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“Harry Potter and Divergent fans will love this fantastic new series by Sloane Murphy” Marked by

• Peter Martin: A Means to an End Peter Martin Release Be careful what you wish for it may cost you your life

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More Giraffes Team Up With Sweater Beats For Bubbly Single “Playground” via

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Got the zoom lens, went straight to the park, found this fella


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Dude, Let Me Use Your Bathroom.

You’ll always be worth it to me.

Even when the moon falls short—and I can no longer see your face in the midnight sky. Damn you, you god forsaken inconsistent moon. Even when the light dims and the darkness blinds, will I forever desire your sweet visage. The one that brought all of my laughs and tears and joy and pain. It will forever be worth it.


My first official @meetup experience was an amazing success. We had an intimate small group, which allowed us to really tune into each other and let our bodies flow naturally. One of the things we did was create combinations where we crossed over one leg, and pivoted to the reverse side. It actually started as a stretch, but my intuition then told me it can then become an expressive movement, a distinction that has been important as I develop this model of movement freedom! Thanks to @91giugiu91 and James for taking part in this amazing moment and bringing so much collaborative energy. The next one is Sunday, June 30th! Link in the bio if you’d like to join us.😆🤸🏻‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️

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(at Central Park)

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🚀✈️🛸P.S.A. To all Pilots and Astronauts the L.T.F. Family is dropping a new track this Friday called “This Summer”🔥🔥🔥 #allplatforms #explorepage #new #music #everyday #friday (at Houston, Texas)

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Hello friends! I had a to fix my previous video and wanted to break up the repetitiveness of Spyro videos.  Here’s my updated Medievil 2 - Kensington Walkthrough.


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summer love sickness

i want to wake up
in that shitty hotel
room with
the scratched up headbord

i want to wake up
in your long yellow

flimsy cotton fabric
thick cotton
the good cotton
that’s still has the new
store smell

i want to wake up
with your hair in my face
your breast in my hand
and my cum in your
falopian tubes
yes tubes

i want to wake up
and wake you up
as my raw cock
spreads you open
before your eyes open
as our morning breaths
and dry mouths
fuck each other

i want to wake up
and fill your pretty
pussy up
and for many days
to come.

i want to put a baby in
your belly
and watch your tits grow fat
as you waddle
in and out of my field of vision
i want to watch you eat a lot of food
that i bring to you
i want to show you all the other
woody allen
movies i love and all the ones i hate
and tell you why i think
he is a genius and why
i think he tries too hard sometimes.

i cant believe my old apartment
threw out my black couch.
im so angry.