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The perfect plan for a Saturday night - Broadway show! Photo by instagram user xheybails

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bookenders  asked:

Happy Storyteller Saturday! If your OCs had a store, what would they sell?

Daisy: bookstore
Hyacinth: beauty products
Erme: rare items and antiques

Gegaesse: I think he’d love to sell food, like a bakery or something
Sevianne: probably jewelry and clothes she made herself
Keight: something practical like tools

I feel like Gegaesse isn’t really bothered by anything. He always tries to see the best in everyone so even if he was annoyed about something, he’d never let it show.

Keight on the other hand, is bothered by everything. He’s pretty much always in a bad mood. He kind of hates people all around so you could sneeze too loud around this guy and he’d shoot you a death glare.

Sevianne is mostly frustrated with herself. She’s not able to do much since getting sick, so stuff like not being able to get out of bed or bathe or anything is really irritating.

Thanks for the question @drist-n-dither !

A Sea of Friends

The march today was really fun, partly because some Bristolians brought a sound system with them and partly because everywhere I looked, I saw people I knew. In a crowd of a million people, there were so many friends I couldn’t let more than a few minutes without meeting one.

I was walking behind a particularly well dressed drag artist, who then turned round and said ‘hey you, it’s been a while’ and was a friend from an event two years ago. Shocking.

I feel so lucky to be a part of this huge network of performers and events folks. It’s like an enormous distant family.

sundaynightnovels  asked:

happy storyteller saturday!!! i see that you have quite a few WIPs right now, so which of your WIPs are you most close to completing & which of them are you most excited to present to the general public!! (i'm sure you're excited about all, but which of them do you think will garner a reaction that you're most excited about?)

Well The World Beyond is the only one that has an actual complete first draft. So I would say that one probably wins by default. I’m rewriting the entire thing though, so at the moment, there’s not really a whole lot of presentable novel.

I think if I can really get a good plot together for Out and find a good medium to present it on (because right now it’s kind of just a vague idea and a first chapter), I’d be most excited to see how that goes. It’s just so different from what I usually do and, I hope, powerful.

Thank you for the ask!

sodaliteskull  asked:

Storyteller Saturday! Out of your OCs, who would rather go to a rock concert on their day off, and who would rather go to a museum?

Daisy, Hyacinth, and Galen would all choose a rock concert. They’re young and free spirited and love doing wild things with their friends.

Erme would probably also choose a rock concert–they do love music–but might think a history museum would be fun to go to since they lived through all of the history and were probably around when most of this stuff was made.

Hades doesn’t have time for anything fun ever. 

quilloftheclouds  asked:

Storyteller Saturday! If you could bring any of your ocs into real life, who would it be? Why? 💖

god I would probably want to try to find one that wouldn’t kill me for the shit I put them through… Maybe Gegaesse, because he’s a sweet cinnamon bun, but he would be super freaked out by modern technology and transphobia 

urbanteeth  asked:

Happy Saturday! What would your characters’ ringtones for each other be and why?

Daisy’s ringtone for Hyacinth is probably something along the lines of Call Me Devil by Friends in Tokyo, and Hyacinth’s for Daisy might be Shut Up and Let Me Go by The Ting Tings. That’s the kind of sibling relationship they have.

I’m thinking Galen’s ringtone for Hyacinth is Sugar, Sugar by the Archies, because Hyacinth probably won’t like it but will appreciate that he thought of one at all. Hyacinth’s for Galen is something cheesy and romantic like Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer

Daisy and Galen wouldn’t have ringtones for each other for secret reasons. And Erme and Hades don’t have a phones.

abalonetea  asked:

happy storyteller saturday! what's the most embarrassing thing your protag has done in story?

For Daisy I’d say she’s probably most embarrassed about spontaneously proposing to [spoiler] and getting shot down. She did it in kind of a panic, but she did still like them, and when they realized she was only doing it because she was freaking out over something else they straightened her out real quick.


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