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Come along to the final free workshop of our April Open Evening programme! 👩‍💻👨‍💻 👉 Join us tomorrow (Thursday 25th) on our Amsterdam Campus at 18:00 for "Building a Growth Team", a hands-on workshop. 😀

GST NEWS As per businesses that use the composition scheme can file 'self-assessed tax' return i.e GSTR-4 annually by April 30 for the .

Cargo Net for your 2019 Corolla Hatchback. Lightweight cargo net-spider helps secure everyday items from rolling around. Reg. $40.00 NOW $27.50 SAVE 31%! #2019

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type 1 Gastric in the Gallium 68 DOTANOC scan! Gastrin >900 and anti parietel cell antibody present .. Endoscopic surgery

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Would u like to Fuck a hottie?
Netted (trap idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s that want a trap to ensnare the players.

The players are walking about in a room where enemies plan to ambush them. As they walk around they step though a string trap activator. Once they trip it, a net will fall from above them & every player within a 10ft by 10ft square of where it was activated, will have to roll a dex save, or else get ensnared by a net.

I think its fair for me to say that I wanted you to change and be more. I waited until I couldn’t anymore and even now, if I’m being honest with myself, I’m waiting for you to show up and say that you mean it and you’re serious. But a part of me knows, you’re not going to, and even if you did, you wouldn’t be serious

I’m still not sorry though


⚽Hoy me gustaría compartir con vosotros mi 9ª locución como #narrador de los partidos del @cfperalada en la plataforma de streaming @footters gracias a la filmación y coordinación conjunta con la productora @leeksonfilms

#FOOTTERS es la única plataforma en todo el mundo, que retransmitirá este año los partidos del PERALADA en el Municipal.⚽

❤️Para mí es todo un honor y un auténtico privilegio, porque me siento muy identificado con el club, ya que es uno de mis equipos de corazón.❤️

⚽Hola, @juanmaboselli , te nombramos autor del MEJOR GOL de la jornada por este chicharro para el @cfperalada pero POR FAVOR EXPLÍCANOS CÓMO SE LE PEGA ASÍ⚽

😃Deseo que lo disfrutéis! Si os gusta dadle al like, y comentad el post. Mil gracias!!!👍 #soccer #ball #futbol #futball #kick #pass #shoot #score #goal #field #TFLers #net #team #soccerball #photooftheday #instafutbol #instagood #grass #run #soccergame #fifa #worldcup (en Peralada)

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