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sieht nicht nur mindestens 95% Emissionsminderung vor, sondern bis 2050. Das bedeutet, dass der Rest über negative Emissionen erbracht werden muss

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Lyrics and Legends (1963) was a NET Public Television mini-series about the origins of musical genres. This episode traces the history of popular hillbilly music.

Mermaiden’s School of Fine Training: Crystal Blue Wonder part 1

“Sub Commander..” came the call of her commander. “..May I speak with you” looking at Coral’s two companion’s, “in private.” This was a first since she became the Sub Commander that Coach Alamander requested that they talk in private. “Yes sir” was all she could say without tipping the balance in Jasmine’s favor. “I will catch up with the both of you in a few” Coral pull her self back to the urgent matter at hand. Drifting by his side seemed like a equal not a student of his. “I have been approached by.. how shall we say this, concerned party’s..” taking a long look at Coral’s posture. “..there seems to be a disturbance of some sort in the black kelp forest..” taking a pause to collect his thoughts. “..I would like Skull and Crossbones to go and survey the since” stopping and turning to her. “I know you have been doing wonders with the Bones unit but this requires a soft hand not the units involvement” handing the Sub Commander a red envelope. “Do I make myself clear” followed by a salute.

“Okay ladies” Coral began. “Who are you calling a lady” Clarissa chuckled. Correcting herself, “Lady, miscreant I have been handed a red envelope” expecting the others to know what the red envelope means. “Ok so someone is color blind.. wait what is this symbol” Clarissa was stunned by the Guardians mark on the seal. “What I am about to show you guy is a life I thought I had left behind when we graduated out of Coach Shark Bite’s class..” with a simple tug the contents where spilled out on the coffee table. Picking up the top paper and reading what it said, “Coral, we the Guardians wish to call on your services again. There is a disturbance in the Black Kelp Forest. With all the resent attacks on the Mermaid’s First Army we choose to send you and your team. Keep it small and fast. Report back to Coach Alamander when done.” No signature, no farewell lady nothing but a period. “We need to move before this thing moves. The only problem I see is how to get out of this school without anyone seeing us” Coral was looking for answers from her number one sneak Clarissa. “Just leave it to me” if ever the was a darker shimmer it was happening now. “Gard change in five minutes. Stuff you in my finpack and you can scout ahead” Clarissa already had this all planned out.

“Come out and play” Clarissa’s voice went from muffled to clear as a bell as she unzipped her finpack. “Everybody out so we can finally be on our way” standing over the pack, Clarissa and Xia where both dressed in black and ready to go. “You lead cuz you is the Skull.. numb as it maybe” Xia was poking fun at their illustrious leader Coral. Getting a giggle from Clarissa and the evil eye from Coral Xia dunk her hands into the finpack,


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