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Prettige Kerstdagen en Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

2015 - VM-silver 2016 - EM-silver 2017 - VM-brons 2018 - VM-brons 2019 - Vidare till final Nederländerna har säkrat en medalj i en stor turnering för femte året i rad. 🔥

We have a role in for a Design Engineer for – working for a large business. To apply please email Harry Moncur;

The Embassy of the in together with and has started two programmes in to teach the young about sexual and reproductive .

Celebrating the of our team! A proud moment for all of us at as one of our team members in , Anja den Hollander has successfully released her first book in the recently!

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❤ Royal Coats of Arms ❤

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands with Order of the Garter



“Oh?” Tim raised his eyebrows in pleasant surprise at the very official invitation envelope. “Well, I wasn’t expecting it but it’s quite a nice surprise. It’ll make it so much less stressful for me-..” He started, until he heard Gilbert would be there too. “Ah. Right, I almost forgot.” that he exists. Luckily, Tim didn’t say that part aloud.

“I’ll put on my best behaviour, you have my promise. If he does something, though, that’s not gonna be on me.” He held up his hands as though he washed them clean from sin. “So, should I send you a RSVP with the letter?” He grinned.

CHRISTMAS PLAY! watch the kiddos be adorable! (nedcan + rusame)


There had been recitals, practices, and set building sessions. Sewing machines, glue, and tears had been involved. Now was the night of debut. The director, Angelique, was pacing in tense thought between barked orders. Kids moved to and fro in preparation, most of them crystal clear on their functions.

The stars of the show were lined up to one side, all looking sparklier than intended. Ivan and his sequin pack had made the rounds whenever the director was distracted. Alfred was Scrooge, Lars was Marley, and Ivan was a smug looking ghost of Christmas Present.

Technically Matthew was the ghost of Christmas Future, but his grim black outfit was currently tangled on a cardboard set piece. The ghost of Christmas Past, Elise, was attempting to free him without ripping anything. Seeing as they were both distractible cinnamon rolls of sugary joy, this resulted in rolling around on the floor and giggling.