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My local theatre where I saw Newsies still gets me 😍😬😭

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Croutons Beach day hc

Thanks to @funnyihope for suggesting this to me

Crutchie loves looking out to sea, like, just the sand and the sounds

He sits with a good view for hours

Buttons however doesn’t wanna sit still and runs off to show him things

Like… Sooooo many shells

They both knew what they were gonna do so they bought some real good little fried donuts and like… Three dips and sat in the sand making shell necklaces

A dog ran over and just decided to chill with Crutchie and he cried because it was an old labrador who didn’t wanna play fetch with the family kids, he just wanted belly rubs and Crutchie gave them to him

Sunny, Crutchie’s dog was a bit betrayed so she stole a donut

Buttons loves squishies

Buttons loves anything warm and squishy

That’s why they’re dating Crutchie!!

It’s been awhile but…

Please send in ask!

HC request

  • See imagines list for HC request

Imagine request

  • West side story
  • The outsiders
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Newsies*
  • Teen wolf
  • 7 brides for 7 brothers
  • Dunkirk

Questions ??

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Etc. 🦆

* can be x reader or character x character

The Artful Dodger

Ship: sprace

Word count: 2048

Summary: Race isn’t very good at pick pocketing

There were very few rules in Brooklyn, even with Spot as the leader selling over there had always come with a lot more freedom than in Manhattan. When Race first started selling at Sheepshead he’d been young, but the rules had been given to him once on his first day and then never again, and he hadn’t forgotten them either.

If he was in Brooklyn he couldn’t sell outside Sheepshead, which he had expected from the start. He also couldn’t pick fights with the Brooklyn newsies, or mess with any of them in general. And finally, he couldn’t steal, not even from a passerby on the street; apparently it made all the newsies look bad.

And years had gone by without Race breaking a rule, and he made good money during those years too, that is, until the most recent winter. Then everything kind of started to go to shit.

keep reading on ao3 im actually dying

Race & Spot modern HC

Alright so here’s another headcanon for ya:

  • Spot and Race go to the same college
  • Spot is studying pre-law
  • Race is studying to become an astrophysicist
  • (Race is smart as shit guys i swear. like an actual prodigy but most people wouldn’t expect that from him since he’s so laidback and always joking around)
  • They don’t know each other, but Jack knows both of them
  • They meet at a party Jack is throwing and bond over some crappy beer, commiserating about classes and discovering they take three of the same courses
  • After Race gets stuck with a very shitty homophobic roommate, Jack sets up a way for him and Spot to room together instead
  • They slowly adjust to living together and become best friends, realizing that they have very similar personalities despite Spot being much more brooding and Race being extremely happy go lucky (although Spot will later find out that Race actually has anxiety and hides it very well. this does not means he’s not happy, just that he has to work harder to be positive sometimes)
  • After a few months, neither can deny their feelings for the other anymore. Race asks Spot out over a very romantic meal of top ramen and they’ve been dating ever since

Before I found the fandom I thought Albert said “Her leg of lamb” and I thought that meant he had a wet dream about a satyr and that Albert was admitting to being a monster fucker.

In hindsight that makes no sense. But also in hindsight there’s like so many lines I just literally don’t understand from him? Maybe that’s why he can’t sell papes, no one even understands him when he’s trying to sell a headline.

@aw-jus-let-em-try we gotta work this into the fanon somehow… Actually I have an idea… Message me?

anonymous asked:

More Jojo headcannons?

I’m in the middle of class but I haven’t put anything out in a while so here :)

  • He’s so tall
  • srsly
  • he’s the tallest of all the newsies
  • he uses this to his advantage all the time
  • he’ll put stuff on really high shelves and laugh while other boys try to reach it
  • he’s also lowkey swol™
  • he doesn’t use that to his advantage because he’s scared he’ll hurt someone
  • he is the second most hopeless romantic
  • (no one can beat Romeo)
  • he’ll see a person on the street, sell them something and have a little conversation, and then fall in love
  • He is demisexual, but that doesn’t prevent him from being panromantic
  • he’s a hugger
  • if he sees you for the first time in a while (or all day), he will hug
  • he’s like a cuddly octopus, good luck trying to escape
  • he’s good at reading people’s emotions, so if anyone tries to hide that they are hurting, he takes them aside and makes sure they’re ok, most likely hugging them if they’re ok with that
  • while he loves physical affection, he is also very aware of boundaries
  • though tbh hes probably the one that got most of the newsies past their touch issues
  • he loves to prank everyone
  • i think i mentioned that someone else does that as well, but he’s the mastermind
  • “Just because I came up with the idea doesn’t mean it’s my fault. I didn’t actually do it.”
  • Basically, he’s super soft and funny

Can you tell I love him? Let me know if y’all have edits or suggestions :) Enjoy!

One thing that pisses me off is how easily jack sketches Katherine.

I raise you, angry artist jack:

  • So many eraser smudges. He can’t help it, he’s a perfectionist
  • Hoards pencils, paper, and erasers
  • This means he will 100% pick up any pencil on the floor, shamelessly
  • Will let out incoherent screeches if he’s stuck
  • Yelps whenever his hand slips
  • Always asking empty air how to draw. He’s not actually asking anyone in particular
  • Sometimes people around him think it’s actually directed at them
  • “Jesus Jack, I don’t got a fucking clue”
  • Can’t actually use fancy materials. He’s too scared of wasting them
  • Has the worst handwriting ever
  • “How is your handwriting that illegible? you’re a fucking artist!”
  • “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”
  • Takes terrible care of his sketchbook. The cover’s falling off
  • Will send random texts to the group chat about his artistic frustrations, no context
  • “You know what sucks? Legs.”
  • “I hate cars”
  • “Hhng fucking HANDS”
  • Everyone’s used to it by now, like, “ah, Jack must be drawing again.”
  • But it really confused Davey at first
  • Jack doodles a lot in class
  • Sometimes he catches the material, sometimes he doesn’t
  • There are doodles on all of his work, homework, notes, and tests.
  • Bold of you to assume I can write anything without Javid
  • When Jack has a crush, he actually cannot draw anything other than them
  • This means that there are drawings of Davey e v e r y w h e r e
  • Now most of the teachers have caught on, and hardcore ship it
  • The more chaotic teachers will make subtle little jokes and all the newsies love it.
  • Everyone expects him to be good at all the art, but he’s actually only good at drawing and painting?
  • He’s been found crying with a dusty fist after punching some clay that wasn’t doing what he wanted it to.

Whaaat?!? I wrote something modern era?!?


Ship: sprace, side javid

Word count: 2462

Summary: Race is trying to quit smoking, and it definitely isn’t because of a guy

Race knew what year it was, he could read all the warnings and watch all the strangely aggressive advertisements telling people they would die horrible deaths if they took up smoking. He knew all of this, and yet ignored most of it, because if he was being completely honest, he had a shit job, and if he wanted a smoke after work he thought he deserved that.

Anyway nobody was there to judge him, he only smoked on the balcony, and Davey and Jack either couldn’t smell it, or pretended not to. It was a good situation.

Race considered this, taking a deep drag, he leaned his elbows on the railing, taking a second to look down the four floors to the street before exhaling, smoke mixing with the frozen breath that came with November in New York. He could quit whenever he wanted anyway, he just didn’t want to right then.

As he slowly worked his way down the rest of the cigarette he ran through the day in his head. Class was fine, it was art history, he’d needed an elective credit and Jack had begged him to take it with him. Turns out, Race was actually better at art history than the fine art major, which was starting to get at Jack; that was fun.

keep reading on ao3 please im dyin

Modern Albert hc

  • Hangs out in arcades a lot
  • Loves all the music and lights of arcades cause as an autistic person, mmmmm stimmy
  • Loves bowling
  • Ideal date would be bowling, then hanging out at the arcade area as he beats his date at DDR, he wins loads of tickets and gets his date a really big Teddy bear and then chilling watching the sun set with cheap, all the flavours slushies

Race can and will do the splits for no reason yknow?

anonymous asked:

can you do canon era buttons or elmer hc's please? ill cry

I’ll do Buttons

  • Rip this from my cold dead hands but British Buttons
  • Like… Not the stereotypical English accent
  • I hc them from like Devon, so like a west country accent (its a comfort thing I have family there I miss)
  • Also nonbinary Buttons
  • Buttons comes to New York when they’re 10 and they’re 14 now
  • Their accent has softened a lot (trust me I have a grandad who lived in Devon his whole life and can barely understand him)
  • They moved because their grandparents on their mother’s side always lived in New York with the family tailor shop but their mother wanted a fresh start in England where she met Buttons’ father
  • They became a newsie when their mother died and with their father trying to look after 4 kids and run a shop he let the business slip
  • They have one older sister who’s 18 who taught them silly puns and jokes and how to sew and two younger siblings one boy who’s 8 and one girl who’s 6
  • They let all their family go first in the tub because their father and sister work and their little siblings are their world and Buttons doesn’t want them washing in freezing cold water
  • Buttons really appreciates one time Davey letting them have a bath at his
  • Buttons loves puns and jokes and wordplays, they always found themself telling Crutchie before anyone else because his laughter is the best thing they’ve ever heard
  • Buttons loves being warm so takes any chance to cling onto Crutchie, the human hot water bottle
  • Ijustreallylovecroutonsokay?

That’s a lot, I might do Elmer one day. He’s a good bean

orollyitsracetrackhiggins  asked:


Oh hai Spotty!

These are canon era for once

  • Has a scar across his nose and its crooked, from a fight, you should see the other guy!
  • Strikes fear into everyone
  • Rumours run wild
  • He once cut someones lip with his fingernail (boi has sharp fingernails) aaaand the story escalated to “did you hear Spot ripped out a guys eye with his pinky! And broke his face and killed him!”
  • Sometimes newsies show up quaking and scared of something that he didn’t even know he apparently did
  • Fite me on this but his shoes having a bit of a heel on them
  • Useless with affection
  • Someone could hug him and his first institinct is “headbutt them!” and the second is “…. Wtf?” and the third is “this is okay?”
  • There are a group of ducks that hang out by the docks and they are Spot’s ducks, they followed him around as ducklings (and he almost lost some tough guy points over crying about how small they were)
  • Spot likes ducks
  • Spot hates geese however
  • Spot really hates cheese?
  • Spot is very Irish
  • I mean… His name is Sean Patrick Conlon and when you consider the actual Irish name would make him Sean Patrick Ó Connalláin and that’s honestly one of the most Irish names I’ve ever heard

I hope you like them!

Originally posted by fanficnstuuff

(ain’t this gif adorable?)

pastramionryewithasourpickle  asked:

Could you do some Henry HCs? I love your headcanons sm💕💕

oooh ok idk if i’ve talked abt him before!!

- this boy is SUCH a sweetheart

- like as soon as anyone is sad he’s like “let’s go get lunch ur gonna be okay.. wanna talk about it? no? ok let’s talk about something else i saw the cutest dog today it was crazy”

- he actually does surprise his mother sometimes. she works as a live-in maid for a rich family so he doesn’t see her often, but the family loves him bc he’s so sweet, and whenever he stops by to say hi they invite him in for dinner.

- he’s really into food and hopes to get a job at Jacobi’s when he’s old enough. he dreams of having his own restaurant someday, no matter how unrealistic that seems now

- he’s kinda small but totally willing to give piggybacks anyways. les particularly enjoys taking advantage of this.

- he totally knew what race was trying to say with “yer erster”. he was just hoping to get everyone to laugh after the hard day they’d had, and antagonizing race is usually a good way to make that happen.

Random Davey knitting headcanons

Random Davey headcanon that’s probably been done before

* Davey takes one of his mothers many knitting books

* He just wanted to learn something new and useful

* Starts out by making little knitted toys

* Which he gives out to the younger Newsies at random

* But then to the older ones

* Crutchie is the one that asks him first

* He just asks Davey to knit him a little dog, it’s for when he has nightmares about the refuge

* Soon enough each newsie has their own little knitted toy

* Mainly dogs because it’s what Davey is best at

* Soon his mother finds out and starts to help him learn how to make bigger items

* As soon as it starts to get cold he’s asking her how to make hats and scarfs

* The first person who gets their own hat and scarf is Race

* Davey’s been hiding his crush on Race cause you know it’s 1899

* So he gives him a blue hat and scarf set with his name stitched on the scarf

* Race kinda just holds them in his hands

* Then starts tearing up before hugging Davey

* Everyone in the lodge house young and old gets their own set

* Each their favourite colour with the name knitted onto them so no one steals or loses

* Expect for Mike and Ike cause Davey still has a hard time telling them apart

anonymous asked:

I don’t know if you ship it but you got any Almer hcs?

oh heck yeah!! i have them together in the cake fic and i love them sm!!

- they’re the ultimate obnoxious Adventure Couple. like, they’re constantly going on mini road trips to find good hiking and climbing spots, and they go tenting almost every weekend in the summer, even if it’s raining or cold

- elmer is the human equivalent of a golden retriever, while albert is comparable to a grumpy old cat. elmer is just excited and happy to be here even if he doesn’t really know what’s going on. albert is very much the opposite, but if anyone upsets his sunshine boy he’ll start breaking necks

- albert plays every sport you could possible imagine, and elmer is v supportive. he loves going to al’s hockey games and every once in a while he’ll buy flowers to give to his boy afterwards. sometimes albert makes him try out different sports and elmer remembers why he prefers watching, bc he’s incredibly uncoordinated and generally pretty unathletic

- they smoke a lot of weed, and shotgunning is their fave. al will hit the blunt and then they’ll kiss to share the smoke and it’s absolutely ridiculous but also kind of cute?

- so many late night convos about aliens. like.. SO many. these boys are convinced they’re out there and have been working on a series of theories that they’re gonna try to sell to NASA. because naturally NASA sources everything from 20 year-old stoners.


Ok guys I have 2 imagines and 1 HC (that I know have been in my box for like 2 months almost, BUT spring break is in 2 weeks which means…..

Send in request!!!!

Things I write for:

  • Newsies (x reader or character x character)
  • Teen wolf (seasons 1-4) [x reader]
  • Peaky Blinders [x reader]
  • Dunkirk [x reader]
  • West Side Story [x reader]*
  • The outsiders [x reader]*
  • 7 brides for 7 brothers [x reader]*

The ones with * are ones I want to try writing for

Modern!Newsies’ Smash Bros Mains

I need to finish a lot of the drawing requests/suggestions so here’s this in the meantime :P

Jack: The Cool Leader Guys or Adventurers - There’s a safe bet that Jack is going to play your tough or cool protagonist kind of characters AKA Link, Roy, Ike, Captain Falcon, etc. He cried tears of joy when he heard Roy was back. He’s the one who owns the Wii U/Switch and game. Everyone kind of just crashes his place to play.

Crutchie: Toon Link, Pikachu/Pichu, Isabelle, Kirby - The player that likes to play a lot of the cute and occasionally animal characters. Don’t underestimate though because he will freaking demolish someone with Toon Link, Kirby or Pikachu out of nowhere (puts the “cute” in “electrocutes your butt off”) Looks like a cinnamon roll, but could take you out like BAM! 

Davey: Marth and Robin - He hasn’t played much Smash which explains why he keeps falling off the maps, but Marth and Robin didn’t look as crazy or looney as the other characters and he thought the Fire Emblem characters were a lot more controlled in their strengths.

Les: Duck Hunt - What a troll. He learned to taunt from Race and likes the duck and dog a lot! He’s the little brother type of gamer who is asking questions and you’re not sure if you should let him win or wipe the floor with this kid. Although, he will definitely beat Davey.

Race: Sonic the Hedgehog- Big troll. He’s a button masher and a taunt spammer/master. He will scream random Sonic quotes from the 90s as to distract, but sometimes that may backfire too. (“GOTTA GO FAST-” *falls off the edge of the map*) The type of player that will crawl all over you like a cat to distract you while playing. 

Spot: Little Mac - He is ready to wreck some people up. Other than Little Mac, he will play some of the brooding looking characters like Ryu because WOAH, STREET FIGHTER or Charizard because it’s A FREAKING DRAGON likE EAT FIRE, BOI.

Katherine: Zelda, Sheik, Shulk - Likes having good control and a light character to move around easily. Secretly has learned all of the combos without anyone suspecting it and plays dumb only for victory (“Oh, what’s an ultimate? How do you move? What does this button do?”) A cheap tactic to get someone distracted in trying to “help” her, but first place is first place, buddy.

Albert: Bowser and Villager - Two entirely different mains, and it’s weird, but both mains are also a bit frightening. If he loses, he’s the type to laugh it off (probably with a ligma joke) or make up excuses for it (“Les was blockin’ the TV!”) Yes, he will yell during gameplay, which disturbs neighbors, but in this game, you GOTTA win.

Romeo: Mii Fighter - Started playing the characters that looked really cool, but didn’t feel like he really matched with any of ‘em so he made himself to main! There’s an on going joke that he likes playing as himself because it’s his own pretty face.

Elmer: Yoshi and Luigi - Has played Mario in the good old days, but likes how less threatening Luigi and Yoshi are next to Mario in Smash. The guy who doesn’t take the game too seriously and is probably having the most fun.

Buttons: Pac-Man and MegaMan - Likes the 8-bit aesthetic and plays them because of mascot rep. It’s like a blast from the past! Not the most intense gamer at all, but he likes seeing his friends have fun.

Specs: Fox - He’s more of a classic player and likes the Gamecube controller more. He is the type to try and think up of a strategy, but for some reason, isn’t able to lay a hit on button mashers like Race. He’s a good sport though.

JoJo: Pit - Mr. “I’ve never played this game before but I’m a natural, I guess” He thought Pit looked cool with his wings and bow and has never played Kid Icarus or any Smash Bros. games in his child life. It makes some of the Smash Bros. Strategists angry as heCK. 

Finch: Ness and Lucas - He had heard of Smash before but didn’t play often. When he was going through the roster of characters, someone went “UGH” when he went over Lucas and Ness. Now, he doesn’t stop saying things like “PK THUNDER!” when they play.

Blink: Snake - I mean, sure, bad eye buds, but! Blink likes the idea of the rugged spy. He’s all for it now, despite thinking it was kind of a waste of time for a game before. He grew more and more attached to it the more he played and it gave him an excuse to be close to the others cOUGH COUGH

Mush: Mr. Game and Watch  - That one friend that’s fine watching the others play. Although, when he does play, he is your basic jokester. He likes the simple look of Mr. Game and Watch and his wacky moves, despite the laggy flow style of his animation. 

Mike and Ike: Pokemon Trainer and Ice Climbers - They do the switch off thing with the controller and they are the first two to be told to share a controller (which sucks sometimes, but they’re chill with it.) Mike feeds the twin stereotype by choosing the Climbers (the iconic duo), but he also likes their cute design! Both Mike and Ike like the Pokemon trainer (although Ike prefers the trainer more than the Climbers) even though they can be just a tad OP. They’re so happy the characters returned! YAY TEAMWORK!

Smalls: Samus and Inkling - Oh, heck yeah they’re gonna go for the mcfreaking WOMAN WITH A MINI CANON ON HER ARM! Sometimes they don’t have the patience to charge her weapon for a strike so they play as the inkling (YOU’RE A KID, YOU’RE A SQUID!) Smalls is experienced at Splatoon, but still a good rookie at Smash. They definitely have a competitive spirit!

Send in request

So I have writers block at the moment (think it’s cause I have to focus on the classes I missed cause I was out for a week after my ankle surgery) but I think once the big stuff I have this week is over I’ll be a okay and ready to write.

So send in some requests for some Newsies writings including ships, friendships, head canons and just prompts so when my heads back in the game I can spam and just get in the flow.

Sorry again for the lack of writing but fingers crossed I’ll be good to go soon; so yeah send in those requests and like I said don’t just have to be ships; or fluff if you guys want angst I’ll try my best

Peace out ✌🏻