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Asfalto de Sangue (2017) - Quando a mãe de seu filho entra em conflito com o submundo do crime em Paris, um corredor de superbike passa a trabalhar como entregador de drogas para pagar sua dívida.

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Estoy tirando flojera a lo bestia, a lo desgraciado, a lo inhumano, a lo extremo, a lo estrambótico, a lo 4K, o sea, nuclear mente

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Kit is autistic!

Right so you know Kit from the unicorn store

Originally posted by brietastic

I fully think she’s autistic and here’s why:

  • She doesn’t seem to understand social cues or ‘societal norms’ like for example when she’s talking to Virgil and trying to persuade him to build this stable for her she doesn’t really consider him if you get me so like she might not have theory of mind (ToM)
  • Also when talking to Virgil, she suggests knocking down her playhouse from when she was young, and he responds in a way like he’s considering the sentiment behind it and stuff whereas she doesn’t care she just wants to knock it down which he’s reluctant to do
  • Her special interest is unicorns obviously and although she’s supposedly ‘grown out of it’ it’s still there because that’s what she wants more than anything. She reads about unicorns from the guides given to her, checks out mythological books about unicorns, does things like go on a camp to make her house better for a unicorn. She also obviously drew unicorns repetitively from a young age.
  • There’s something very innocent and childlike about her and how she sees the world meaning she asks if she’s ‘pretty enough to be sexually harassed’ and the way Virgil thinks she’s been taken advantage of and details have been stolen by the salesman. This shows maybe a delayed development in understanding the world as a whole.
  • Questions have to be specific, for example her boss asks her what her goals are and she replies with not being a disappointment meaning he has to narrow it down and ask about her job specifically. This gives a sense that she is perhaps very literal.
  • Back to the idea of ‘societal norms’ and her boardroom presentation. She obviously didn’t realise or understand that this wasn’t socially acceptable or professionally how you are meant to present an idea, leading to something which was portrayed to be cringey but also showed her character and she enjoyed that freedom and creativity. It represented her as a fish out of water.
  • The fact she was talking to her carebears at the beginning of the film and she told the unicorn that she was her only friend for years makes you think she might have been isolated or bullied by children because she was odd meaning she made up her own friends.
  • She has a very strong will. As soon as she found out she was getting a unicorn she set about preparing for it and nothing deterred her from that goal. That was her one focus (maybe her hyperfocus although she had other things going on) and goal.
  • She was obviously different in art school at the beginning when it showed her painting and wearing different clothes etc… demonstrating she didn’t fit in with societal norms or conform to them.
  • It had obviously escaped her attention that Virgil was interested in her romantically meaning she’d missed unspoken social cues or rules.
  • She has no filter in some scenes and is shown as very honest like when Kevin is over for dinner and she tells her parents to just adopt him which would be considered rude.
  • That’s all I can think of right now
  • Feel free to add anymore!!!

El niño con el pijama de rayas

Narra la historia de un niño alemán, que le fascina explorar. Ademas, su padre es general y se nunca cerca de un campo de concentración. Donde conoce, en unas de sus exploraciones, a un niño judío que se encuentra en el campo.

Muestra el punto de vista de dos niños que se encuentran en ambos lados de la historia.

Del 1 al 10, le doy 7. Porque me dejó con dudas y con, que pasará con el padre después de…

I would like a modern Cinderella story where she gets sick of how she’s being treated and moves out after getting a job and then the house falls apart because they don’t know how to do anyting. Meanwhile Cinderella is quickly on her way of owning her own business, but she catches herself acting like the step-mom and has to make peace with her without letting her step family take over her life again.

Or maybe one where everybody is down with kicking the step-mom’s ass in a Big Fat Liar style of movie. Maybe the step sisters are more mature now, or maybe even theor last dad sent them off to boarding school so now they know what a normal human interaction is and that Cinderella is being treated like a slave.

Oh yeah the prince charming character… honestly nowadays we can do without him but you could have him be.. I don’t know like just a supportive boyfriend or even somebody who had gone through the same treatment Cinderella got and went through years of therapy.

I mean Netflix has an infinite amount of remakes of the movie, why not shake it up?