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Watching the World Cup while writing is quite inspiring Poland not really shown up for this one 🤨🇵🇱 Senegal played well tho 😁 🇸🇳 Stay beautiful 😘

Hello, This is my first tweet? (obviously) My names Kylee but I go by Collin$ I can wait to share my music with the world! <3

YouTube Music Review: Promising, But Google Can (and Has) Done Better

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I think I’m in love


“BAD VIBES” DROPS ON @soundcloud 2NIGHT🤘🏽😈🌪**

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When you are alone at night.
You search yourself for all the things.
That you believe are right.

If you give it all away.
You throw away your only chance to be here today.
Then a fight breaks out on your street.

You lose another broken heart in a land of meat.
My friend, he took his final breath.
Now I know the perfect kiss is the kiss of death.

—  Perfect Kiss
Nina Las Vegas - Lucky Girl

NLV Records label-head & consistent curator of good times, Nina Las Vegas has released a new track with long-time collaborator and friend, Swick titled Lucky Girl

The track plays like a memory reel. Contrasting fuzzy filters and sharp stabs to create a whirlwind of emotions that are without a clear beginning or ending. The tracks beautifully fads in and out to subtly take hold and gently let go. Towering synths and playful leads are to credit for the colorful imagery that swept me through the hypnotic 4min track. 

A video accompanied the track and is necessary need-to-watch. Check it HERE


New Music Video: Kim Dong Han - “Sunset”


New Music Video: Red House - “Endless Night”