about all 3 at once

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spot has the butt for baseball,,,, I’m not wrong

ok TEA

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spot does gymnastics no I will not be accepting criticism

hmmm also valid

not to be a tease but i’m working on a newsies @ disneyland headcanon and i’m rly excited about it :)

Imagine update

So I have 3 requested imagines I will get done in the next few days (I’m trying to do one a night) which are 1) Bernardo 2) Ponyboy 3) Two-bit

And for non-requested I have 1) Gibson (Extra room part 2)

So please request

Hannah writes Spavey at 3 am

“Why do you love me?” Spot asked as he played with Davey’s hands which laid across his chest. Davey rarely saw Spot so timed, unless it was moments like this when the two were hidden away in Spot’s room at the Brooklyn lodge house. The fierce Brooklyn leader seemed to trust Davey and only Davey with seeing him like this.

“I fell in love with the way you hold a room, the way you can go from angry to soft the moment a younger newsie needs you. I fell in love with the way you try not to crack a grin when you are being serious I fell in love with the way you say my name. I fell in love with the boy who would protect and risk his life for anyone I fell in love with the way you hold my hand. I fell in love with the way your soft but only with me. I fell in love with your heart, that’s why I love you Spot”

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Howdy! Can i get some Fluffy Mush head canons?

oof you can! I wrote these out and lost them before i posted then so sorry if theyre bad :’)

i guess theyre a mix of modern and canon


-mush loves clothes straight out of the drier

-he eats ice cream after everytime he cries

-at least he tries to

-hes the big spoon majority of the time but he likes to be the little spoon sometimes

-hes not big on pda but he gives lots of cheek kisses

-if you guys stand together he wont really hold your hand but he’ll stand really close

-he can fall asleep anywhere

-literally anywhere

-lightning doesn’t bother him but he hates thunder

-his laugh is angelic

-he laughs with those big wide mouthed smiles and squinty eyes

-his eyelashes are literally perfect

-he sleeps with a million pillows if not you and the pillows

-favorite animal is an elephant

-he gets so soft for elephants

-really allergic to flowers, but he always wants to gift them :(

-thats it for now, maybe more to come!

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Davey does taxidermy and when one of the other Newsies snoops through his room they find his collection of various skulls and bones all very meticulously cleaned and or dyed with many types of colors. This causes him to have a couple of rumors to be spread around by the other Newsies but when Spot eventually finds out he confronts him about it. Basically everyone thinks he's a murderer or a pycho for a bit. He isn't he's just a nerd.

Hey anon I’m sorry this took so long, and that it’s in hc form but uh its finals week and I’m dying in a cave of work and revision 

  • So Race is the one to find the skulls
  • He comes over to Davey’s house for dinner one evening (each of the boys had been apart from him)
  • When Davey is helping his mother in the kitchen Race thinks its the perfect time to sneak into Davey’s room
  • He doesn’t notice them at first
  • Just Davey’s bookshelf and things
  • Until he sees one on the window
  • Its a little skull painted in blue and grey
  • Then they keep showing up over on his desk 
  • A little row about five painted in different colours
  • One even being rainbow
  • Race is freaking out and just runs out of Davey’s room right into Davey
  • “Race what were you doing in my room?”
  • “Uh nothing nothing”
  • When Race gets back to the lodge house he asks if anyone else has seen the skulls
  • And the rest of the boys start to freak out also
  • No one talks to Davey about it though
  • They all suddenly become more timid around him
  • Davey is confused 
  • Race tells the younger ones to behave or Davey will come get them
  • So word gets over to Spot in Brooklyn
  • That his boyfriend could be a murderer or psycho 
  • His boyfriend that wouldn’t even squish a bug
  • So Spot just drops by Manhattan one afternoon and looks for Davey
  • “Hey Spot what’s up?”
  • “Heard about your skulls in your bedroom something you want to admit Dave”
  • Davey just questions where he heard that from, then remembers Race going into his room
  • “What they been saying?”
  • “That you’re probably a murderer psycho”
  • Davey explains that its just taxidermy, it relaxes him cleaning out and painting the bones
  • Spot just nods and bids him goodbye
  • Davey then just has to explain to the newsies that he’s just a giant nerd and defiantly not a murderer