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Israeli forces arrest 'travel agents' accused of operating money laundering ring

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💥🗣 Zimbabwe’s participation in World T20 qualifiers in doubt after ICC suspension 🔙🔎

⚠️✍️ - sempre più deciso a restare alla . Il 0px; " tag="iatore difficilmente accetterà la destinazione . Via

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 Супруги прожили в браке 71 год и умерли в один день

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Thank you America for giving your lives in the 2e WW, so me and my family can live in freedom now in the netherlands.Gods Blessings❤

Tom King is talking Heroes in Crisis, City at War, and more at the Tom King panel at . With him on stage is Mitch Gerads.

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Odion Ighalo Retires From Nigeria Super Eagles Team

Maternal race not a factor for children experiencing a 'language gap' - Yvette Lacobie

Researchers have discovered that race plays no role in the amount and quality of the words mothers use with their children, or with the language skills their children later develop.

from Latest Science News – ScienceDaily
- Yvette Lacobie

Strong storms also play big role in Antarctic ice shelf collapse - Yvette Lacobie

Warming temperatures and changes in ocean circulation and salinity are driving the breakup of ice sheets in Antarctica, but a new study suggests that intense storms may help push the system over the edge.

from Latest Science News – ScienceDaily
- Yvette Lacobie

Sperm may offer the uterus a 'secret handshake' - Yvette Lacobie

Why does it take 200 million sperm to fertilize a single egg? Part of the reason is bombardment by the female immune system, which very few sperm survive. Researchers have discovered a molecular handshake between sperm and uterine cells that may help sperm evade this attack – or may help the immune system target the weakest sperm.

from Latest Science News – ScienceDaily
- Yvette Lacobie

LEFTWRITEB: A Time to Respec

After a good few weeks (and then some) since my last post, some may be wondering where I’ve been and why the content on the site has decreased a tad. I mean, E3 2019 came and went and not a single new post went up. That said, it’s time to explain and elaborate on how the site will be going through a bit of a respec going forward.

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As personal circumstances change, the free time available to spend creating content is something that ever changes and so to must the way I use this site. Equally important in this is the landscape of gaming related content, especially in the written form. Once upon a time, I had the ability to write about the more breaking pieces of news promptly as they happened. But that’s no longer the case and, to be honest, that isn’t necessarily the end of the world.

The thing about games journalism is that it’s a field that has become increasingly cannibalistic. Rather than offering unique insights and something new, most sites will regurgitate news pieces from other sites. When you compare the volume of unique pieces compared to news/fluff pieces, you realise it’s incredibly disproportionate. When you’re all discussing the same things it’s a little inevitable and something that Leftwriteb is just as guilty of. But why would you come here when you can read the latest news from a million and one other places?

That’s why, going forward, the focus will be shifted. Rather than churning out a larger volume of less interesting pieces, the aim will be to post more lengthy and in-depth pieces instead. Quality over quantity. It’s fairly common-sense really but that’s how things will change. It is, I would think, more exciting to see something new that is lengthy and full of the unknown than a news piece that likely seems like all the others dotted around the web.

That’s not to say that news pieces will disappear from the site, of course. Sometimes there are events or announcements that are so important or so stupid that they simply need to be shared. The site will continue to try and bring you the finest pieces of writing and entertainment around, but this time we are just going to be a little more selective. Anything of real interest will still surface in the News section but don’t expect a breakdown of every tiny thing that surfaces within the industry.

Thank you to those who have visited the site and supported it so far and I hope you all come to agree with me that this change is a positive one that will help Leftwriteb continue to grow. With plenty of drafts in the pipeline for deeper dives on news, issues and opinions with the realm of videogames, there’s plenty of meaty articles on the way.