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La Comisión Europea presentó ayer el Pacto Verde Europeo para hacer que la economía de la UE sea sostenible y lograr convertirse en el primer continente en para el año 2050.

Simplicity is key so if you’re not sure what to go for keep to a more neutral palette. Just change your accessories when you need to change it up!

This space is super neutral but manages not to be boring. It has that light airy feeling and feels warm and welcoming. Plus slip covered chairs and a leather couch sound like the perfect combination with a busy toddler. * * * * *

おけいはん乗ってます🚞 そして、やっぱりお供はこれ👇 お供って(笑) 昭和や~😂

12 de Diciembre ser neutral no es sinónimo de debilidad, significa respeto al otro, abandonar la cultura de reacción, pensar en el contexto ajeno y dar paso al diálogo.

【 (:)】 ようやくオレの声に呼応するものが現れたか …オレは 魔神ダグザ 【 (:)】 私はダーナ神族の母 ダヌー 妖精の女王としてノゾミと共にある者です

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【】 きみは私がつくったプログラムを持っているな? 【 (:)】 時間が惜しい… 君たち全員でかかってくると良い

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【 ()】 見よ、天に煌めく真円を! 魔性の月天に宵に、我が血肉と魂は、解き放ち暴れるばかりよ! 【 】 今宵の 月は 美しい…

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Today is Turkmenistan neutral day. Let's celebrate it! More details: Whatsapp:+86-15966602397(24hours online) Landline:(+86) 0531 5553586

The goddess aphrodite is our highest muse - the embodiment of femininity, elegance and timeless beauty. Aphrodite in a shell, 300-275 b.c., Mousee de Louvre/Paris …

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Lights up 5/10

♚ //  Face Claim

Full name Face Claim: Bae Joohyun

Group/Band/Occupation: Red Velvet

Nationality: Korean

Faceclaim age: 28

♚ // Character ;  Basic information

Quote: “Worlds change When eyes Meet” -unkown

Full name character: Bae Joohyun

Nickname: Joohyun

Realm of birth(if earth, nationality): Korean

Age: Looks 20/ Actual Newborn  

Date of Birth: 3/21/2019

Gender: Female

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Race: Enchanted Doll

Sexual Orientation: Unknown

What languages does your character speak?: Korean, extremely limited Spanish (flash of memories from the owner of the soul)

♚ // Character ; Appearance

Skin Color: Very Pale

Eye color: Light blue

Scars: None she has perfect skin

Piercings: None

Tattoos: Intricate markings on her chest and back

Hair color: Black


Horns/ wings/ etc.: N/A

Transformed form: N/A

♚ // Character ; Personality

Six personality traits:

  1. Confident

  2. Good-natured

  3. Submissive

  4. Dense

  5. Perfectionist 


  1. Fashion/Makeup/Hair -Beauty

  2. Sketching/Painting - Art

  3. Kniting/Sewing - Craft

  4. Short Stories -Writing

  5. Tarot Cards/Gems, Crystals -Witchcraft 


  1. Heights

  2. Other Dolls (of all kinds)

  3. Loud sounds

  4. Not looking perfect 

  5. People using “big words”

Manias: Joohyun has an obsession with witchcraft, spells, gems/crystals

Phobias: Losing her components to live (soul container, glass heart) 

Animal: [ What character best fits your character’s personality? ]

Religion: She is not religious 

Favorite song: Songs to make you feel safe and okay 

Vice: Pride

Virtue: Patience

Personality description:

Joohyun isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, being “born” just a couple of months before arriving at the academy was a big part of it. She’s clueless and isn’t really up to the standards of social interactions. 

All that said Joohyun is very confident in herself. Created with porcelain skin she never had to worry about blemishes or scars ever.  She prides in looking amazing at all times, no hair out of place or a single wrinkle on the pleats of her skirt. 

Joohyun is submissive and a follower, she looks for people to learn from and a leader to well follow. It comes as second nature to her and doesn’t know any other way. This also makes her extremely loyal and dependent on others. 

And lastly Joohyun is an attention seeker, she likes hearing people compliment her on her outfit or her body, never feeling awkward or shy she’ll wear anything that would get her attention from men and women. 

♚ // Character ; Powers

Magical Powers: Manipulation inanimate objects, Make believe power, No physical pain

Non-magical Powers:



Her biggest weakness are her components to live. Without her glassheart or soul container she’ll die.  

♚ // Character ; The Student

Study Style: Clueless student, Joohyun  has no idea what she’s doing or what’s going on . She asks a million questions about anything the teacher says. 

Favorite class: Drawing & painting

Least favorite class: Modern Dance

classes (5-8) : 

  1. Magical Rituals

  2. Astrology

  3. Earth customs & Human social protocols

  4. Drawing & painting

  5. Modern Dance

  6. Fashion History & Sewing

  7. Swimming & Diving

  8. Ancient runes


  1. cheerleading class

♚ // Character ; The Past

Date of Birth: March 29 2019

Date of Death: N/A

Crime Record: N/A

Has your character attended Insolitus Academy in the past?



Joohyun was made essentially to make money for her creator. He thought a cam girl/model would be easy money and a lot easier with a ditsy doll with no brain. It pretty much worked for awhile. Joohyun had been created to look perfect. Long jet black hair, Pale unchipped/scarred skin, the perfect ‘golden ratio’ face and an amazing body. Joohyun didnt have a childhood she essentially never “grew up”she was made then awoke. The day Joohyun opened her eyes she laid on a wooden table in what she didnt know but would eventually find out locked away in a basement. When she woke up the creator “Sir” as she was told to call him, began to teach her basic things to live and survive like simple communication skills, and how to cook and clean so she could “pull her own weight”.He also taught her about the camera, about how to pose, he taught her about videos and clothes. He didn’t bother on how to teach her how to do math or even about the world because she didn’t need to know about any of that. For months on end he would sit her in front of a pretty background that he created in the basement where she stayed and have her wave talk or eat in front of the camera. Sir  would also dress her up in beautiful clothing that he made Joohyun to make herself so they could take pretty scandalous pictures. As her fame rose so did her revenues and ads, she became an actual Internet model. She gained more money from sponsors.

As the months went by Joohyun actually begin to like being a cam girl she didn’t really understand the whole Internet but she did like speaking to the camera and watching the words scroll by as people commented. The more she did it the more she liked the attention that came with it.She began to take her own pictures make her own outfit and do her own shows without Sir watching over her. Stuck in the basement since she was made she’s been alive other than Sir she never really had a friend, Joohyun didn’t know what a family so she looked at the people who commented on her shows or who liked her pictures as her friends. The braver she got the more she started to explore the Internet and it opened her up to a world of wonder. She would go on in the middle of the night when Sir would essentially leave her alone. He wasn’t  a mean man he just didn’t care about her to him Joohyun was just a cash cow.She didn’t care because now she had her Internet friends. Since she didn’t need to sleep she spent most of her time more like all of her time on the Internet.

Reading stories on love or magical creatures in magic worlds, watching videos on hair and make up to how to tie your shoes. The more she explored the more she loved it, she spent been hours reading stories fictional and nonfictional, she would binge watch shows and documentaries. She learned what a Mukbang was and wanted to try all the food that they had even though she couldn’t taste or digest.One day as Joohyun booted up her computer her vision blurred until everything turned white around her, sudden flashes appeared and she didn’t know what they were but they seemed like a video that played in her head. Joohyun could see a dark room that kind of looked like hers but it wasn’t. She would see someone’s hands that look like hers but they weren’t. She would see a lot of smoke and jars filled with different colored liquid, a big book filled the pages of writing that didn’t look like the writing from her Internet friends. There were strange markings and numbers during these flashbacks she would try to look at it, the markings somehow it seemed like she could understand them. She would also remember seeing a group of people all dressed in long cloaks, she didn’t know who they were but she had a warm feeling of familiarity. 

During her final days with Sir she began to take more interest in her flashbacks or what she thought were her memories. What she didn’t know was so creative with the soul of a wiccan. The soul of this witch was so strong that when it was put into her soul container which was a pink crystal necklace, it was powerful enough to leave markings on her porcelain body, the same markings that the wiccan had when she was alive. Joohyun also has a glowing pink jar that contained her “heart” which she kept in a pink pouch she carried around everywhere with her. Joohyun learned that what she was seeing some sort of witchcraft and she wanted to know more about it. The more research within blogs and videos that she watched about it the less cam shows, lives and pictures she did which meant less money going into Sir’s pocket. He argued with her yelled at her threatened her but there wasn’t really any way form of torture or punishment that he could do to her. Sir wasn’t a mean man, he just wanted his money. Since there wasn’t a way to really force her to do what he wanted, he simply let her go.

With nothing but a backpack she was sent to the outside world.Her first day on the outside it was shocking to Joohyun. The sounds, the smells and the weather was all new to her. She didn’t know what to do or where to go, so she simply walked. Along the streets she saw other people only knowing sir and the people behind the screen she had no idea how to interact with all these strangers.  With the level of stress raised it made her more susceptible to flashbacks. Only this time what she saw was a large building that had creatures that she’s read about it books. It gave her such a warm feeling inside her porcelain body. Almost as if she was guided Joohyun continued to get flashes that day, one of a bus another of a street name and not knowing what else to do wanting to find that place in her previous flashback she followed along. Until she came face to face to her new home. 

♚ // Roleplayer

[ optional ]

Time zone: GMT -5

OOC! Triggers: Family death

Themes/genres you like writing the most?:

All kinds fluff, angst, NSFW, Opposites attract  

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Hi! Could I get neutral or fem-aligned middle names that go with Colby? I like Kieran, but thats a little too close to my old name. I also like Ronin, Syon, and Caius, but those are all pretty masculine imo. Thanks!

  • Colby Emile / Emil
  • Colby Emmett 
  • Colby Emery
  • Colby Erin
  • Colby Kira
  • Colby Kasey / Casey
  • Colby Morgan
  • Colby Peony
  • Colby Robin
  • Colby Raven
  • Colby Sage
  • Colby Venus
  • Colby Vee

i hope these help you out!