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If you ask somebody how you can help them, you better come through. If they tell you what it is that you can do for them and you don’t do it, you have really blown your connection.

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Photon PUN and building UI feedback

Happy new year everyone!  Time for a quick dev update for last week (meant to post this earlier, but ah well).

Networking abstraction and Photon PUN

About a year ago I implemented a networking abstraction layer to separate use of the deprecated Unity RakNet based API from the rest of the code.

Last week I made some improvements to its interface to finish it off, and then I added a new implementation under the hood using Photon PUN 2.  I went with PUN because it’s easy to get up and running, it’s well supported, and its API is very similar to the old Unity API.  Thankfully the PUN implementation was relatively easy to do, partly due to the API similarity, and partly because of the abstraction layer which meant I didn’t have to touch the rest of the code.

I’ve no idea yet if I’ll stick with PUN in the long run, but for now it at least means I can get rid of all references to the deprecated Unity networking API, while not breaking my prototype multiplayer implementation.  So now I’m finally free to move on past Unity 2017.4 and upgrade to a newer version, which I’ll hopefully be doing soon!

Builder tool UI feedback

After the recent video I put out about the builder tool UI changes I was considering, I’ve had loads of amazing and really useful feedback, so thank you for that!  I think the consensus is to leave things as they are and focus on the rest of the game, so that’s what I’ll be doing, at least for now.  I’ll keep the prototype code around somewhere in case I need to come back to it in the future.

Saved game serialization

As for this week, I’m back to looking at Json.NET saved game serialization, a topic I covered a few months ago.  I’m trying to improve on the performance and GC alloc issues I had discussed in that blog post.  If this doesn’t work out then Json isn’t going to be viable for this purpose, and I’ll have to think of another way to solve the inflexibility of the current binary stream based system.

Thursday Thoughts: It’s Never Too Early To Talk About Your Dreams

This has come up for me a couple times recently, in that strange way my life seems to pick up motifs now and again.

I’ll be talking to someone about what they want to do – in their career, their education, or their hobbies. I like hearing people talk about their passions, so I steer the conversation towards their enthusiasm, what they’re driven towards, their long-term goals.

“Have you talked to anyone about this?” I ask, suggesting they reach out to their teachers, their work managers, or people in this person’s field of interest.

They shrug and say, “Not really, it seems too early for that.”

They haven’t applied for the job yet, or begun taking classes yet, or gotten “good enough” at the skill yet to really put it into action, or they don’t have the time right now to do any of that – so it’s “too early” to even let anyone know that they want it.

Let me be blunt: it is never too early to tell people about your goals. Never ever ever ever ever too early. Your goals, your dreams, your pie-in-the-sky fantasies, whatever you want to call them – start talking about them NOW.

Because talking about your dreams now is how you make them come true later. Putting your passion into words is how you find your path forward and figure out the destination. Telling people what you want – even if you don’t know whether they can help you get it, and even before you’re ready to get it! – is how you find the people who will help you become ready for it, and who will help you when you are ready for it.

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